The BEST episodes directed by Loni Peristere

We All Pay Eventually
2921 votes

#1 - We All Pay Eventually

Banshee - Season 3 - Episode 10

Lucas recalls a furtive chapter in his life and a fan of Job's work offers him special treatment. Later, Lucas is surprised when Gordon joins him for final negotiations with Stowe in Genoa, and Proctor and Rebecca pick up a new ally as they depart for Philadelphia to settle a score.

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Carnivorous Carnival: Part Two
664 votes

#2 - Carnivorous Carnival: Part Two

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Season 2 - Episode 10

Still posing as conjoined carnival freaks, the Baudelaires brace themselves for a beastly fate. Will good fortune intervene ... for once?

Carnivorous Carnival: Part One
684 votes

#3 - Carnivorous Carnival: Part One

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Season 2 - Episode 9

Come one, come all to the creepiest circus the world has ever seen, a place where puzzling mysteries -- and a familiar face -- await.

Operation Mainbrace
621 votes

#4 - Operation Mainbrace

Project Blue Book - Season 2 - Episode 10

Hynek and Quinn face the tremendous pressure of preventing possible third world war when a series of unidentified flying and submersible objects are discovered during a largescale naval exercise that takes place near Russian waters.

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Even God Doesn't Know What to Make of You
2686 votes

#5 - Even God Doesn't Know What to Make of You

Banshee - Season 3 - Episode 9

Lucas recalls the history of his friendship with Job, while pondering the future - if there indeed will be one. Proctor and Emily pay the price for Rebecca's recklessness. Carrie and Gordon pick up the pieces of their shattered relationship. Stowe and Leo land a big fish. Bunker reconnects with his skinhead past. Deva gets a lesson about crime and punishment.

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If You're Going to Bow, Bow Low
920 votes

#6 - If You're Going to Bow, Bow Low

Warrior - Season 1 - Episode 10

Ah Sahm rejects his warrior roots and retreats into the netherworld of the Chinese working class. A guilty Big Bill stands vigil for Lee at the hospital. Zing and the Fung Hai make a show of force to compel Mai Ling to honor her partnership.

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A Little Late to Grow a Pair
3440 votes

#7 - A Little Late to Grow a Pair

Banshee - Season 4 - Episode 5

Calvin is tested by Watts' mercenary partnership with Proctor, whose promise to the Colombians has taken a severe hit after the torching of his factory. Following separate leads in the serial-killer case, Dawson and Lucas converge in a members-only Goth club replete with painful SM initiation rites. Proctor, through Burton, sends a forceful message to his Amish kin. Brock vows justice in a televised press conference. Cruz scopes out Carrie's fortress while Sugar helps a displaced Lucas find familiar lodgings.

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Second Year
1158 votes

#8 - Second Year

Code Black - Season 2 - Episode 1

The new residents are introduced to the ER. A new doctor from the army who knows many advanced procedures is flown to a shark attack on the beach with Mike Leighton and Leighton falls 20 feet from the helicopter. Dr. Guthrie Jr. is promoted to the director of the ER in addition to the OR.

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Evil For Evil
3195 votes

#9 - Evil For Evil

Banshee - Season 2 - Episode 8

An illegal search warrant helps Lucas bust Proctor, but at a cost. Sharp and his skinheads look for payback against Emmett, testing the limits of the deputy’s patience. Carrie provides the cash for Max’s treatments and takes a small step towards thawing out her relationship with Gordon and Deva. Job finally gets a lead on Rabbit.

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Not for a Drink, a Fuck, or a Goddamn Prayer
628 votes

#10 - Not for a Drink, a Fuck, or a Goddamn Prayer

Warrior - Season 2 - Episode 5

A guilty Mai Ling tries to make things right with Ah Sahm, who's more intent than ever on seeking revenge. Penny finds her business in trouble and learns that Ah Sahm has been using her. Leary gets a warning and offers one of his own. Ah Toy pays an emotional visit to Nellie's Sonoma winery. Bill and Chao put their plot against the Fung Hai into action.

