The Best Episodes Directed by Mel Ferber

Murder on Ice

#1 - Murder on Ice

Quincy, M.E. Season 8 - Episode 19

Quincy and Emily receive the use of a Judge friends' mountain cabin for their honeymoon. They picture a long romantic week alone, skiing and sitting in front of an open log fire. When they arrive they are disappointed to find that there are other guests as well. All the guests are involved in law enforcement of some form or other and all know each other. They soon realize that the last time they saw each other al together was on when they all worked on the same case, a year ago. The man they all helped convict escaped jail and has never been heard of or seen since. When the judge doesn't arrive they all decide to go out looking for him in case there has been an accident. When they find his car, caught up in a snowdrift blocking the only way down the mountain, and his body inside it they all begin to worry whether the missing criminal is planning his revenge.

star 8.00
4 votes
All the Way

#2 - All the Way

Happy Days Season 1 - Episode 1

Potsie sets Richie up with a girl known to have a reputation. Richie doesn't get far with her but leads Fonzie and others to believe he did.

star 7.59
279 votes
The Skin Game

#3 - The Skin Game

Happy Days Season 1 - Episode 8

Richie and Potsie obtain fake identification cards in order to attend a burlesque show where Ralph says Bubbles McCall takes it all off.

star 7.30
66 votes
Fonzie Drops In

#4 - Fonzie Drops In

Happy Days Season 1 - Episode 7

After taking a look at a B+ Potsie got on an exam, Fonzie decides to drop back into school. He asks Richie to do his homework and cheat for him.

star 7.26
82 votes