The BEST episodes directed by Michael Amundson

Hard Landing
158 votes

#1 - Hard Landing

Without a Trace - Season 7 - Episode 20

A billionaire's son disappears after crash landing a small plane in the woods. Kim Marcus returns and her relationship with Martin develops.

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Springtime for Tupper
2 votes

#2 - Springtime for Tupper

Dream On - Season 6 - Episode 22

At a Salary Review Meeting, Gibby has some good news for Martin; Martin's to be put in charge of his own division at Whitestone, a quality publishing imprint called Camelot New Press. Things get off to a bad start however when the first round of author interviews yield nothing. Through a quirk of fate, Martin remembers an old manuscript he admired, ‘The Barrel Maker' by Julian Keppel and stays up all night reading it. He contacts the emotionally fragile author and promises to make it Whitestone's next bestseller.