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Ways to Bury a Man
3063 votes

#11 - Ways to Bury a Man

Banshee - Season 2 - Episode 7

Lucas attempts to bring down Proctor's ecstasy operation by rattling the regulars and dancers at the Savoy strip club. Carrie, Deva and Gordon unite over a family crisis. Alex receives a no-confidence vote at tribal council. Job exhibits an explosive side.

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Chinese Boxing
958 votes

#12 - Chinese Boxing

Warrior - Season 1 - Episode 9

Chinatown gathers to witness a “prize fight” between elite warriors from the Hop Wei and Long Zii. Buckley plays a bluff in hopes of getting Mercer to lower his fee. Ah Sahm remembers his roots as a fighter, as Ah Toy warns him of the dangers that await. Bill and Lee question Wang Chao about the recent series of sword killings in San Francisco.

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Que Manden los Payasos
1404 votes

#13 - Que Manden los Payasos

Queen of the South - Season 2 - Episode 10

When Teresa competes with James for Camila's trust, she begins to question everything; Epifanio plans to leave the cartel world for good.

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This Little Light
2096 votes

#14 - This Little Light

Outcast - Season 1 - Episode 10

Kyle and Anderson scour Rome in search of an unexpected perpetrator. Sidney explains his intentions.

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The Fire Trials
2490 votes

#15 - The Fire Trials

Banshee - Season 3 - Episode 1

Carrie faces a backlash in the wake of her revelation about her past. Lucas faces a new threat.

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To the Sea
934 votes

#16 - To the Sea

Outcast - Season 2 - Episode 10

In the season finale, Kyle reluctantly joins forces with a mysterious stranger in an attempt to end the possession threat once and for all, but fears the man may be hiding something. Megan struggles to escape her captors. Reverend Anderson shares an unexpected source of strength with his old friend, Chief Giles.

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The Ten Commandments Killer
2352 votes

#17 - The Ten Commandments Killer

American Horror Story - Season 5 - Episode 8

John closes in on The Ten Commandments Killer. Sally’s arrangement with March is revealed.

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Snakes and Whatnot
2439 votes

#18 - Snakes and Whatnot

Banshee - Season 3 - Episode 2

Nola returns to Banshee. Proctor's mother ails from a disease. Carrie must choose between the heist and her relationship with Colonel Douglas Stowe.

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If You Don't See Blood, You Didn't Come to Play
622 votes

#19 - If You Don't See Blood, You Didn't Come to Play

Warrior - Season 2 - Episode 4

As the police prepare for retribution, Chao comes to Bill with a mutually beneficial proposal. A sympathetic Sophie offers Leary a new plan. Ah Sahm and Penny have a moment when he confides his plans for the future. Buckley urges Blake to take a stand against the Chinese, Lee seeks to ease his pain, Mai Ling invests in a legitimate business, and Nellie urges Ah Toy to imagine a different kind of life for her sex workers.

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1206 votes

#20 - Haunted

9-1-1 - Season 2 - Episode 7

Halloween finds the first responders racing to a cemetery rescue, a haunted hayride and a spooky Hollywood parade. Maddie thinks she's received a "ghost" call from a missing hiker.

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John Chinaman
1095 votes

#21 - John Chinaman

Warrior - Season 1 - Episode 3

Leary pressures gentleman industrialist Byron Mercer, who is Penny’s father, to hire his men for a cable-car track job — despite the fact that Mayor Blake hasn’t yet awarded Mercer the contract. Accused of assault and perhaps worse, Ah Sahm gets a cold shoulder from the Hop Wei, with his fate in the hands of an unexpected ally. Buckley urges Mai Ling to eschew restraint and start a war with the Hop Wei.

