The Best Episodes Directed by Matt Lipsey


#1 - Squirrels

Saxondale Season 1 - Episode 5

Tommy's convinced he's out of shape so he goes to the gym but ends up over-exerting himself.

star 8.47
15 votes
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Episode 2

#2 - Episode 2

Big School (2013) Season 2 - Episode 2

It's Miss Postern's birthday and she is upset when everyone forgets. But the arrival of a new teacher changes everything and puts her day into a different light. Mr Church and Mr Gunn hear this news and are not happy about it.

star 8.43
79 votes
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#3 - Beardboy

This is Jinsy Season 1 - Episode 3

Jinsy's annual celebration of facial fur is thrown into disarray when a mysterious assailant starts nibbling beards. Catherine Tate guest stars as the Chief Editor for Glove Hygiene Monthly, who leads the way when it comes to cleanliness, and comes to Jinsy to interview Arbiter Maven. However, there may be more to her than meets the eye.

star 8.40
5 votes

#4 - Cupboards

This is Jinsy Season 1 - Episode 2

The islanders fall under the spell of charismatic cupboard salesman Eric Dunt (Peter Serafinowicz) after Maven becomes convinced he is their new deity - but Sporall is not impressed by the new arrival's credentials. Surreal comedy, starring Chris Bran and Justin Chubb

star 8.33
12 votes
Episode 2

#5 - Episode 2

Vexed Season 1 - Episode 2

Jack and Kate are called in to investigate following the attempted murder of a high-flying banker. They investigate the unusual investigation in a private clinic where Jack becomes preoccupied with Kate’s relationship as tries to hid the fact that she has been having marriage counseling sessions.

star 8.30
161 votes
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Andrews Nanotech

#6 - Andrews Nanotech

Psychoville Season 2 - Episode 6

The secret of the missing locket is finally exposed and the enormity of what is at stake revealed. But are there enough characters left alive to care?

star 8.19
412 votes
Man City

#7 - Man City

Ted Lasso Season 2 - Episode 8

Ted and Dr. Sharon realize they might have to meet each other halfway. Tensions are high as the team prepares for the semifinal.

star 8.17
1144 votes
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#8 - Nameworm

This is Jinsy Season 1 - Episode 5

Winter arrives on Jinsy and Maven is forced to embark on an important journey with one of his former teachers, who takes great pleasure in tormenting him. However, as conditions get more treacherous, the travellers take refuge in a miniature chalet - and a chance meeting leads to a sudden change of plans. Guest starring Simon Callow and Nigel Planer.

star 8.12
34 votes

#9 - Cockroaches

Saxondale Season 1 - Episode 4

Tommy meets his daughter's new boyfriend and is determined not to come across as an authority figure. However, he changes his tune when he feels he isn't getting enough respect from his prospective son-in-law, and turns down an invitation to a party - a decision he soon has cause to regret.

star 8.03
72 votes
Episode 3

#10 - Episode 3

Vexed Season 1 - Episode 3

The kidnap of a girl band member puts a spotlight on detectives Jack and Kate.

star 8.02
155 votes
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Dinner Party

#11 - Dinner Party

Psychoville Season 2 - Episode 2

The search for the missing locket continues with the investigation turning to Christopher Biggins for answers. Meanwhile, we find out what happened to Robert and Kerry as we return to the mysterious cottage in the woods.

star 8.01
327 votes
Episode 2

#12 - Episode 2

Little Britain Season 2 - Episode 2

• Emily and Florance try to buy wedding dresses. • Sebastian pulls faces at the US President's aide. • Bubbles spends a little too long on the UV bed. • Lou takes Andy to meet his new Polish girlfriend Annia. • Linda is helps Joanna Harding get an extension on her essay. • Ann is working at a TenPin Bowling arena. • Marjorie is disgusted that Paul and Pat have started going out together. • Daffyd opens a Gay and Lesbian stall at the village fete. • Linda helps Kenneth Lou get the rest of the week off. • Harvey and Jane's parents meet for the first time at a public restaurant. • At the bank a boy wants to open a Junior account. • Vicky Pollard's in the park, hitting on Bethany's boyfriend • Dennis Waterman is given a role as Captain Birdseye. • Linda once again insults a student - this time it's a dwarf. • Mr Mann goes into Roys video shop. • Maggie samples a volevont made from a recipe by Ainsley Harriot. • Finally Lou takes Andy to the countryside.

