The Best Episodes Directed by Masahiro Sekiguchi


#1 - Layer:09 PROTOCOL

Serial Experiments Lain Season 1 - Episode 9

A documentary about Roswell gives Lain some valuable information about the pioneers of the WIRED. Later, at the Cyberia, J.J. tells Lain that she left something the day before and hands her an envelop with the Knight's logo on it. The envelop contains a chip. Believing this was the other 'Lain's' doing again, she decides to call Taro's bluff and go on a 'date'. Taking him to her room, Lain demands that he tell her what he knows. Together, with Taro's information and the mysterious chip, Lain finds out more then she expected.

star 8.81
122 votes
Layer:07 SOCIETY

#2 - Layer:07 SOCIETY

Serial Experiments Lain Season 1 - Episode 7

As the Knights activities make the evening news, a strange man named Nazumi wanders the city with machines strapped to his body. People on the WIRED are asking: ""Who is Lain"". Meanwhile, the two MIB agents take Lain to the Techibana offices where Lain's identity is challenged by a man; how well does she know her parents, her sister, herself? Can Lain answer him?

star 8.52
131 votes
True Form

#3 - True Form

Fruits Basket Season 1 - Episode 25

Kyo's shocking transformation into his true form is finally complete! Unfortunately for Tohru, she witnesses the entire spectacle leaving her disoriented and confused. Kagura comes up with the family's last hope to save him…whether Tohru likes it or not!

star 7.67
46 votes
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If We've Three Then We Don't Need To Fear Jason

#4 - If We've Three Then We Don't Need To Fear Jason

Fruits Basket Season 1 - Episode 16

Shigure invites Tohru and the Sohmas out to a lake in the woods, where not only will they have to contend with Jason, but some other surprises. Also, Tohru worries that Kyo and Yuki don't seem to be their usual selves.

star 7.49
43 votes
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Everybody Loves Chocolate

#5 - Everybody Loves Chocolate

Fruits Basket Season 1 - Episode 11

It's Valentine's Day, and Tohru has given all the Sohma's chocolates. But it seems that after finals, she's also working harder than ever earning money. Could something be the matter?

star 7.33
47 votes
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Canary in the Coal Mine

#6 - Canary in the Coal Mine

Qualidea Code Season 1 - Episode 4

Canaria was injured in the battle against the giant Unknown, leaving Suzaku in a desperate situation. After being saved by the Chiba and Kanagawa forces and beating a retreat, Suzaku is called out by Administration to take responsibility for acting on his own, but he pleads for a chance to finish the battle with the help of Chiba and Kanagawa.

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0 votes