The Best Episodes Directed by Louise Lockwood

Why Beauty Matters

#1 - Why Beauty Matters

BBC Documentaries Season 2009 - Episode 107

Philosopher Roger Scruton presents a provocative essay on the importance of beauty in the arts and in our lives.

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Musical Minds

#2 - Musical Minds

NOVA Season 36 - Episode 9

An exploration of the effect of music on the brain via four case studies from neurologist Oliver Sacks book "Musicopia" and the MRI visualizations from Sacks' own brain as classical music is played, including Bach's "Mass in B Minor." Study subjects include a man with Tourettes syndrome who has found relief while playing the drums; an autistic savant who is simply dazzling on the piano; a woman who suffers the inability to process music, known as amusia; and a surgeon whose life changed after being struck by lightning.

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Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives

#3 - Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives

NOVA Season 35 - Episode 13

Join Mark Everett on his quixotic quest to understand his father Hugh, creator of a radical theory of quantum physics.

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South Africa in Pictures

#4 - South Africa in Pictures

BBC Documentaries Season 2010 - Episode 18

British fashion photographer Rankin explores South Africa's rich photographic tradition, discovering how its leading photographers have captured this complex, often turbulent, nation through remarkable images and charting the unique role photography has played in documenting the story and people of this fascinating country. Through encounters with legendary conflict photographers the Bang Bang Club, documentary photographer David Goldblatt and photojournalist Alf Kumalo amongst others, Rankin goes on a compelling and moving photographic journey to see the nation through their gaze.

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Edgar Allan Poe: Love, Death and Women

#5 - Edgar Allan Poe: Love, Death and Women

BBC Documentaries Season 2010 - Episode 92

Crime author Denise Mina investigates the life and work of one of the world's greatest horror writers, Edgar Allan Poe. The relationships between Poe and the women in his life - mother, wife, paramour and muse - were tenuous at best, disastrous at worst, yet they provided inspiration and stimulus for some of the most terrifying and influential short stories of the early 19th century. Travelling between New York, Virginia and Baltimore, Mina unravels Poe's tortuous and peculiar relationships. Dramatised inserts take us into the minds of Poe and his women through their own letters, journals and published writing.

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Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives

#6 - Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives

BBC Documentaries Season 2007 - Episode 77

Documentary which tells the story of a rock star and a quantum mechanic. Mark Oliver Everett, better known as E, is the lead singer of cult US band the Eels. What most of his fans don't know is that Mark's father, Hugh Everett III, was one of America's top quantum physicists. In 1957, Hugh Everett came up with a revolutionary theory that predicts the existence of parallel universes. The idea quickly seeped into popular culture but only recently has it been accepted by mainstream physicists. However, Mark was estranged from his father - Hugh died when Mark was just 19 - and knows little about his father's early life and virtually nothing about his controversial theory. With a soundtrack by the Eels, the film follows the wry and charismatic Mark as he travels across America to learn about the father he never knew. It is only by entering the paradoxical world of quantum mechanics that Mark can hope to understand why he was such a stranger to his own father.

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