star 7.94
385 votes
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#13 - Lomax

Psychoville Season 1 - Episode 2

Mr Lomax enlists the help of his care worker in the quest to complete his unusual collection. Things go from bad to worse when a misunderstanding leads David and his mum to cover up for his incompetence at the murder mystery evening. Robert is surprised when Debbie asks him out on a dinner date and midwife Joy enlightens the morning group with the perils of choosing a water birth.

star 7.87
394 votes
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#14 - Hancock

Psychoville Season 2 - Episode 3

Mr Lomax reveals more about his past and his hatred for Tony Hancock becomes clear. Meanwhile Mr Jelly arrives at a booking meant to be for Mr Jolly and hopes no one will tell the difference.

star 7.83
280 votes
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#15 - Joy

Psychoville Season 1 - Episode 5

Midwife Joy is left alone with her demonstration doll Freddy when a Pinocchio-like miracle happens. David and his mum lure their next victim to a waxwork museum, and Mr Jolly explains to Mr Jelly the reason for the blackmail letters.

star 7.79
308 votes
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Episode Five

#16 - Episode Five

Jekyll Season 1 - Episode 5

The home of Dr Henry Jekyll, Edinburgh 1886. Robert Louis Stevenson presents his business card, armed with a manuscript. With the appearance of fiction but the substance of fact, the story lacks only an ending. Jekyll's dying because he can no longer control the changes and his last secret will die with him as he tosses a vital piece of paper into the fire. London 2007. The casket's opened up and Tom calls out, chained up, unable to move. But is it really Tom?

star 7.78
343 votes
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Ool Bat

#17 - Ool Bat

This is Jinsy Season 1 - Episode 4

Maven makes plans for a new bridge designed to look like his nose, but a local environmentalist threatens to bring the project to a halt. The arbiter is forced to use his negotiating skills, and thinks he may have found a way to appease his troublesome foe - until incompetent chef Reerdon gets involved. Guest starring Kevin Eldon (Big Train, Jam) and KT Tunstall

star 7.75
4 votes

#18 - Ravenhill

Psychoville Season 1 - Episode 7

All of the characters are drawn back to the scene of their crime. Who has summoned them there and for what terrible purpose? Meanwhile, Kerry takes Robert from the theatre to the heart of the deep, dark woods. Will anyone survive the great day of judgement?

star 7.75
250 votes
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Episode 1

#19 - Episode 1

Little Britain Season 2 - Episode 1

• Vicky Pollard stealing Pic'n'Mix sweets. • Emily and Florence cycle and stop off at a tea shop. • Bubbles is followed around the health spa by the manager, who wants to know when she is going to pay her bill. • Andy watches "The Price is Right" Lou hears "Andy Pipkin, come on down!". • Judy and Maggie start to judge the homemade jams on hearing that it was made by a lady who ran off with a school mistress throws it back up. • Daffyd comes out to his parents. • Marjorie Dawes gets a Visit from Vanessa Feltz. • Mr Mann enters Roy's dating agency, and requests a woman with the name of Linda Williams • Lou and Andy take a stroll in the park, where a group of teenagers taunt them.

star 7.74
371 votes
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#20 - Sunnyvale

Psychoville Season 2 - Episode 4

Desperate measures are called for as Jeremy Goode searches for the missing library book. Mrs Wren is in peril from several parties and only one man can save her. But will he be bothered?

star 7.73
330 votes

#21 - Jelly

Psychoville Season 1 - Episode 3

This episode reveals the story of how Mr Jelly, the one-handed children's entertainer, ended up the way he is. Mr Lomax travels to the private auction of Snappy the Crocodile in Dudley. David and his mum dispatch their next victim disguised as beauticians, and Robert wreaks his revenge on Debbie during a midweek matinee of Snow White.

star 7.72
411 votes
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Episode Six

#22 - Episode Six

Jekyll Season 1 - Episode 6

Series finale: Claire's boys are locked in mini caskets and before she can save them, a nurse injects her with a sedative. In a big country house, Peter descends in an old-fashioned lift to a dusty, forgotten gentleman's club. There are six floors hewn deep into the ancient building's foundations - hell is on the lowest floor. They are hiding a secret; the building needs to be a fortress - and a trap for a man who can rip out a lion's throat.