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Forbidden Fruit
1847 votes

#22 - Forbidden Fruit

American Horror Story - Season 8 - Episode 3

As Ms. Mead grapples with her identity, Michael reveals more of his. Coco’s ex rears his ugly head. When a carriage with a box of apples arrive, Venable crafts a plan to give the residents of Outpost 3 one magical night. Three guests crash the afterparty.

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There's No China in the Bible
1171 votes

#23 - There's No China in the Bible

Warrior - Season 1 - Episode 2

Intercepting a shipment of opium at the docks, Young Jun, with Ah Sahm and his Hop Wei lieutenant Bolo in tow, decides to send a message to Long Zii. Big Bill and Lee investigate a grisly murder scene in an alley next to an Irish bar, The Banshee. Penny Blake, the young wife of San Francisco's mayor, finds herself in a bind while visiting the wharf with her Chinese manservant Jacob. Ah Sahm pays a steep price for playing the hero. The Long Zii clean up a mess, and brace for more bloodshed.

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Halloween Blues
785 votes

#24 - Halloween Blues

Scream Queens (2015) - Season 2 - Episode 4

After the latest attack by The Green Meanie leaves everyone shocked and saddened, Dean Munsch and Denise, along with Hester, devise a plan to catch the killer by throwing a Halloween party in the hospital. Meanwhile, Chanel celebrates a different kind of Chanel-O-Ween and attempts to make contact with the killer’s latest victim from beyond the grave. Once the party begins, an outbreak surprises the hospital, leading Brock and Cassidy to jump into action, and another victim falls.

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812 votes

#25 - Pale

American Horror Story - Season 10 - Episode 2

A quick fix for Harry's writer's block has unexpected side effects. Two eccentric locals offer Harry a helping hand.

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Live Thru This
338 votes

#26 - Live Thru This

Truth Be Told (2019) - Season 1 - Episode 7

Poppy zeroes in on her new suspect, and Warren makes a fateful decision.

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783 votes

#27 - Thirst

American Horror Story - Season 10 - Episode 3

Harry's newfound talent brings an unexpected visitor to town. Alma decides to take matters into her own hands.

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Room 33
2381 votes

#28 - Room 33

American Horror Story - Season 5 - Episode 6

Ramona and Donovan enact their plan for revenge. Liz Taylor finds true love. The resident of Room 33 is revealed.

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Show Stoppers
1614 votes

#29 - Show Stoppers

American Horror Story - Season 4 - Episode 12

Maggie tries to prove her loyalty to Jimmy. The Twins receive troubling information about Chester.

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The Day After That
1414 votes

#30 - The Day After That

Outcast - Season 2 - Episode 2

With the help of Chief Giles, Kyle pursues a more aggressive strategy to deal with the possession problem in Rome – and discovers a new foe. Reverend Anderson faces the consequences of his rash choices. Megan resorts to desperate measures to deal with her grief over her husband.

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Episode 100
1112 votes

#31 - Episode 100

American Horror Story - Season 9 - Episode 6

With the horrors of the night behind them the survivors deal with the fallout of their choices.

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Tupperware Party Massacre
1959 votes

#32 - Tupperware Party Massacre

American Horror Story - Season 4 - Episode 9

In the wake of a tragic loss, Jimmy sinks into a drunken despair. A reading from Maggie spurs Dandy to action. Stanley and Elsa track down the Twins.

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449 votes

#33 - Dollhouse

American Horror Stories - Season 2 - Episode 1

A job interview goes horribly wrong.

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Rubber(wo)Man (1)
866 votes

#34 - Rubber(wo)Man (1)

American Horror Stories - Season 1 - Episode 1

A teenager and her Dads move into a forsaken home with a grim past. As the family makes renovations, a darkness takes root within them.

Rubber(wo)Man (2)
760 votes

#35 - Rubber(wo)Man (2)

American Horror Stories - Season 1 - Episode 2

Scarlett enters a twisted new romance while Michael and Troy are forced to confront their rocky relationship.