The BEST episodes directed by Mary Kay Place

The One with the List
3455 votes

#1 - The One with the List

Friends - Season 2 - Episode 8

Ross must choose between Rachel and Julie and enlists Joey and Chandler's help in making a pros and cons list. Meanwhile, Monica gets a job making food with a synthetic chocolate substitute.

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Those Who Can't, Edit
4 votes

#2 - Those Who Can't, Edit

Dream On - Season 5 - Episode 9

Gibby desires to publish Jeremy's novel.

Where There's Smoke, You're Fired
2 votes

#3 - Where There's Smoke, You're Fired

Dream On - Season 4 - Episode 20

Gibby takes a vacation, leaving Martin in charge of Whitestone with one simple condition – he has to fire one of the company's book editors. Judith is depressed when her patient commits suicide.

Tenants, Anyone?
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#4 - Tenants, Anyone?

Dream On - Season 6 - Episode 25

Martin's old apartment is becoming a huge money pit, costing him exorbitant maintenance fees and so he resolves to get rid of it. He has a meeting with Irwin Bader who isn't optimistic of getting much over $1,500, even though he sold it to Martin for $2,400. Libby expresses an interest on behalf of her son, but Martin passes on the idea.