star 7.71
368 votes
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Episode 4

#23 - Episode 4

Big School (2013) Season 2 - Episode 4

When Ofsted arrive to conduct an impromptu inspection, Greybridge School is thrown into even more chaos than usual.

star 7.70
37 votes
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The Quality of Mercy

#24 - The Quality of Mercy

Upstart Crow Season 1 - Episode 6

There is money to be made investing in cargos from the New World, but while Marlowe invests in tobacco and potato products, Will would rather invest in building a new theatre. But when Will's savings go missing, he is forced to make a rather unusual bargain with his rival Robert Greene. Kate's frustration with the lack of roles for women leads her to make a rather dramatic intervention...

star 7.69
115 votes
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Episode 5

#25 - Episode 5

Big School (2013) Season 2 - Episode 5

The staff celebrate when Mr Hubble chalks up 40 years of service at Greybridge School - although no sooner has he accepted his gift, he drops dead without anyone realising. When Mr Gunn and Mr Church finally cotton on, it's left to the bumbling duo to get the body out of the school before anyone else notices. Meanwhile, Miss Postern has a new poster boy for her anti-bullying campaign - a disabled boy who was moved from his last school because of intimidation. But the well-meaning French teacher soon discovers nothing is as it seems.

star 7.68
41 votes
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#26 - Headspace

Ted Lasso Season 2 - Episode 7

With things turning around for Richmond, it’s time for everyone to work on their issues—like Ted’s discomfort, Nate’s confidence, and Roy’s attention.

star 7.67
1130 votes

#27 - Robert

Psychoville Season 1 - Episode 6

Robert uses Debbie's amnesia for his own ends. A battle of wills ensues with more than cross words flying through the air. Mr Jelly is entertaining an old people's home when a phone call from Mr Jolly plunges him back into danger. Maureen learns the truth about her killing spree. Mr Lomax has acquired a new home help.

star 7.66
310 votes
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Episode 1

#28 - Episode 1

Big School (2013) Season 2 - Episode 1

It may be start of a new year at Greybridge School, but the teaching staff is as dysfunctional as ever. Miss Postern and Mr Church's relationship has taken a downward turn after a misunderstanding over a local Bella Italia, the woefully underqualified Mr Gunn is now teaching Geography and Mr Barber has a new job as the school caretaker. When Miss Postern sets up a careers workshop, it seems her slogan 'Which Way Now?' applies as much to her as it does her pupils, not least because the guest speaker is her old teacher training colleague (and now bestselling children's author) Fenella Forbes. But at least things are looking up for one member of staff, as it seems Mr Martin is about to launch a successful pop career.

star 7.65
84 votes
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Episode 4

#29 - Episode 4

Little Britain Season 2 - Episode 4

• Vicky pretends she witnessed a Jewellery robbery. • Judy and Maggie sample mince pies made by two homosexual members of the choir. • A newsagent puts a customer off buying a magazine. • At a restaurant in Throttle the posh gentleman orders posh menu items... and a Double Decker. • Emily and Florance go to the ballet. • Lou dresses Andy up as baby Jesus. • Dr. Lawrance has managed to get Ann a part in a play. • Marjorie takes her group to a restaurant for a Christmas meal. • Daffyd protests against the local library stating there aren't any 'gay' books. • Back at the Throttle restaurant another order posh menu items...a Lion bar and a Pepperami. • The Prime Minister's wants Sebastian to announce that his wife is pregnant. • At the bank a man and a women want a Mortgage. • Jane, Harvey and his family are discussing the wedding arrangements. • Kenny Craig damages another car in a car park. • Moanwheel back in a Throttle Restaurant the waiter is asked for a bag of Monster Munch and Um Bongo to drink. • Mr. Mann pops into Roy's book shop. • Bubbles DeVere has a shoking way of paying for her spa treatment. • Andy manages to fall out of his wheelchair and into a tree.

star 7.62
378 votes
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#30 - Mice

Saxondale Season 1 - Episode 2

Tommy fights to save Magz's shop. He's also hired by a famous TV motoring presenter to deal with an infestation of mice.

star 7.62
21 votes
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Episode 5

