The Best Episodes Directed by Masaaki Kumagai

Neo Originals

#1 - Neo Originals

Gun X Sword Season 1 - Episode 15

Desperate for money, Van and Wendy go to a nearby casino, after two days of offering bodyguard services were for naught. Wendy bets her remaining money on a turtle race, with her pet turtle Kameo as her contestant. After having won the race, Wendy spends the money on one-way tickets to Jhoschdarn, via the blimp called Birca One. From there they can walk to Missoghi, where they plan to meet up with Carmen 99. A flashback is seen of when Van was first introduced to the Dann of Thursday. Wendy tries to impress Van by dressing elegantly. The blimp is suddenly attacked by Woo, who seeks to prevent Van from approaching The Claw. Woo awakens the Metsä of Tuesday, shown as the third armor of the Original Seven, and engages in combat against Van with the Dann of Thursday.

star 9.91
32 votes
The False Cat

#2 - The False Cat

Black Cat Season 1 - Episode 11

A man named Woodney, claiming to be the legendary assassin, Black Cat, meets Eve. Eve helps him out of a potentially dangerous situation. Soon afterwards, a member of the Apostles of the Stars, Durham, appears, eager to kill Black Cat. Train saves Eve and Woodney, and then confronts the gunman. Who is the superior gunman, Train or Durham?

star 9.58
65 votes
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