The Best Episodes Directed by Mike Vardy

For Love Nor Money

#1 - For Love Nor Money

Hetty Wainthropp Investigates Season 4 - Episode 6

Robert's brother Frank comes to stay, and brings Hetty the case of a missing Victorian school ma'am.

star 9.06
32 votes
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Lady Luck

#2 - Lady Luck

The Sweeney Season 3 - Episode 12

Regan knows the identity of a robber, but has a difficult time proving his guilt.

star 9.00
5 votes
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The Bigger They Are

#3 - The Bigger They Are

The Sweeney Season 4 - Episode 8

A wealthy entrepreneur is being blackmailed over activities he performed whilst stationed as a soldier in Malaya. He seeks assistance from two other former soldiers who had been involved, one of whom is now a senior police officer, the other now a security company owner/manager. The policeman attempts to stop Inspector Regan from investigating. The security company man hires mercenaries to persuade the blackmailers to desist.

star 9.00
6 votes
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Another Bride, Another Groom

#4 - Another Bride, Another Groom

Minder Season 3 - Episode 6

Arthur's niece is getting married,But Terry who should be driving the bride to the church is using the limousine to pick up a load of porn books.

star 8.50
1 votes
Ring of Deceit

#5 - Ring of Deceit

Taggart Season 8 - Episode 2

A research scientist is murdered by an unknown assailant but it soon becomes clear that she is another victim of a serial rapist - 'The Mechanic'.

star 8.20
5 votes
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Small Hours

#6 - Small Hours

The Bill Season 6 - Episode 36

Norika and Dave call at a flat that has graffiti on the door. Dave doesn't believe reports of harassment. Norika and Dave return to the flat. Dave is knocked down the stairs and the flat is set on fire. June is on patrol with Reg. Reg stops a car driven dangerously. the passenger strips off and takes off with Reg chasing him. Carver takes Norika with him as he needs a W.P.C. to bring a lady in. Norika tells Jim she is not interested. Tony hits a few cars chasing some kids. He also nearly hits the streaker.

star 8.00
1 votes
Benefit of the Doubt

#7 - Benefit of the Doubt

The Bill Season 7 - Episode 64

A barrister is arrested for GBH on a prostitute. He uses his phone call to ring D.A.C. Hicks. Brownlow is concerned about wrongful arrest. Greig gives Mike some disturbing news about the witness who sticks to her story. After being informed the victim was HIV positive the man is let go because of circumstantial evidence.

star 8.00
1 votes
The Final Cut - Episode 4

#8 - The Final Cut - Episode 4

House of Cards Season 3 - Episode 4

The news of the Cyprus oil find has rocked Greek Cyprus and serious civil unrest has broken out. When the news breaks that the British High Commission has been seized by rebels and the High Commissioner held hostage, Urquhart launches a strong-arm offensive. A swift triumph restores Urquhart’s political standing at home and leaves Makepeace floundering. Meanwhile, Claire learns the truth about her boss’s war record. After the Army rescues the High Commisioner and the Greek Cypriot President from captivity, Urquhart again orders strong-arm tactics when a convoy carrying them back to the capital is halted by a group of schoolgirls flanked by soldiers. The incident ends in tragedy; some schoolgirls are killed. As the headlines scream for his resignation, Urquhart’s fate is sealed. Elizabeth reassures Urquhart everything will be all right in the end. But, when the end finally comes, no one is more surprised than Urquhart.

star 7.69
206 votes
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The Final Cut - Episode 3

#9 - The Final Cut - Episode 3

House of Cards Season 3 - Episode 3

Urquhart’s bad dreams are worsening and Elizabeth is worried about him. He is making bad decisions, such as appointing Geoffrey Booza Pitt as his Foreign Secretary to replace Makepeace. Claire is shocked when Makepeace announces he is breaking off their relationship. Urquhart is complacent, but even he is stunned when Makepeace reveals that he is standing for the Party leadership. Claire arouses Maria’s suspicions when she tells her that Urquhart is unable to help her trace her uncles’ graves and suggests that Maria go to Makepeace for help. Geoffrey and Claire are running Urquhart’s leadership campaign, but he has only a small majority of MPs backing him. Urquhart seeks to avert the gathering disaster by announcing the happy news of the consolidation of the Cyprus Peace Treaty through the agreement of the sea boundaries. Elizabeth meets Nures again and learns that the first half of a substantial consultancy fee has been paid into a Swiss bank account. Makepeace attacks Urquhart in the House about the cover-up on the Cyprus war graves.Then the leadership ballot results prove disastrous for Urquhart. He knows he needs a miracle to save him. A flash of inspiration; he will leak information about the oil find and persuade the Greek Cypriots that they have been deliberately swindled.

