The Best Episodes Directed by Mary Nighy

Episode 6

#1 - Episode 6

Traces Season 1 - Episode 6

McKinven gets the lead he needs to make an arrest but it's the exacting forensic science that finally brings peace for Emma.

star 7.86
154 votes
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Episode 5

#2 - Episode 5

Traces Season 1 - Episode 5

Emma's suspicions start to drive a wedge between her and those she's closest to, while McKinven urges Emma to stop sleuthing.

star 7.68
149 votes
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Episode 4

#3 - Episode 4

Traces Season 1 - Episode 4

Daniel's facing his own troubles between the police and his father Phil, while Emma starts to trust her instincts.

star 7.57
156 votes
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Pre-Crisis Activity

#4 - Pre-Crisis Activity

Industry Season 1 - Episode 7

With Reduction in Force Day looming, the graduates do whatever it takes to secure final recommendations from their superiors and solidify vital client relationships. At a dinner party hosted by Yasmin and Sebastian, resentment and jealousy bubble to the surface, and Harper divulges confidential company business.

star 6.95
80 votes
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