#31 - Episode 5

Little Britain Season 2 - Episode 5

• Lou takes Andy Ten Pin Bowling. • Vicky tries to get into a Blazin' Squad concert. • Emily and Florance have a go at playing Tennis. • A lady confesses, to a psychiatrist, she's seeing someone behind her husband's back. • Fat Fighters have brought out a range of low calorie treats. • A lady mistakes builders working on her house for dogs. • Viv Tudor has been requested to attend an identity parade. • The Prime Minister goes on Newsnight. • The gossip spreads quickly when a man confesses (in confidence) he's started going to prostitutes... • Kenny Craig has spent the night with his girlfriend. • The posh gentleman orders more obscure items from the menu... and a buttered Yorkie. • Doug has some rather bizarre advice for his drug rehab class. • Dr Lawrence shows Dr. Beagrie what a good artist Anne is. • Andrew Lloyd Webber wants Dennis to play the lead role in a play he's written. • Carol is invited to a leaving party for one of her colleagues. • Daffyd is asked to be referee adoption papers for Rhiannon and Myfanwy. • Andy's decided he wants Lou to take him to France.

star 7.61
345 votes
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What Bloody Man Is That?

#32 - What Bloody Man Is That?

Upstart Crow Season 1 - Episode 5

The plague leads Will and his friends to escape to the family home in Stratford. On the way, they meet three witches who have some surprising predictions to make about Will's future, leading to a very serious case of house envy.

star 7.61
110 votes
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Episode 8

#33 - Episode 8

Turn Up Charlie Season 1 - Episode 8

A wild night and a romantic gesture stir up drama as everyone gathers for a life-changing weekend in Ibiza.

star 7.54
92 votes
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Episode 1

#34 - Episode 1

Vexed Season 1 - Episode 1

A killer is suspected of selecting victims from among a supermarket's loyalty card customers, and when the gossip-hungry duo are called in to investigate, they revel in the chance to explore the scheme's database. Staring Lucy Punch and Toby Stephens

star 7.54
170 votes
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#35 - Survivors

Psychoville Season 2 - Episode 1

The survivors of the explosion at Ravenhill Psychiatric Hospital reunite to bury one of their number killed in the blast, but there is to be no rest for the wicked.

star 7.50
367 votes
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The Play's the Thing

#36 - The Play's the Thing

Upstart Crow Season 1 - Episode 2

Will's controversial new play is about to be presented to Queen Elizabeth, but it goes missing and the finger of suspicion points to his best friend and fellow author KIt Marlowe. The playwright has to scramble desperately to come up with a way to recover his stolen masterpiece, though given its politically sensitive content, is he really wise to want it back?

star 7.50
160 votes
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Episode 6

#37 - Episode 6

Big School (2013) Season 2 - Episode 6

A homeless Mr Barber spends the night in the school, only for disaster to strike when he causes a fire in Miss Postern's classroom. It falls on the reluctant Mr Gunn to put a roof over his head. The disaster is good news for Mr Church, as Miss Postern moves into his laboratory while her room is redecorated - but they soon find sharing doesn't come naturally.

star 7.49
43 votes
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The Apparel Proclaims the Man

#38 - The Apparel Proclaims the Man

Upstart Crow Season 1 - Episode 3

Will hopes to move up in the world when he is invited to Lord Southampton's party. But what should a poorly-educated country boy wear to London's poshest do? And are Sir Robert Greene's fashion tips a double bluff, a triple bluff or something even more fiendish?

star 7.48
132 votes
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Chicken Soup

#39 - Chicken Soup

Sick Note Season 1 - Episode 6

Officer Hayward is on the prowl, just a hair's breadth away from uncovering the truth, while Becca suspects foul play.

star 7.46
199 votes
Love Is Not Love

#40 - Love Is Not Love

Upstart Crow Season 1 - Episode 4

Will completes his final sonnet and senses literary immortality just around the corner. But will the fair youth and the dark lady like them as much as he hopes? And is Anne likely to be impressed that her husband's 154 hot new love poems don't contain much about her?

star 7.46
123 votes
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The Hunt

#41 - The Hunt

Psychoville Season 2 - Episode 5

With danger mounting and few witnesses left, Tealeaf, with the help of Peter Bishop, tries to solve the mystery of the locket. Things don't quite go to plan. Elsewhere, once again Jelly becomes Jolly with unexpected results.

