The Best Episodes Directed by Mark Fitzgerald, Brad Howard

Episode 3

#1 - Episode 3

The Chaser's War on Everything Season 1 - Episode 3

1: Rug Clearance Sale Ads It’s the Rug Emporium's absolutely, positively, definitely closing down this time sale! 2: Where the bloody hell are you? After the reaction to a recent overseas advertising campaign, Chris and Craig test a few of their own slogans to promote Australia to tourists. 3: Howard 10 Years Tribute The Chaser team celebrates John Howard’s tenth year as Prime Minister with clips highlighting his time in office. 4: Message from Osama Bin Laden – Dancing with the Stars Osama Bin Laden expresses his distaste with not being asked to perform on Dancing with the Stars. 5: Pursuit Trivia – Backstreet Boys This question goes to the Backstreet Boys: In Geography, what is the capital of Australia? None of the Backstreet Boys guessed the correct answer: Canberra. 6: Mosman Mosque Julian unveils plans to build a Muslim Mosque in Mosman, a suburb named as among the most racially intolerant in the country, and gauges local’s reactions. 7: Rug Warehouse Clearance #2 Trust us, this time we're not kidding; it's the "We Really And Truly Are Closing Down For Sure Sale"! 8: Firth in the USA – Cool Charles Firth hits the street of New York to find out why America is so cool. 9: Commvenience Which bank? 10: In Other News Peter Costello gets tough on radical extremism; Tony Abbott withdraws comments; Trevor Flugge’s AWB claims; Channel Nine’s new logo; David Beckham does math; and ABC denies any leftwing-bias allegations. 11: Brokeback Mountain – Christian Edition A sneak preview Ang Lee’s more Christian-friendly version of Brokeback Mountain. 12: The Complete Walks of John Howard DVD Featuring Mr. Howard’s most memorable walks, with commentary! 13: Current Affairs – Visualisations Lesson 3: Using visualisations to explain complex stories. 14: Crazy Warehouse Guy – McDonalds The Crazy Warehouse Guy visits McDonalds. 15: Finally, Tonight... It may be time to put away the talking Boonie, but VB have brought out another drinking sporting legend: the talking Wendell. 16: Closing Credits Credits are played over another scene from Ang Lee's Christian Edition of Brokeback Mountain.

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Episode 7

#2 - Episode 7

The Chaser's War on Everything Season 1 - Episode 7

1: French Protests Craig goes out onto the streets to see if he can French-up Australia's protests of the new IR laws. 2: Family Contracts In Britain, McDonald's if offering family contracts, which means if you can't turn up for a shift you can send one of the members of your family. But what if other types of jobs allowed this? 3: Pursuit Trivia - Malcolm Turnbull Part 1 This weeks first question: In Science and Nature, Io is a moon of which gaseous planet? Malcolm did not guess the correct answer: Jupiter. 4: Warehouse Guy - Cinema This week the Crazy Warehouse Guy goes to the movies! 5: Name Our Next Cyclone Julian goes around to different top-company-heads to see if they'd like to buy the naming rights to the next cyclone. 6: ABC Promo - Director's Cut With director's commentary. 7: Ad Roadtest - Napisan How would people REALLY react if you charged into their home with a camera crew and started pouring stains all over their clothes? 8: Cracked Pepper There's nothing Chris hates more than those waiters who constantly interrupt meals offering cracked pepper, but how much worse would it be if they decided to spread beyond restaurants? 9: Pursuit Trivia - Malcolm Turnbull Part 2 This weeks 2nd question: Who won the 2002 Melbourne Cup? Malcolm once again did not guess the correct answer: Media Puzzle. 10: In Other News... IR dismissal laws; Relations with Indonesia; AWB Downer inquiry; Vega; Robert McCallum. 10: Firth in the USA Charles tries to get into Skull & Bones, the most secret and powerful society on Earth. 11: Celebrity Solitaire Get ready for TV's exciting new card game: Celebrity Solitaire, this week featuring Andrew O'Keefe. 12: Statue Busking Made Easy Simply rig yourself up an actual statue and watch the money pile up! 13: Credits Song "They always run credits over my song..."

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Episode 8

#3 - Episode 8

The Chaser's War on Everything Season 1 - Episode 8

Macquarie Bank tolls A Message From Osama bin Laden Surprise Spruiker Chas calls a phone sex line Firth in the USA Monty Python. Mr. Ten Questions What Have We Learned From Current Affaris This Week? When a Telemarketer Calls In Other News Door Bouncer Challenge

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Episode 9

#4 - Episode 9

The Chaser's War on Everything Season 1 - Episode 9

The 9th episode in the Chaser's war.

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Episode 4

#5 - Episode 4

The Chaser's War on Everything Season 1 - Episode 4

In this episode, the Chaser attacks targets such as The Commonwealth Games, Phillip Ruddick, The Cronulla riots, and Heath Ledger.

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Episode 1

#6 - Episode 1

The Chaser's War on Everything Season 1 - Episode 1

1. Kerry Packer's memorial service and memorial fund. Chris and Craig discuss the televised funeral and memorial to the late Kerry Packer, and then try to collect money for their own Kerry Packer Memorial fund. 2. Mega-Cheese crust pizza. Presenting the latest ad for pizza with more cheese than ever before! 3. Pursuit Trivia This question goes to Stephen Smith, the Shadow Industrial Relations Minister: What is the world's second highest mountain? He did not guess the correct answer: K2. 4. The Surprise Spruiker Andrew introduces his Surprise Spruiker for those who need it most. This week, those receiving his charity are: Giorgio Armani; The Department of Workplace Relations; and The Department of Immigration. 5. A Message from Osama Bin Laden Bin Laden admits he's responsible for all the evil in the world...except for the Up-Late Game Show with the Hotdogs. 6. AWB Corporate box; Big Day Out Sniffer Dogs; Australian flag fashion. 7. This week's subliminal message. 8. The Road to Turin Chris and Andrew are thoroughly practicing their ice-skating for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Turin. 9. Charles Firth in the USA Charles interviews football fans about the Superbowl. 10. In Other News... AWB kick-back scandal; Abortion pill UR486; Eddie McGuire; New footage of Iraq prisoner abuse; Bali 9 execution. 11. Evade Aid A live concert event to raise money for Packer's tax bill. 12. What have we learned from Current Affairs this week? Lesson 1: Dodgy Guys. How to spot a dodgy guy, and dangerous car parks. 13. Mr. Ten Questions This week he meets Hugh Jackman. 14. Danish cartoons on Danna Vale's website.

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