The BEST episodes directed by Michael Girard

Go Gomez! Go!
28 votes

#1 - Go Gomez! Go!

Catscratch - Season 1 - Episode 4

Gentleman, start your engines! The cats challenge their obnoxious neighbors, the Chumpy Chumps, to a high stakes race with the winner taking the others' house and everything in it. Confident Mr. Blik is sure they will win with his driving skills, but disaster strikes when it turns out that only Waffle is tall enough to drive. Blik and Gordon must come up with a plan, and fast!

Unicorn Club
29 votes

#2 - Unicorn Club

Catscratch - Season 1 - Episode 3

Gordon, the king of bad lies, tells Human Kimberly that he will take her to see a unicorn in an attempt to impress her. Kimberly is excited to see the fantasy beast but since unicorns don't really exist, Gordon tries to convince Mr. Blik and Waffle to dress up in a unicorn costume rather then admit to Human Kimberly that he lied.