The Best Episodes Directed by Lionel E. Siegel

The Bionic Boy

#1 - The Bionic Boy

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 4 - Episode 8

Rudy develops a new form of bionics that can restore mobility to people who has been paralyzed. Andy Sheffield, who was paralyzed from the waist down in a previous accident, is selected as a prime candidate to test Rudy's new work and try to restore his ability to walk again.

star 8.12
23 votes
The Ultimate Imposter

#2 - The Ultimate Imposter

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 4 - Episode 13

Steve's friend Joe Patton is the subject of a unique experiment to transfer information directly from a computer to a human brain. Patton becomes the OSI's newest super-agent but the process has hidden dangers...

star 7.79
13 votes

#3 - Max

The Bionic Woman Season 3 - Episode 10

Max, the bionic dog, is kidnapped by foreign agents, while Jaime lies helpless in a hospital bed undergoing a bionic check-up.

star 7.67
9 votes
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The Late John Louisiana

#4 - The Late John Louisiana

Hawaii Five-O Season 3 - Episode 9

The hitman sent to kill the witness to a two year old murder instead falls in love with her and McGarrett and the team must lead the search to find her before duty overtakes love.

star 7.10
31 votes
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