star 7.45
409 votes

#42 - Janet

Saxondale Season 1 - Episode 7

The future of Tommy's relationship with Magz is in jeopardy after his latest dreadful breach of social etiquette. However, he soon becomes tempted by a new woman in his life in the shape of a full-figured client rock chick.

star 7.43
14 votes
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Star-Crossed Lovers

#43 - Star-Crossed Lovers

Upstart Crow Season 1 - Episode 1

Will struggles to find inspiration for Romeo while having to deal with an angry actor, a very annoying house-guest and his family’s not terribly helpful script suggestions.

star 7.43
241 votes
Episode 7

#44 - Episode 7

Turn Up Charlie Season 1 - Episode 7

In sunny Ibiza, Charlie puts his friendships and career on the line when he gets caught up in the party scene and slips back into old habits.

star 7.43
94 votes
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Episode 6

#45 - Episode 6

Little Britain Season 2 - Episode 6

• Lou takes Andy on a blind date. • Vicky goes out with Jermaine and turns Jamaican. • Rachel shows Nicola a rather unusual Polaroid. • Harlem send Reverend Jesse King to take an Anglican church service. Hallelujah, Praise the lord! • Marjorie's determined to ruin Paul and Pat's engagement party. • Kenny Craig hypnotises his audience into believing they're being entertained. • Daffyd finally realises there's no one in Llandawi Breffi who isn't gay. • Back at the Hypnotist show Kenny's finished his book. • Rachel shows Nicola another strange Polaroid. • As Harvey and Jane get married, the part with the vows takes an unusual turn. • Dennis Waterman gets a part in Star Wars. • Bubbles hits on the owner of the Health Spa. • Mr Mann walks into a Roy's record shop. • Rachel has another unusual Polaroid to show Nicola. • Judy and Maggie sample some Gingerbread men made by an Asian girl. • At No.10 The PM is celebrating another election victory. • Lou takes Andy to the popular coastal town of Sphincter-on-sea.

star 7.42
367 votes
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Episode 6

#46 - Episode 6

Turn Up Charlie Season 1 - Episode 6

At the Latitude Festival, Sara's determined to spend time with her daughter, but Gabs and Hunter have other plans. Charlie takes Astrid on a date.

star 7.42
97 votes
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#47 - Wasps

Saxondale Season 1 - Episode 3

An old friend from Tommy's days as a roadie turns up. While he still clings desperately to his rock 'n' roll lifestyle Tommy is embarrassed to admit he has settled down. He soon finds himself dragged around some old haunts for a night out involving prostitutes and economy vodka.

star 7.40
47 votes
Episode Four

#48 - Episode Four

Jekyll Season 1 - Episode 4

Tom has been locked into a mysterious box by the organisation hunting him and his wife Claire finds out the motivation of the organisation from Peter. Flashbacks show how Tom and Claire met, the birth of their children and the first manifestations of Hyde.

star 7.39
376 votes
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The Golden Grain

#49 - The Golden Grain

Sick Note Season 1 - Episode 4

Finally, it looks like Daniel and Dr Glennis have everything covered and now they can focus on making Daniel's fake illness more believable.

star 7.39
217 votes

#50 - Fleas

Saxondale Season 1 - Episode 6

Tommy's car is wheel-clamped, an incident that leads him into conflict with Bernard Langley, owner of rival exterminators. Tommy's convinced he is involved in dodgy dealings so he vows to expose his corruption

star 7.37
43 votes
Hurry Up and Wait

#51 - Hurry Up and Wait

Inside No. 9 Season 6 - Episode 4

Actor James is waiting for his big moment on the set of ITV’s prestigious new crime drama, and this holding area should be the ideal place to relax and go over all three of his lines - except he’s actually in a static caravan owned by Oona and Stan. The more he learns about this couple and their strange daughter, the more disconcerted he becomes.

star 7.36
102 votes
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Episode 3

#52 - Episode 3

Big School (2013) Season 2 - Episode 3

It's parents' evening and all the staff want to make sure the event is over before the new episode of 'Great British Bake Off'. Mr Martin and Mr Church spread the gossip that Mr Gunn is the father of a child at the school, as he sets out to make the child's school days as fun as possible. Miss Postern struggles to stop people looking at her cleavage. School Boss (The Head teacher) Ms Baron tries avoiding the event all together.

star 7.36
39 votes
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Episode 3

