The BEST episodes directed by Masahiro Okamura

The Place Where I Belong
29 votes

#1 - The Place Where I Belong

Blood+ - Season 4 - Episode 3

A month after the last epiosde, the apartment Okamura and Mao in Los Angeles were using is blown up, so they join David and the others at their cheap apartment in Little Italy, New York. Saya is continuing to grow weaker and requiring more sleep. Mao makes her promise to return to Okinawa and go shopping with her after everything is over. Kai and Lewis meet with one of Lewis' old CIA contact, and learns that Goldsmith has deep connections to the US military and the Secretary of Defense. While meeting with a retired general, Joel learns Diva will be performing at an Air Force base in North Carolina. Mao overhears Hagi and Saya talking about Saya's time to go into her 30 year hibernation approaching. Though she's furious, Mao agrees to keep her secret and makes a promise with her that no matter what, Saya will return to Okinawa. Meanwhile, Van puts Dr. Collins in charge in the research division at Cinq Flèches, while Amshel has Julia replace Dr. Collins as Diva's primary care physician. Julia learns that Diva is pregnant and that Amshel is one of Diva's chevaliers.

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My First Time...
96 votes

#2 - My First Time...

Nogizaka Haruka's Secret - Season 1 - Episode 2

Yūto and Haruka start spending more time together, such as walking to school together, which causes their peers to get annoyed that Haruka would be hanging out with someone like Yūto. Haruka asks Yūto to accompany her to Akihabara on Sunday and he agrees. The two spend most of the day going from store to store looking at the goods but not buying anything, though Haruka wastes some money on a toy vending machine. Yūto and Haruka even go to a maid café for lunch where Haruka is dressed in a pink maid uniform and gets her picture taken with Yūto. At the end of the day, they discover the handheld gaming console Haruka had intended to buy was sold out for now. This distresses Haruka, but Yūto cheers her up later by assuring her that he had a good time today with her.

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High School Astronomy Network
32 votes

#3 - High School Astronomy Network

At the Mercy of the Sky - Season 1 - Episode 9

Mihoshi and the other members are excited about the Autumn Stargazing Conference, and are surprised at the size of Nogishiro High School along with the number of members in their astronomy club. After the sun sets, everyone splits into groups and the process is explained by Nogishiro's astronomy club president Ayumi Ōmi; each group is free to stargaze until the moon sets, upon which each group will begin counting visible stars in a patch of sky to measure the overall brightness of the sky. Ayumi asks Saku to help on patrol around the school and they come across Hime and a second-year named Musa after she overreacts and thought he was trying to assault her. Afterwards, everyone goes back to the roof now that the moon has has set, and Ayumi confesses to Saku that her astronomy club actually only has nine members in it and mostly everyone else is from other clubs. Takeyasu Roma does a narration of the autumn sky myth which everyone loves. Ayumi later confronts Roma and reminds him that they were once members of the same astronomy club at Goshima Science Museum.

...Big Bro ☆
95 votes

#4 - ...Big Bro ☆

Nogizaka Haruka's Secret - Season 1 - Episode 8

Mika becomes angry when she realizes that the relationship between Yūto and her sister is not progressing as well as she expected, so she forces Yūto out on a date with her to teach him tips to get in the right mood with Haruka. During their date, they go to a café, and catch a movie before running into Shiina, which makes Mika jealous. Mika drags Yūto to a kimono shop and the two are outfitted with brand-new kimonos before heading to the summer festival and watching the fireworks with Haruka, Hazuki, and Nanami who find them. Once school starts again, Shiina volunteers to be one of the organizing members for her class' participation in the upcoming cultural festival, and Yūto gets dragged in to work with her.

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34 votes

#5 - Planetarium

At the Mercy of the Sky - Season 1 - Episode 3

Mihoshi has been bothering Saku too much lately so he takes a break from the club and goes to the library where he meets the student council president Fumie Kotozuka by chance. After talking with her, Saku realizes Mihoshi is merely expressing her feelings honestly like she always has and Saku agrees to accompany her with stargazing. However, the rainy season begins causing Mihoshi to get very depressed over the cloudy skies. With Saku's suggestion, the astronomy club goes to the planetarium and are shown the summer constellations. After the rain ends, Mihoshi wants the club to go on a summer stargazing camp.

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The Day of War
69 votes

#6 - The Day of War

Dog Days - Season 1 - Episode 8

The day for the battle comes and it does not take long for Millhiore to confirm her suspicions about Leonmitchelli's behavior and she joins Cinque and Eclair to storm the fortress where she is stationed to confront her. Meanwhile, Brioche and Yukikaze feel that a strange presence is approaching.

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Don Valentino Jailbreak Case
4 votes

#7 - Don Valentino Jailbreak Case

Cuticle Detective Inaba - Season 1 - Episode 11

Don Valentino has finally been caught and sent to a unique jail. While waiting for his crew to bust him out he gains a new follower.

