The BEST episodes directed by Masato Kitagawa

Incandescent Tournament!
32 votes

#1 - Incandescent Tournament!

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 1 - Episode 18

The regional tournament continues with Team Q4 easily plowing through their second and third opponents, Team Martial Arts and Team Chemistry Club, by defeating them both 2-0. Kamui's past relation to Gouki and Team Handsome is revealed, and Gouki and Kamui pledge to be the first to take the stage in the final match. During a break, Emi arrives with lunch, making Kamui happy to eat her food. But this moment is ruined when Nagisa charges in with her own prepared lunch and messes things up for Kamui. Incidentally, both lunches end up in Morikawa's stomach, who spews fire like a dragon from the spicyness of Nagisa's food, which Kamui does not appreciate. After a musical performance by Ultra Rare singing their opening hit song "Miracle Trigger", the tournament finals commence. Kamui, expecting to play against Gouki in the first game, is shocked when Nagisa steps up to be his opponent.

Mayhem on Kamogawa Beach
64 votes

#2 - Mayhem on Kamogawa Beach

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne - Season 2 - Episode 2

Madoka rushes to try and stop Lan and Muginami from fighting, though has trouble piloting Midori in the process. Just then she hears Lan and Muginami's true thoughts about how they hate having to fight against each other. As Madoka fails to understand why Muginami and Lan must fight as they go into hiding, she once again loses control of Midori. Madoka tries to search for the whereabouts of Lan and Muginami, even going as far as to call Villaguilio. Meanwhile, both Lan and Muginami find themselves drawn towards the Jersey Clubroom, where Madoka eventually finds them. Seeing Lan and Muginami continue to struggle with their feelings, Madoka gets them to kiss and make up; literally. Putting their quarrels behind them, the three decide to reform the Jersey Club together.

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The Mysterious Card Shop
33 votes

#3 - The Mysterious Card Shop

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 1 - Episode 6

Aichi and his friends decide to go to a different card shop called PSY. There, they try out the shop's special Vanguard Fight Stage. It oddly reacts to Aichi, which leads to a woman, Kourin, challenging him to a cardfight. When the two begin the battle, Aichi is surprised that the stage brings the cards to life. Aichi and Kourin, who both use a Royal Paladin deck, continue their battle, until Aichi makes a bad decision in not guarding one of her Vanguard's attacks, ultimately leading to his defeat. Afterwards, another woman, Suiko, gives Aichi the card The King of Knights, Alfred as a special memento for visiting the card shop. Later, Aichi learns from Morikawa that the card shop they visited has disappeared.

The Birth of Mako-chan
65 votes

#4 - The Birth of Mako-chan

Minami-Ke - Season 1 - Episode 6

Chiaki invites her friends over to work on home work. Kana asks Makoto what type of girls does he perfer. Haruka comes in and Makoto decides to help Haruka cook. The next day Chiaki ignores Makoto the whole day. Makoto comes over with Uchida the next day and Kana dresses him up like a girl.

32 votes

#5 - Killer

World War Blue - Season 1 - Episode 2

Thanks to the training by Tejirof, Gear and his companions are ready for their first mission. But they will learn a harsh lesson in the Hard Wars, that there is a fate worse than death.

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38 votes

#6 - Admiration

Arata The Legend - Season 1 - Episode 10

Arata and the others have arrived in the domain of Yorunami, one of the Twelve Shinsho. Rather than meeting Yorunami directly, Arata decides to talk to one of his Zokusho first to learn what kind of man he is. The party reaches Suzukura, a city ruled by the Zokusho Hiruko, but are told that they are required to pay a passage tax to enter...

Aichi VS Kamui
35 votes

#7 - Aichi VS Kamui

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 1 - Episode 12

It's the semifinals: Kai plays against Misaki, and Aichi once again battles Kamui. Both Aichi and Kamui want to win for their own reasons; Aichi wants to fight Kai again while Kamui hopes to gain Emi's affection upon winning the entire tournament. Aichi defends himself from Kamui's Genocide Jack's attacks better than he did in their first cardfight. Aichi makes a surprising move by calling Blaster Blade as a rear-guard and using its ability to destroy Genocide Jack. As the battle between Aichi and Kamui rages on, the cardfight between Kai and Misaki comes to a close with Kai as the victor.