#53 - Episode 3

Little Britain Season 2 - Episode 3

• Vicky's determined to get herself thrown off a bus. • Lou takes Andy to an ice skating rink. • Viv tries to give an accurate description of some robbers. • Where are they now? Mr T. is spotted in a gymnasium. • Emily can't resist the temptation to join in on a children's game of football. • Meera has won the lottery and Marjorie is being surprisingly nice to her... • A visit from the PM's former aide sends Sebastian into a jealous frenzy. • Kenny Craig hypnotises his Mum into letting him watch ThunderCats. • Dr. Lawrance is showing Dr. Beagly how Anne likes to feed the ducks. • Mr. Mann pops into Roy's card shop. • PCs Bryce and Rawlingson have some sad news to depart. • Dennis Waterman gets a guest appearance in Never Mind the Buzzcocks. • PCs Bryce and Rawlingson still have some sad news to depart. • Daffyd is shocked to discover his brother is gay. • Someone's blocked Lou's van in at a supermarket car park and Andy is not going to miss My Hero for anything...

star 7.33
431 votes
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Playing Ball

#54 - Playing Ball

Sick Note Season 1 - Episode 2

Daniel has a body to dispose of and the only person he can turn to is Dr Glennis, while Kenny West learns that the vomit clip has gone viral and hatches a plan to save face.

star 7.32
264 votes
David and Maureen

#55 - David and Maureen

Psychoville Season 1 - Episode 4

David and his mum are mid-murder when an unexpected visitor throws them into panic. Who is the mystery caller? What will happen to the body in the trunk? And will Maureen finally get to try one of those pyramid teabags?

star 7.28
326 votes
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The Referee's A W***er

#56 - The Referee's A W***er

Inside No. 9 Season 5 - Episode 1

The beautiful game. The crunch-clash between United and Rovers in the last match of the season, all safely in the care of the four match officials. A tale of promotion, relegation, corruption, and so, so much more.

star 7.24
179 votes
Episode 5

#57 - Episode 5

Turn Up Charlie Season 1 - Episode 5

During a day out with Gabs, David juggles mounting career worries and a parenting first. A nervous Charlie heads to the studio to record with Sara.

star 7.21
98 votes
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Airplane Mode

#58 - Airplane Mode

Sick Note Season 1 - Episode 5

A claustrophobic game of cat and mouse ensues, with multiple parties all attempting to outwit each other to uncover the truth. But how far will Dr Glennis go to stop the truth from coming out?

star 7.18
205 votes
Janina Kolkiewicz

#59 - Janina Kolkiewicz

Sick Note Season 1 - Episode 3

Daniel's already got a lot on his mind but life's about to get a whole lot worse when Linda suggests to Kenny that he becomes the new face of We Cover Insurance.

star 7.13
235 votes
Queen of Hearts

#60 - Queen of Hearts

Sick Note Season 1 - Episode 1

A down-on-his-luck man is told by his oncologist that he has a terminal illness, but his life improves as family and friends rally round him. He then finds out he has been misdiagnosed, with his doctor urging him to keep quiet about his mistake and enjoy his new, easier life.

star 7.10
390 votes
Black Mail

#61 - Black Mail

Psychoville Season 1 - Episode 1

A blind recluse with an unusual hobby, a telekinetic pantomime dwarf, an embittered hook-handed clown, a serial killer-obsessed man-child and a deranged but caring midwife all receive the ominous message 'I know what you did'. The past catches up with these five seemingly unconnected characters as they go about their darkly comic present-day lives.

star 7.01
507 votes
Wedding Lottery

#62 - Wedding Lottery

This is Jinsy Season 1 - Episode 1

Surreal comedy set on the fictional island of Jinsy, starring Chris Bran and Justin Chubb. The islanders prepare to be randomly married off by local celebrity Mr Slightlyman (David Tennant) in the wedding lottery, and Maven, the island's arbiter, decides to enter his hapless assistant Sporall into the draw. With Harry Hill, Jennifer Saunders, Alice Lowe and Janine Duvitski

star 6.28
67 votes
Last Night of the Proms

#63 - Last Night of the Proms

Inside No. 9 Season 6 - Episode 6

Dawn and Mick are hosting their annual Last Night of the Proms party, the perfect antidote to post-Brexit Britain. But not everyone is singing from the same song sheet.

star 6.26
90 votes
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