Yami and Vangeance
152 votes

#8 - Yami and Vangeance

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 86

Several years later both Yami and Vangeance were promoted to vice-captain while their former captain became the Wizard King. The Wizard King asked Yami and Vangeance to deal with a bandit group, hoping to identify a traitorous magic knight. Vangeance spread false information, limiting the number of villages the bandits could attack to only two and sent Yami to one while he went to the other. The bandits attacked Yami’s village and Yami found himself facing the bandit leader who escaped years ago, now armed with a powerful magic staff. Yami defeated him regardless but was trapped by two traitorous magic knights, Goht of the Crimson Lions and Mohl of the Silver Eagles. They attempted to kill Yami to cover up their crimes but Yami was rescued by Vangeance and they defeated the traitors. The Wizard King promoted Yami and Vangeance to Squad Captains. Yami decided to only accept hooligans and outcasts and formed the Black Bulls while Yami formed the Golden Dawn and only accepted strong nobles. Asta fails to see the point of Yami’s story, to never quit no matter how many times Yuno beats him, and is punished for being an idiot. Asta regains his former spirit and joins the other Bulls waiting for the exam results, only for the sudden and violent arrival of Mereoleona of the Crimson Lions.

The Receptionist Ranking
70 votes

#9 - The Receptionist Ranking

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter - Season 1 - Episode 7

Lola gets in an argument with a rival receptionist. Noir visits the Adventurers Guild and ends up getting caught in their fight. Noir decides to take down a dragon both for his test and for Lola, but...

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Is It True You Have Horrible Bed-head?
21 votes

#10 - Is It True You Have Horrible Bed-head?

Please tell me! Galko-chan - Season 1 - Episode 8

Charao, Supoo, and Otao discuss who in their class has the biggest boobs. Seeing Galko’s boobs sitting on the desk, Charao says he has no doubt it’s Galko. However, Supoo comments that Nikuko has large boobs too. Their discussion gets heated...

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When a girl's your first friend, life feels like a date for a while
51 votes

#11 - When a girl's your first friend, life feels like a date for a while

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki - Season 1 - Episode 3

With Hinami's help, Tomozaki gets a crash course in dressing well and talking to girls, getting unexpectedly close to one classmate in particular.

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Is It True That Underwear Is Embarrassing?
21 votes

#12 - Is It True That Underwear Is Embarrassing?

Please tell me! Galko-chan - Season 1 - Episode 6

Seeing Galko's new lipstick, Otako explains that the lips have always represented the person's genitals. Otako adds that you can also tell the condition of a person's genitals by looking at the shape of their lips, to which Galko inadvertently hides her own lips.

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Is It True That You're a Big Sister?
21 votes

#13 - Is It True That You're a Big Sister?

Please tell me! Galko-chan - Season 1 - Episode 5

The Class President believes that the size of the boobs and intelligence are inversely proportional, so she thinks Galko is living a very carefree life. But, she changes her mind when she sees the bulletin board Galko was intensely staring at.

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Is It True About the Boy at the Pool?
20 votes

#14 - Is It True About the Boy at the Pool?

Please tell me! Galko-chan - Season 1 - Episode 7

Galko, Otako, and Ojou are at the water park. Otako hands Galko a razor believing that her armpit hair is shaggy because she forgot to shave them. Galko angrily says she never lets them get shaggy and shows them her smooth armpits.

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Order! Uncover the Truth!
39 votes

#15 - Order! Uncover the Truth!

Big Order - Season 1 - Episode 9

UNIGM Public Safety Division Vice Director Hoshimiya Gennai enters his facility in Heijoukyou, Nara to finally open the Gate to the other world. Hiiragi Yoshitsune and Dazaifu's Group of Ten surround the facility and commence their attack in order to put a stop to Gennai's scheme. Meanwhile, Hoshimiya Eiji has trouble hiding his hesitations toward Iyo's feelings for him.

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21 votes


SAKUGAN - Season 1 - Episode 9

The jungle heat in the Labyrinth makes things hard going for Team Memempu. But it gets even worse when a sudden downpour leads to flooding that sweeps them away to an isolated island!

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23 votes


SAKUGAN - Season 1 - Episode 11

Merooro brings Team Memempu to Dream Colony to reward them for their aid against Shibito. But a night that should feature a performance from the Colony's foremost diva turns into a farce when the girl escapes her handlers and goes on the run!

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A Farewell Banquet
4 votes

#18 - A Farewell Banquet

Active Raid - Season 2 - Episode 10

Unit 8 is becoming more and more convinced that Inagi is involved with Bird and the old Logos incident. To dispel their suspicions, they turn to Madoka and her detective agency, but they don't like the answers they're given. When they finally confront Inagi with the truth, will they be willing to sacrifice their dear friend for the law? And can they even prosecute Inagi if they want to, since he's been so careful not to violate the letter of the law?

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Dawn at Dejima, the Greatest Fist in Japan!
3 votes

#19 - Dawn at Dejima, the Greatest Fist in Japan!

Dai-Shogun – Great Revolution - Season 1 - Episode 8

Keiichiro has stolen the inro to activate Susanoo by Ryoma Sakamoto, Glover, and Verbeck. What was waiting for Keiichiro who challenged Ryoma and others to regain the inro was a baseball fist in modern times ...!? The rock-paper-scissors game that bet everything begins!