The Best Episodes Directed by Marc Levin

Hard Times: Lost on Long Island

#1 - Hard Times: Lost on Long Island

HBO Documentary Film Series Season 2012 - Episode 6

Explorers the impact of the shrinking of the middle class by telling the story of four families' struggle to find employment during the summer of 2010.

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#2 - Betrayal

Law & Order Season 18 - Episode 11

The murder of a psychiatrist focuses the suspect list to his clients and wife, and the defense of the murderer will challenge the D.A.'s office to somehow show the jury that a bad childhood is not a justification for crime.

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138 votes
Lucky Stiff

#3 - Lucky Stiff

Law & Order Season 19 - Episode 11

The owner of a trucking company, Vic Russell, is found dead after a business meeting; detectives uncover information that leads them to believe that Russell had ties to the Russian mob.

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168 votes
Protocols of Zion

#4 - Protocols of Zion

HBO Documentary Film Series Season 2005 - Episode 2

The Protocols of Zion is a 2005 documentary film by Jewish filmmaker Marc Levin about a resurgence of antisemitism in the United States in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Armed with his camera and appearing on screen along with his subjects, Levin engages in a free-for-all dialogue with Arab Americans, Black nationalists, evangelists, White nationalists, Kabbalist rabbis, Holocaust survivors, and Frank Weltner, the founder of Jew Watch web site.

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