Money's Tiger
118 votes

#8 - Money's Tiger

Hayate the Combat Butler - Season 2 - Episode 2

As stipulated, Hayate is to be fired as Nagi's butler, but as Klaus fears getting fired himself for this, he sends Hayate off to be trained at the Tiger's Den for Butlers to show his worth. Hayate meets a Catholic sister on the train, Sister Fortesia, and he later meets her again at a church which doubles as the location of the Tiger's Den. The next day, Hayate must find three others to go on a Butler Quest in an underground dungeon as a part of his training. Nagi is quick to join, and Yukiji and Wataru also join in.

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Lonely Girl
126 votes

#9 - Lonely Girl

Golden Time - Season 1 - Episode 2

Banri has a dream of himself, apparently injured, and fleeing from a hospital, but upon awakening cannot remember any more than that. Arriving at the university gate, Banri meets Kōko who was waiting for Mitsuo, and the two talk some more, with Banri noticing that Kōko seems lonely without Mitsuo. Later that night, Banri tells Mitsuo about Kōko, but Mitsuo brushes it off, saying Kōko is just acting so to get Banri to bring her to him. To brighten the mood, Mitsuo invites Banri to the Film Club’s welcoming party, where Chinami, a member of the club, gets Mitsuo to join. The party is soon crashed however by the Tea Club’s party, who drag Banri off to join in their festivities, where he meets new friend Takaya Satō, nicknamed Nijigen. The next day, Banri notices that Kōko has still not made any friends, and tries to encourage her to join a club. Another student overhears them and invites the two to a café to tell them about her club, which lasts until night, and ends up inviting the both of them on her clubs overnight trip to see if they would be willing to join. Still wanting to help Kōko, Banri decides to accompany Kōko when she agrees to go.

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Confessioni di una Maschera (Confession of A Mask)
68 votes

#10 - Confessioni di una Maschera (Confession of A Mask)

La storia della Arcana Famiglia - Season 1 - Episode 4

Liberta and Felicità are given a task by Mama to hand a scarf to a woman named Ms.Jovanna, however, due to the sudden recollections of his past, Liberta becomes disturbed to the point where the both of them get into a small accident, and have to spend the rest of the day working for a shop owner whose shop they accidentally destroyed. When Liberta discovers a familiar mask in the shop, he suddenly remembers that a masked man saved him from an orphanage that he used to live in. After accidentally reading Dante's heart, and seeing a fragment of Liberta's past, she consults Dante, and he proceeds to tell her that he was indeed the masked man who saved Liberta, as well as sealed his memories of his power over words, while Mondo sealed his ability itself, which allowed whatever he said to happen, away. Seeking Dante to find out the truth about his past himself, Liberta is told by Dante that the reason why the seal hasn't been removed yet, was due to the fact that he didn't find Liberta strong enough to accept his past just yet.

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A Promise by the Lake
27 votes

#11 - A Promise by the Lake

Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut - Season 1 - Episode 4

With less than a month until launch, Lev takes Irina into town for a little fun before she dives into days of solitude training.

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13 votes

#12 - Rage

Argevollen - Season 1 - Episode 11

The 8th Unit holds a party to celebrate their success at Wishpe. As everyone enjoys themselves, Tokimune is told by Samonji about his sister and the experiment she participated in. "I'm the one who killed your sister," says Samonji, and Tokimune is infuriated. Samonji was told that Tokimune's sister was Reika Nanjou, a girl he knew.

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12 votes

#13 - Ghost

Argevollen - Season 1 - Episode 14

Arandas forces are being wiped out in border areas. Each force is wiped out completely, with no survivors. The army has taken to calling the attacker the "Ghost." The 8th is stationed in Kitazamahara to counterattack this new enemy.

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11 votes

#14 - Capture

Argevollen - Season 1 - Episode 22

Cayenne rebels against the Arandas military, and Captain Samonji sides with him. The 8th Unit goes to stop Samonji, but Argevollen is captured instead.

