The Best Episodes Directed by Milena Govich

One Crazy Shift

#1 - One Crazy Shift

Chicago Fire Season 9 - Episode 10

A series of suspicious fires sends 51 on a search for the cause. Casey continues down a troubling path. Mouch is looking to make his long-awaited dream come true.

star 7.88
411 votes
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#2 - Chattaboogie

FBI: Most Wanted Season 2 - Episode 15

Jess and the Most Wanted team head to Tennessee to track down an undercover DEA agent who appears to have turned dirty amid a major drug ring operation. Also, Sarah wonders if it was a mistake to move in with Jess and Tali so soon.

star 7.88
352 votes
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A Needle in the Heart

#3 - A Needle in the Heart

Chicago Med Season 5 - Episode 20

Dr. Crockett is visited by two New Orleans detectives who have questions about his past. Dr. Choi puts his life in danger to save a child. Dr. Charles gives fatherly advice to his young daughter.

star 7.86
444 votes
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Leave the Choice to Solomon

#4 - Leave the Choice to Solomon

Chicago Med Season 5 - Episode 12

The team deals with the aftermath of a school bus crash. Dr. Charles worries Dr. Halstead is putting his medical license in jeopardy. Maggie helps a friend in need.

star 7.84
531 votes
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Make This Right

#5 - Make This Right

Chicago Fire Season 7 - Episode 12

When the firehouse is called to a motorcycle crash, Casey and Severide sense that the details don’t add up and work to determine exactly what transpired. A rift develops between Mouch and Otis. Brett, Foster and Kidd work to secretly fix a dent in the ambulance bumper they believe they unknowingly caused.

star 7.80
835 votes
The Poison Inside Us

#6 - The Poison Inside Us

Chicago Med Season 4 - Episode 7

The hospital is forced to evacuate when a toxic chemical is brought into the E.D., leaving patients and the staff in grave danger. Stuck in an elevator, Dr. Charles and Dr. Manning are forced to take drastic measures with a pregnant woman. Goodwin is tasked with making difficult choices and Dr. Rhodes discovers a secret that Dr. Bekker has been holding from him.

star 7.76
758 votes
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Don't Want to Face This Now

#7 - Don't Want to Face This Now

Chicago Med Season 6 - Episode 6

Ethan helps a patient with chronic pain find a solution. Will considers a new path. Daniel and Anna bond over a scary situation.

star 7.70
333 votes
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More Harm Than Good

#8 - More Harm Than Good

Chicago Med Season 4 - Episode 20

Dr. Charles and Dr. Manning disagree on how to handle a patient who they discover is poisoning herself. Dr. Rhodes throws some serious accusations at Dr. Bekker. Dr. Halstead has suspicions about Natalie’s new boyfriend. Dr. Choi tends to Bernie.

star 7.70
609 votes
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In Search of Forgiveness, Not Permission

#9 - In Search of Forgiveness, Not Permission

Chicago Med Season 6 - Episode 4

Dr. Marcel and Dr. Manning lay everything on the line to assist a sick woman. Dr. Halstead faces an uphill battle in getting participants involved in his clinical trial. Dr. Choi clashes with a patient who demands absolute perfection of himself.

star 7.68
346 votes
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American Idol

#10 - American Idol

FBI Season 2 - Episode 3

After a front-running female presidential candidate, Valerie Caldwell, is targeted with a car bomb, OA and Maggie must hurry to track down the bomber before they strike again. The case leads them to wonder whether this person is targeting Caldwell for her political aspirations or something else.

star 7.59
928 votes
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Criminal Justice

#11 - Criminal Justice

FBI: Most Wanted Season 2 - Episode 12

When a young man accidentally shoots a cop in self-defense and goes on the run, the team members find themselves in a moral dilemma on the best way to carry out justice. Barnes and her wife struggle with their plans to have another child.

star 7.58
365 votes
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Kiss Them for Me

#12 - Kiss Them for Me

The InBetween Season 1 - Episode 4

Tom and Damien track a mysterious killer who has targeted several kids at the same high school. Cassie tries to help a woman solve her own death while her anxious family waits for news about her disappearance.

star 7.55
469 votes
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