The Best Episodes Directed by Michael Trim

Bowling for Votes

#1 - Bowling for Votes

Parks and Recreation Season 4 - Episode 13

Leslie and Ben host a bowling night after receiving feedback about Leslie's campaign. April, Chris, and Jerry hold a competition to see who can raise the most funds.

star 8.27
2536 votes
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Can't Fix Crazy

#2 - Can't Fix Crazy

Orange Is the New Black Season 1 - Episode 13

Red's scheme to reclaim her kitchen backfires; the inmates stage a Christmas pageant; Piper's plans unravel even as she realizes her life is in jeopardy.

star 8.22
4408 votes
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High Road is the Guy Road

#3 - High Road is the Guy Road

Man Up! Season 1 - Episode 6

Will struggles to take the high road after a kid at school starts bullying Nathan, especially after Theresa tells him the kid’s mom is on the school board, which Theresa is lobbying for funding for the science club.

star 8.21
349 votes
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Andy and April's Fancy Party

#4 - Andy and April's Fancy Party

Parks and Recreation Season 3 - Episode 9

April and Andy host a dinner party for the Parks Department. Meanwhile, Ann tries to move on from Chris at a singles' party.

star 8.06
3062 votes
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It's Time (2)

#5 - It's Time (2)

Weeds Season 8 - Episode 13

At Stevie's bar mitzvah, friends and family gather and Nancy tries to reconnect with her estranged loved ones.

star 8.03
502 votes
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It's Time (1)

#6 - It's Time (1)

Weeds Season 8 - Episode 12

It's the Weeds one-hour series finale. The Botwins (and Doug!) are at a crossroads. How will it all end?

star 7.98
1561 votes
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#7 - Synthetics

Weeds Season 7 - Episode 8

Nancy's former cellmate Zoya shows up and complicates things between Nancy and her supplier; Silas and Andy bang heads over how to best utilize the bike shop; and Shane's internship provides him with some surprising lessons.

star 7.93
2093 votes
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Kill or Be Killed

#8 - Kill or Be Killed

Outsiders Season 2 - Episode 6

The mountain demands a sacrifice and Lil' Foster struggles to resist his primal instincts.

star 7.91
1328 votes
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#9 - Fluoride

Parks and Recreation Season 6 - Episode 8

Leslie tries to complete some of her biggest city council goals, like hosting an NFL Play 60 event with the Indianapolis Colts, and trying to add fluoride to Pawnee’s drinking water. Meanwhile, Chris and Ron attempt to bond while building cribs for their future children.

star 7.91
2105 votes
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#10 - F*cksgiving

Orange Is the New Black Season 1 - Episode 9

Thanksgiving arrives with the promise of a visit by Larry, but Piper's raunchy dance moves land her in solitary with a holiday feast of moldy bologna.

star 7.85
4655 votes
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Only Judy Can Judge

#11 - Only Judy Can Judge

Weeds Season 8 - Episode 4

Nancy plans a family dinner while tending to her pot business. Andy and Jill agree to watch over Stevie throughout the day. Silas befriends a local pot grower, while Shane invites Angela, his classmate, over for family dinner. Back at the house, Doug makes enemies with the neighbour's dog.

star 7.84
1669 votes
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Do Her/Don't Do Her

#12 - Do Her/Don't Do Her

Weeds Season 7 - Episode 13

In the Season 7 finale, Silas turns the tables on Nancy, as Shane makes one last attempt to keep her out of harm's way and the clutches of Detective Ouellette. Meanwhile, back on Wall Street, Doug schemes to keep his hedge-fund scam alive.

star 7.84
1826 votes
We Are Kinnah

#13 - We Are Kinnah

Outsiders Season 2 - Episode 5

G'Win's loyalties are tested on the mountain while Hasil grapples with a new career in town.

star 7.83
1312 votes
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Something from Nothing

#14 - Something from Nothing

Lodge 49 Season 1 - Episode 8

Dud and Ernie accompany Captain on a journey into the night. Liz attempts to climb the corporate ladder.

star 7.80
152 votes
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#15 - Apogee

Lodge 49 Season 1 - Episode 9

Band Night at the Lodge. Dud and Ernie are eager to close a deal with Captain, but all may not be what it seems.

star 7.79
134 votes
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Once There Was a Court…

#16 - Once There Was a Court…

The Good Fight Season 5 - Episode 2

Diane and Marissa find themselves arguing at the Circuit 9 3/4 Court, led by the quirky "Judge" Hal Wackner. Carmen Moyo proves herself to be an effective, yet underestimated, new associate.

star 7.76
364 votes
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Cats! Cats! Cats!

#17 - Cats! Cats! Cats!

