The BEST episodes directed by Masahiko Suzuki

Third-Party Demon Killer
20 votes

#1 - Third-Party Demon Killer

Engage Kiss - Season 1 - Episode 6

Kisara keeps her distance from Shu's apartment since she saw the memories of Shu and Ayano's time in the warehouse. Reversely, happy for Kisara's absence, Ayano takes good care of Shu as she relishes feeling like they are lovers. Kisara, who checks out the situation via social media, is getting increasingly more annoyed. But behind the scenes of this love triangle is a storm of violence that blows into Bayron City. Just who is this blonde beauty who appears out of nowhere wearing a nun's habit? And what is her goal as she repeatedly commits senseless acts of brutality by invading scene after scene of Demon Hazards?

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Fleeting Scars
19 votes

#2 - Fleeting Scars

Engage Kiss - Season 1 - Episode 5

Ayano has become a target for Demon Possession. Although Ayano narrowly escapes her first attack with Kisara's help, she begins a life of isolation to hide her Demonically Possessed eyes. Meanwhile, Shu is offered a chance to work together by Mikami, who is familiar with Shu's past. On board with the discussion, Shu discloses information to Mikami and his team at the Anti-Demon Bureau. They are trying to determine the identity of a Demon Agent producing Demon Possessions one after another. They step into a certain dwelling, but...

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To the Battlefield of Old
33 votes

#3 - To the Battlefield of Old

The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody - Season 1 - Episode 10

Ard is feeling guilty as they stay in Lydia's villa while awaiting their deployment. Before he can shake those feelings the battle against the demons begins and Ard's group is left in charge of logistics. Ard recalls that there wasn't any major trouble in this battle, but the demon appears before them in the rear. So in order to earn their meeting with the Demon Lord, Ard...

Beyond the Steam
35 votes

#4 - Beyond the Steam

The Dawn of the Witch - Season 1 - Episode 3

Having escaped the Tyrant, Saybil and the gang resume their journey to the witch village. Along the way, the bonds between them deepen as they learn more about each other. Their travels take them to a large city, where the gang decides to visit a large, luxurious bathing facility.

The Raging Champion
51 votes

#5 - The Raging Champion

The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody - Season 1 - Episode 6

The Demon Lord's companion, Sylphy, reappears in the modern world after several thousand years. A masked man tells Sylphy where she can find the Demon Lord and she... Meanwhile, the Magic Academy is preparing for its school festival, and Ard is asked to perform in a play in lieu of their Sword King Battle Tournament while also dealing with a threat to cancel the festival. Ard and the others start discussing the play when they're interrupted by a huge commotion at the school.

The Crest of Courage
22 votes

#6 - The Crest of Courage

Digimon Adventure - Season 1 - Episode 63

After aimlessly following the arrow on the Digivice, Taichi and Agumon reach a castle. There, Taichi is separated from Agumon and is thrown into an unfamiliar world by a mysterious Digimon.

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