star 7.55
224 votes
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The Final Cut - Episode 2

#10 - The Final Cut - Episode 2

House of Cards Season 3 - Episode 2

In the House of Commons, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster announces the release of war documents relating to the war in Cyprus in the 1950s. A young Greek Cypriot girl accosts Urquhart, asking for help in tracing the war graves of her uncles who were helping the resistance movement. At the public records office they discover a record of the incident but the names and map references have been blacked out. Urquhart promises to help her. Meanwhile, Claire Carlsen arrives to justify her bid for the job of Urquhart’s Parliamentary Private Secretary. She admits to him that she is having an affair with Tom Makepeace, but stresses she wants to be on the winning side, Urquhart’s side. News comes through that Sir Clive Wading, the judge chairing the international arbitration panel, has decided in favor of the Turkish side, so Elizabeth and Urquhart toast their pension plan. Urquhart precipitates Makepeace’s resignation.

star 7.54
253 votes
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The Final Cut - Episode 1

#11 - The Final Cut - Episode 1

House of Cards Season 3 - Episode 1

Urquhart’s wife, Elizabeth, wants to make provisions for their future and introduces him to Nures, a Turkish Cypriot businessman who reveals the existence of an oil seam in the disputed sea boundary line between the two countries. Nures suggests that Urquhart might be able to influence the British judge who will be chairing the international arbitration panel in return for a handsome consultancy fee, which could be used to set up an Urquhart Trust as their own private pension plan. Tom Makepeace, the Foreign Secretary, is angry with Urquhart for taking all the credit for the Cyprus peace plan. Also keen on winning power is the ultra right wing Home Secretary John Rayner. Urquhart is involved in an unexpected motorway crash and taken to hospital. While recovering from a head wound, the past he thought dead and buried in Cyprus emerges to haunt him.

star 7.31
293 votes
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Hit and Run

#12 - Hit and Run

The Sweeney Season 2 - Episode 5

George Carter's wife Alison is killed by a hired assassin when she is mistaken for a fellow teacher with dubious connections.

star 7.00
9 votes
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Hard Cash

#13 - Hard Cash

The Bill Season 14 - Episode 3

Beech and Carver go in search of a haul of £30,000 in banknotes, missing from a six-year-old robbery.

star 7.00
1 votes
Forbidden Fruit

#14 - Forbidden Fruit

Taggart Season 10 - Episode 2

Joan Matheson arrives in Glasgow to be with her daughter who is expecting her first child. However, she reacts very badly when she learns the baby has been conceived by donor insemination. Shortly after she is found murdered and suspicion falls on her son in law whom she blamed and humiliated at a family meeting.

star 6.33
3 votes
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The Corporal of Horse

#15 - The Corporal of Horse

The Bill Season 7 - Episode 61

Cathy is acting Sgt. with C relief. She watches one of the relief drive away in an unmarked police car without wearing his tunic after Smollett pointed it out. She tries to sort out a problem without backup from C relief's inspector. Sgt. Cryer shows Brownlow the arrest figures for C relief.

star 6.00
1 votes
Hearts and Minds

#16 - Hearts and Minds

The Sweeney Season 4 - Episode 11

Regan and Carter get caught up in a plot to prevent a foreign head of state from getting his hands on an experimental drug to treat his heart condition.

star 5.13
5 votes
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Gentleman Jim

#17 - Gentleman Jim

The Bill Season 13 - Episode 83

WPC Jamilla Blake rejoins the Met, and to the envy of the relief, is placed on attachment to CID. DC Jim Carver, behind on his paperwork, is far from pleased when Blake drags him around Sun Hill following up leads on a trivial car theft case. Their investigations, however, lead them to a gang of armed robbers.

star 0.00
0 votes
Forgive and Forget

#18 - Forgive and Forget

The Bill Season 14 - Episode 6

A father wants revenge for his murdered son.

star 0.00
0 votes

#19 - Solicitous

The Bill Season 14 - Episode 18

Meadows and Skase discover a modern-day Robin Hood who appears to be alive and well and robbing the rich in Sun Hill.

star 0.00
0 votes

#20 - Unwarranted

The Bill Season 14 - Episode 20

While in a rush to catch a crook, Ashton trips and falls foul of the law.

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0 votes
Sudden Death

#21 - Sudden Death

The Bill Season 14 - Episode 23

Ackland and Quinnan are on the case when a man falls from his bedroom window. But was it an accident or office politics?

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