Weeds Season 7 - Episode 9

Nancy and Andy try to put the brakes on Zoya's attempt to take over the bike shop; Silas has an encounter with some local rival dealers; and Doug must do some business with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

star 7.75
2034 votes
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A Beam of Sunshine

#18 - A Beam of Sunshine

Weeds Season 8 - Episode 2

Nancy recovers from her bullet wound, and makes a few friends (and enemies) during her stay at the hospital. Back at the house, a romantic Andy and Jill are interrupted by Jill's husband. Silas maintains an unconventional affair with Kiku, while Shane makes new friends at the police academy. Meanwhile, Doug and Whit are pitches new business ideas.

star 7.75
1752 votes
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#19 - Rubberneck

Outsiders Season 1 - Episode 4

Houghton makes a deadly trip up the mountain, while the coal company try to spy on the Farrells.

star 7.75
1674 votes
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Imaginary Enemies

#20 - Imaginary Enemies

Orange Is the New Black Season 1 - Episode 4

Piper gets to know her stern new roommate; the prisoners prepare a farewell party for one of their own; a misplaced screwdriver has dire consequences.

star 7.73
5171 votes
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WAC Pack

#21 - WAC Pack

Orange Is the New Black Season 1 - Episode 6

The inmates campaign along racial lines for positions on a prisoners council, but Piper tries to stay above the increasingly raucous competition.

star 7.70
4891 votes
Hugs Can Be Deceiving

#22 - Hugs Can Be Deceiving

Orange Is the New Black Season 2 - Episode 3

Piper is challenged by her Soso experience; Morello gets her heart broken; a figure from Taystee's past arrives to disturb the status quo.

star 7.69
3893 votes
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Hello, is Charlie There?

#23 - Hello, is Charlie There?

Patriot Season 1 - Episode 7

John returns to Milwaukee a person of interest in Agathe's investigation, while his already fragile mental state worsens. At McMillan, Stephen's recovery and a sudden promotion further jeopardize the mission.

star 7.68
259 votes
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#24 - DisOrientation

Lodge 49 Season 2 - Episode 3

Ernie recounts his trip to Mexico and Dud sees a solution to all the Lodge's problems. Liz works at Higher Steaks. Dud and Liz spend time with a woman from their father's past.

star 7.67
101 votes
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A Shoe for a Shoe

#25 - A Shoe for a Shoe

Weeds Season 6 - Episode 6

Nancy brings her son back while Andy and Silas wait in a diner.

star 7.65
2855 votes
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Park Safety

#26 - Park Safety

Parks and Recreation Season 2 - Episode 19

After Jerry gets mugged by a bunch of kids, Leslie meets with the head park ranger in hopes of improving park safety. Meanwhile, everyone tries to be nicer to Jerry once he returns to the office.

star 7.65
2726 votes
Tied to the Tracks

#27 - Tied to the Tracks

Orange Is the New Black Season 5 - Episode 8

While Taystee sits down with a negotiator, Red and Blanca put their own plan into action. Gloria counsels Daya and asks Caputo for a favor.

star 7.63
2612 votes
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Object Impermanence

#28 - Object Impermanence

Weeds Season 7 - Episode 6

Nancy confronts an old friend, leaving Silas caught in the crossfire; back at the loft, Andy comes up with a new business venture, and turns to Shane and Doug for help.

star 7.63
2074 votes
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#29 - Messy

Weeds Season 8 - Episode 1

The victim is rushed to the hospital after being shot with the family following close behind. They grapple with the tragedy and hypothesize on the shooter's identity.

star 7.62
1698 votes
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#30 - Messengers

Outsiders Season 1 - Episode 3

Big Foster and Asa choose different tactics to stop the coal company's assault on their homestead.

star 7.61
1759 votes
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#31 - Saplings

Weeds Season 8 - Episode 9

Nancy and Silas are approached with a new job opportunity. Shane does something reckless to impress Angela. A dejected Andy offers love advice to Rabbi Dave and his students. Doug tries to keep his fake charity - and restless homeless group - from disbanding.

star 7.58
1412 votes
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Till We Meet Again

#32 - Till We Meet Again

Weeds Season 4 - Episode 12

A fed up Nancy squeals to the DEA to bust the tunnel while she plays it cool with Esteban. Embracing rehab, Celia sets out to make amends with her family. Andy succumbs to Maria's advances, and later comes clean to Doug. Shane impresses his girlfriends with his drug scoring abilities.

star 7.58
1730 votes
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Empathy Is a Boner Killer

#33 - Empathy Is a Boner Killer

Orange Is the New Black Season 3 - Episode 3

Nicky's stash situation gets complicated. Alex and Crazy Eyes try a new drama class. Red assists Healy with a personal matter.

star 7.58
3243 votes
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Looks Blue, Tastes Red

#34 - Looks Blue, Tastes Red

Orange Is the New Black Season 2 - Episode 2

A mock Job Fair provides Taystee with a chance to show off her business smarts; Red feels isolated from her prison family.

star 7.57
4175 votes
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Suck 'N' Spit