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22 votes

#15 - OH MY TONY

SAKUGAN - Season 1 - Episode 10

After saving the team, Merooro explains further about the natural disasters plaguing the Labyrinth. Gagumber feels threatened by Memempu's growing respect for the bureaucrat.

14 votes

#16 - Bellhals

Argevollen - Season 1 - Episode 7

The 8th Unit is given unofficial R&R on the neutral island of Bellhals. Jamie has a coupon to a luxurious spa on the island and plans to visit, but is called by her boss at the last minute to update Argevollen's OS. The rest of the women go to the spa, while the men hang out at a local bar. Seeker and Suzushiro watch for any hostile movement while Samonji goes to procure supplies for the unit. Later, Jamie and Tokimune finish updating the Argevollen, but find that all of the attractions on the island are closed. While looking for something to do, they accidentally run into Ingelmian soldiers led by Richthofen, though neither side recognizes the other. Jamie later gets Tokimune to take a picture of her in front of a field of sunflowers, but Tokimune recognizes the background as the same one from his late sister's last photo. Suddenly, Samonji appears right behind him.

The Nosferatu Project
42 votes

#17 - The Nosferatu Project

Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut - Season 1 - Episode 1

In his motherland's race to claim the first human spaceflight, cosmonaut candidate Lev Leps is assigned to a secret project which involves an outrageous experiment.

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Surprise Attack
15 votes

#18 - Surprise Attack

Argevollen - Season 1 - Episode 5

The Ingelmia forces split and attempt to attack the Arandas capital from multiple directions. The fastest advance is in the Gatar mountains, so the 8th Unit is sent there. A plan is drawn up to destroy the enemy's forward base, and Tokimune is given an important role.

8 votes

#19 - Incomprehensible

Infinite Ryvius - Season 1 - Episode 18

Yuki takes control of the Vital Guarder, using its' gravity-warping abilities to poke a hole in the Dicastia's gravity-sphere. At the same time, he uses the P.A. system to deliver a scorching verbal smackdown to the Ryvius crew. Once outside the gravity-sphere, the Vital Guarder uses a combination of gravity-warp and the Ryvius' cannons to take down the Dicastia and its' Vital Guarder. Meanwhile, Kouji is unaccountably late returning from an errand. Both Yuki and Ikumi are displeased with him, but they don't know that Kouji had been cornered by Airs Blue, who is still on the Lift Ship. Kouji fails to mention this, for reasons of his own. As the Ryvius approaches Jupiter, Juli is still struggling to function effectively as Captain.

Torn Past
8 votes

#20 - Torn Past

Infinite Ryvius - Season 1 - Episode 23

Ikumi Oze is now Captain of the Ryvius, and orders a new ranking system, assigning duties and living quarters according to ability. Disruptions and hard feelings are widespread, especially when the ""E""-class (including Kouji) are locked into their area and the lights are turned off. A ""bubble"" of normal space is discovered at Sere 7, while Kouji finds a way out of ""E""-class. He confronts Ikumi, Yuki & co., but just ends up being shot in the shoulder. Nobody bothers to help him; they just leave him slumped on the deck, bleeding heavily.

11 votes

#21 - Freeze

Argevollen - Season 1 - Episode 16

Samonji forbids Tokimune from piloting the Argevollen. Tokimune listens to a recording of himself going out of control and attacking his own allies, and Samonji tells him a shocking truth: the Argevollen is based off the unit that killed his sister.

Tragic! An Immoral Gattai
3 votes

#22 - Tragic! An Immoral Gattai

Aquarion - Season 3 - Episode 21

Maia goes to great lengths trying to save Akira, and one member of the Verbalism Club gives their all to restore order to the world.

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Hikari Tsuneki, Final Chapter: Starry Sky
50 votes

#23 - Hikari Tsuneki, Final Chapter: Starry Sky

Seiren - Season 1 - Episode 4

With Friends, With Someone Special
5 votes

#24 - With Friends, With Someone Special

Azur Lane: Slow Ahead! - Season 1 - Episode 5

Admiral Graf Spee is trying to make new friends, but things don't work out so well. She then tries to find common interests with Ayanami... Like delicious snacks and how to spend your days off.