The Best Episodes Directed by Masato Miyoshi

Prayers are for Saudade

#1 - Prayers are for Saudade

Gun X Sword Season 1 - Episode 18

After Michael has finished integrating with the Saudade of Sunday, he is confirmed by Zapiero Muttaaca and introduced to Domingo. He later fixes a data link for Melissa, but Carossa misunderstands the situation. While at a mall in Missoghi, Catherine unveils to Carmen 99 of the transaction that Fasalina made. Back at the base, Muttaaca reveals to Michael that The Claw would create a utopia by means of a genocide. Taking Michael as a hostage Muttaaca and his crew demand a negotiation with The Claw, who attests to achieve world peace. Domingo is crushingly embraced by The Claw, as Muttaaca and rest of the crew escapes into a dragon armor underwater. Michael, while chasing after them in the Saudade of Sunday, dodges their torpedoed attacks then slices the armor into pieces.

star 9.94
32 votes
Bound by Blood

#2 - Bound by Blood

Gun X Sword Season 1 - Episode 8

Thieves maroon Van and Wendy on a remote island where a mysterious man of great wealth, named Joe Lutz, welcomes them into his palatial estate until another boat passes the island in ten days. Although the two feel that there is something eerie about him, they have no choice but to accept his hospitality. Joe is nothing but friendly and caring as he makes the two feel at home, offering quiet counsel and using his vast resources to aid them in their quest to track the Claw, giving his guests hope that their stay will not put them too far behind. Even the suspicious Van finds himself coming to appreciate Joe's compassion and opens up about his quest for the claw handed man and the reason. With 'been there, did that' reasoning, Joe tries to convince Van that even if he were to succeed, Van would find his victory hollow and he asks Van if this violent quest would be something Van's wife would condone. Separately Joe has also convinces Wendy that it is obvious The Claw never intended to kill Michael and that she would be wiser to return to Evergreen where Michael would know where to look for her once the Claw releases him. The man is smooth and convincing, and it appears his gentle approach is effectively separating the two seekers and derailing their intent to continue, but after some deep soul searching Van figures out exactly what Joe is doing. Discovered, Joe reveals his true colors, summoning his armor - the Golden Cradle. Van summons his armor and the resulting destruction sends the inhabitants of the island fleeing for their lives. The Golden Cradle is powerful, but Joe hasn't Van's skill and cunning, and Joe is defeated. Kneeling at Dann's feet, Joe offers one last sacrifice to the friend he is working for - The Claw -- and sacrificially detonates his armor, but when the smoke clears, Dann is still standing. Resuming their journey, Van realizes it has just gotten harder - the Claw has friends and he knows Van is coming after him, but his resolve remains unshaken,

star 9.82
34 votes
End of a Dream

#3 - End of a Dream

Gun X Sword Season 1 - Episode 24

When Fasalina retreats, The El Dorado Five and Priscilla handle the knight armors from behind, while Ray deals with the knight armors up ahead, as the hover-base continues to move forward. Meanwhile, The Claw initiates the Birthday Celebration sequence, as the base-of-operations begins to levitate into the sky. Fasalina returns to have a rematch with Ray. She is defeated by the blast of his cannon, but his armor is badly damaged in the process. After Joshua brings Ray onto the hover-base with the Vulcan in tow, Ray knocks Joshua unconscious and drives the hover-base to the location of the birthday armor. When as Michael returns there, Ray detonates the Vulcan, though Michael survives the attack. Ray then travels up the stairway to attempt to shoot The Claw, but to avail. When The Claw deflects one of the bullets, it becomes jammed into the birthday armor.

star 9.76
33 votes
Storyteller in the Hall

#4 - Storyteller in the Hall

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Season 2 - Episode 7

The fighting has ended, but the battle of politics is beginning. Musashi has a few tricks up their sleeves but an unannounced party may ruin everything.

star 9.63
32 votes
Ruler of the Land

#5 - Ruler of the Land

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Season 1 - Episode 8

The war of words begins. Masazumi goes head to head against Tori in the final leg of the bet of three battle to determine the fate of Horizon Ariadust. A surprise entrant in the debate makes his presence known, however, and Masazumi must defend her new position as best she can.

star 9.37
38 votes
The Summit's Flower

#6 - The Summit's Flower

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Season 1 - Episode 9

The time for talking is over. Blades are unsheathed and ready to strike, as both sides decide that a quicker solution to the Horizon problem must be reached. As both the Testament Union and the Musashi representatives prepare for the worst, new information is revealed that can potentially change everything.

star 8.48
63 votes
Maid in Arresta!

#7 - Maid in Arresta!

Juden Chan Season 1 - Episode 7

Alesta is scolded by her chief for allowing Plug to get injured. Plug herself is fine, but her arms are severely damaged, so Alesta has to look after her area whilst she recovers. In order to get Plug to delete embarrassing footage of her crying, Alesta agrees to be her maid, wearing an outfit made of anti-stealth materials, allowing her to be seen in the real world.

star 8.44
59 votes
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Advocate at the Confession Grounds

#8 - Advocate at the Confession Grounds

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Season 1 - Episode 6

With Horizon detained and expected to commit suicide, the students of Class 3 - Plum must decide what to make of the situation. Tensions are sky high, and making the wrong move could spell disaster for Musashi's people.

star 8.34
68 votes
Funny Stream

#9 - Funny Stream

Gun X Sword Season 1 - Episode 2

Van and Wendy enter a town on a long bridge called Bridge City. While staying at a hotel, Van meets an old friend nicknamed Carmen 99, who offers her services as an information broker. They find out that the gate has been closed for the past few days, not allowing the residents to cross the bridge, due to construction. It is later realized that Baron Mayor, the major of the town, is building an immense armor while under the guise of repairing the bridge. He captures two hundred women as slaves for his utopian nation, among them are Wendy and Carmen 99. Van comes and fights off Baron and his minions, while Wendy and Carmen 99 guide the women outside. Baron then summons his armor called the Metal Glow. Van summons Dann and fights until Metal Glow appears to defeat Dann with a massive cannon shot. In reality, Van was waiting for such an attack to reveal Metal Glow's power source and he uses Dann's 'defeat' to draw the Baron in where Dann can strike, destroying Metal Glow.

star 8.33
70 votes
An Explosion for This Chuunibyou!

#10 - An Explosion for This Chuunibyou!

KONOSUBA - God's blessing on this wonderful world! Season 1 - Episode 2

It's great for Kazuma that he brought Aqua along with him, but unlike in a game world, much is missing from his adventurer's lifestyle. No money, no equipment, and even fighting the lowest ranking monsters is a hard-fought battle. That's when they decide to recruit new party members.

star 8.22
269 votes
A Second Death in This Freezing Season!

#11 - A Second Death in This Freezing Season!

KONOSUBA - God's blessing on this wonderful world! Season 1 - Episode 7

Needing money to pay off his debts despite the freezing weather, Kazuma and his party takes on a quest to kill Snow Sprites.

star 7.81
225 votes
We're All Fools, So Let's All Dance, Baby

#12 - We're All Fools, So Let's All Dance, Baby

Space Dandy Season 1 - Episode 22

Dandy and his crew head to Planet Grease for a legendary party, only to find themselves walking the streets of a ghost town. Luckily, Dandy’s got the booty that launched a thousand dance parties!

star 7.50
48 votes
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