#35 - Suck 'N' Spit

Weeds Season 5 - Episode 9

Nancy and Andy grow closer together while they try to be good parents. In the meantime, Celia and Dean work together to exploit their product surplus.

star 7.57
1933 votes
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I Wasn't Ready

#36 - I Wasn't Ready

Orange Is the New Black Season 1 - Episode 1

Sentenced to fifteen months for a crime committed in her youth, Piper Chapman leaves her supportive fiance Larry for her new home: a women's prison.

star 7.55
6980 votes
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#37 - Fredwynn

Dispatches from Elsewhere Season 1 - Episode 4

Fredwynn takes matters into his own hands, but he needs his teammates to move on. He searches for the next clue and asks the gang for help, but they take it too far in their search for answers leading them somewhere unexpected.

star 7.53
228 votes
Red in Tooth and Claw

#38 - Red in Tooth and Claw

Weeds Season 8 - Episode 5

Nancy's attempt to raise money for Stevie's soccer fees tempts her back to her old ways, as she battles to finally leave the drug business for good. Jill uses Doug to get revenge on Andy. Shane and Angela go on a double date with Ouellette and his wife. Meanwhile, Silas's friendship with R.J. takes a strange turn.

star 7.52
1519 votes
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#39 - Lee

Dispatches from Elsewhere Season 1 - Episode 8

The gang members reflect on their experiences. Peter and Simone go on their first date. Janice faces an unexpected decision. Fredwynn is convinced there is more to the story.

star 7.50
190 votes
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#40 - Conjunctio

Lodge 49 Season 2 - Episode 4

Dud, Blaise and El Confidente fundraise for their upcoming adventure to Mexico.

star 7.49
96 votes
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#41 - Janice

Dispatches from Elsewhere Season 1 - Episode 3

While searching for Fred Wynn at the Shareholders meeting, the gang has their first encounter with Octavio. Janice explores her past.

star 7.48
255 votes
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From Trauma Cometh Something

#42 - From Trauma Cometh Something

Weeds Season 7 - Episode 2

Nancy tries to get back on the right track after being released from prison, but faces a tough struggle living in New York City; Andy and Shane show up at Nancy's door, sending her for a loop and tempting her to go back to her old ways.

star 7.48
2171 votes
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F... This

#43 - F... This

Dietland Season 1 - Episode 4

Plum participates in the next step of The New Baptist Plan, doing whatever it takes to become truly beautiful; Jennifer's terrorism goes global.

star 7.46
91 votes
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Viking Pride

#44 - Viking Pride

Weeds Season 6 - Episode 11

Nancy, trying to get she and her family out of the country, is continually faced with unexpected guests from her past. Andy has to get creative in order to secure passports while Doug must find his own means of obtaining one. Meanwhile, Silas deals with the possibility that Lars could be his father. Shane is left to deal with Warren who is becoming unhinged.

star 7.44
2471 votes
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Purple Hearts

#45 - Purple Hearts

Shut Eye Season 2 - Episode 7

As Charlie’s new venture gains steam, Linda finds herself taking a more active role in Nora’s life. Fonso and Eduardo discover their dead tenant had some unfinished business and Nick and Drina take their friendship to a new level.

star 7.41
140 votes
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A Modest Proposal

#46 - A Modest Proposal

Weeds Season 5 - Episode 6

It's six months since we last saw everyone and Nancy is in full bloom. Esteban proposes, and all seems right with the world until Nancy discovers there's another woman in Esteban's life. Andy, meanwhile, has gone on a spending spree and let himself go. Now he must come to terms with the new order of things. Celia, unhappy in her job at the mall, discovers an opportunity in the world of cosmetics. Shane spends an eye-opening day with Ignacio. Silas and Doug's medical marijuana dispensary is in full operation. But Deputy C.P. Jones continues his meddling ways.

star 7.36
1975 votes
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Who Knows Better Than I

#47 - Who Knows Better Than I

Orange Is the New Black Season 6 - Episode 1

The COs at Litchfield's maximum security unit size up the new arrivals. Off her medication, Suzanne hallucinates.

star 7.29
1367 votes
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Beginning of the End

#48 - Beginning of the End

Orange Is the New Black Season 7 - Episode 1

Piper struggles to adapt to life after Litchfield. Alex promises to keep her nose clean. Daddy's infidelity angers Daya.

star 7.28
905 votes
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To Moscow, and Quickly

#49 - To Moscow, and Quickly

Weeds Season 6 - Episode 9

Nancy is met with yet another roadblock when baby Stevie gets sick leaving her and Andy to scramble to find a pediatrician. Meanwhile, Silas, Shane and Doug are tasked with unloading some merchandise at a kiddie concert.

star 7.24
2614 votes
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Y Not

#50 - Y Not

Dietland Season 1 - Episode 3

Plum goes through withdrawal as she works on her new writing assignment; Jennifer rampages, leaving the country a fearful, bloody mess.

star 6.89
109 votes
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