The Best Episodes Directed by Mauricio Pardo

Casa de Calma

#1 - Casa de Calma

The Looney Tunes Show Season 1 - Episode 7

Instead of relaxing during a spa vacation, Bugs and Daffy spend most of their time fighting over a Hollywood starlet.

star 7.98
301 votes
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The Quirkducers

#2 - The Quirkducers

Bob's Burgers Season 7 - Episode 6

When Mr. Frond’s annual play threatens to ruin the half day before Thanksgiving, Gene and Louise decide they need to sabotage it in order to save their long weekend. Unknowingly, Tina provides her holiday fan fiction as the subject matter and the kids get to work on their own version of the play. Meanwhile, Linda finds a potato with a striking resemblance to her late grandfather.

star 7.79
1459 votes
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The Laser-inth

#3 - The Laser-inth

Bob's Burgers Season 7 - Episode 18

Gene accompanies Bob on the last-ever rock-and-roll laser show at the planetarium and Linda and the girls go out for dinner at a wacky restaurant.

star 7.79
1223 votes
Ain't Miss Debatin'

#4 - Ain't Miss Debatin'

Bob's Burgers Season 7 - Episode 15

When Tina is recruited by the debate team, she finds unexpected success and an even more unexpected relationship. Meanwhile, Louise and Gene convince their parents to help fund a stop-motion movie focusing on a surprising subject matter.

star 7.73
1251 votes
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The Wolf of Wharf Street

#5 - The Wolf of Wharf Street

Bob's Burgers Season 8 - Episode 3

On Halloween night, Linda tries to impress the kids by taking them to look for a wolf that has been terrorizing the town. Meanwhile, an injured and medicated Bob believes that Teddy has turned into a werewolf.

star 7.68
1028 votes
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#6 - Boywatch

Bob's Burgers Season 8 - Episode 17

Tina decides to join the Junior Lifeguards, but when she struggles with the training, one of her fellow junior guards, Parker, tries to convince her to quit. Meanwhile, business booms when Bob and Linda offer free wi-fi at the restaurant, but it is soon threatened by a cyber-attack.

star 7.66
575 votes
Point, Laser Point

#7 - Point, Laser Point

The Looney Tunes Show Season 1 - Episode 26

Bugs thinks that Granny is lonely due to her living with just Sylvester and Tweety. So Bugs and Daffy take her out to entertain her in various ways. Meanwhile, Sylvester becomes obsessed with a Laser Pointer toy which causes him problems when he tries to get the red dot.

star 7.59
120 votes
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#8 - Brunchsquatch

Bob's Burgers Season 8 - Episode 1

To compete with Jimmy Pesto, Bob's Burgers begins serving brunch, but it quickly turns to chaos. Meanwhile, Tina, Gene and Louise decide to help Mr. Fischoeder's brother hide from him.

star 7.39
1234 votes