The Best Episodes Directed by Lawrence Trilling

May God Bless and Keep You Always

#1 - May God Bless and Keep You Always

Parenthood (2010) Season 6 - Episode 13

In the excitement of her big day, Sarah surrounds herself with the original Braverman clan. Meanwhile, Hank approaches Zeek for his blessing and asks Drew for a special favor. Amber adjusts to life as a new mom with a little help from her grandparents. Julia and Joel get a phone call that forces a life-changing decision. Max gets his first job, while Crosby and Adam reach an understanding about the Luncheonette. Kristina presents Adam with a new plan for the future of Chambers Academy, and for their family.

star 8.88
217 votes
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Something Old, Something New

#2 - Something Old, Something New

Ed Season 1 - Episode 7

On his first Thanksgiving without his wife, Ed decides to start a new tradition and arranges an unconventional Thanksgiving feast at Stuckeybowl for his friends; Phil schemes to resell store bought turkeys as marked up Corinthian birds; Mike dreads spending the holiday with his father-in-law; Ed represents a young man who was hurt while breaking into a man's cabin (on a dare) and is suing the owner.

star 8.64
91 votes
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The Pontiac

#3 - The Pontiac

Parenthood (2010) Season 5 - Episode 22

Haddie comes home for the summer, while Adam and Crosby reminisce about their childhood and also reenact some childish antics. Amber reunites with Ryan and struggles to let him go, meanwhile Sarah finally addresses Hank’s request. Victor conquers his fears and Julia and Joel are there to support him, while Zeek surprises him with a driving lesson. Drew realizes a mistake and goes after what he wants.

star 8.34
245 votes
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#4 - Monday

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Season 1 - Episode 12

Danny continues his pursuit of Jordan while Matt competes on an online bid for a date with Harriet. Jack and Wilson must deal with their pending situation about Macau, while Jordan meets with Hallie Gallway regarding a new reality show pitch.

star 8.33
234 votes
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Heart of Mine

#5 - Heart of Mine

Roswell Season 2 - Episode 16

The onset of junior prom stirs up emotional tumult as Liz tempts fate by asking Max to be her date, Isabel decides Alex is the man she's been searching for, and Michael tells Maria he won't take her to prom.

star 8.13
226 votes
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Citizens United

#6 - Citizens United

Goliath Season 1 - Episode 8

The trial concludes as former partners and old friends have their final showdown in court.

star 8.11
1963 votes
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Election Day

#7 - Election Day

Parenthood (2010) Season 5 - Episode 9

Jasmine and Crosby take advantage of the election as a teaching moment for Jabbar; the band asks Amber to sing guide vocals; Sarah lends Hank a hand.

star 8.08
336 votes
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Before the Flood

#8 - Before the Flood

Alias Season 4 - Episode 22

Jack, Sydney, Irina, Vaughn and Nadia parachute into Sovogda. They're supposed to dismantle a giant red ball turning people into zombies. At APO, Marshall and Weiss use the Blackwell Index to blackmail the Russian minister into giving them the access codes to a Russian satellite, they discover that Elena is uplinking the satellite. A CIA agent, Brodien reminds them that the Rambaldi device is broadcasting a subaudible frequency that physiologically alters people who drink it and it is irreversible. Elena learns of the APO team's arrival.

star 8.07
609 votes
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#9 - Citizen

Underground Season 2 - Episode 9

Noah struggles with his new reality; Elizabeth lets fear take control.

star 8.05
501 votes
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Northern Exposure

#10 - Northern Exposure

Brothers & Sisters Season 1 - Episode 7

Kitty and Warren go to the country to have a peaceful weekend, that turns out anything but that. Unable to become pregnant, Tommy and Julia turn to desperate and unconventional measures. Faced with dire financial circumstances, the Walkers are forced to sell the ranch house.

star 8.04
294 votes
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Tough Love

#11 - Tough Love

Parenthood (2010) Season 3 - Episode 16

Julia struggles to detach herself from getting too involved in Zoe's life, Kristina reacts to Amber and Bob Little's plans to go off on a weekend business trip together and Max tries to use his Asperger's as an excuse to get out of P.E. Meanwhile, Sarah and Mark's plan to have a baby elicits an unexpected reaction from Drew.

star 8.01
439 votes
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#12 - Power

Invasion (2005) Season 1 - Episode 12

After a visit to Mariel, Russel finds that Tom has taken the children on a vacation without asking permission. Someone is hiding outside of Mariel's house and is discovered by Russel. Larkin is suspicious of Russell's intentions towards Mariel.

star 8.01
337 votes
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It Has to Be Now

#13 - It Has to Be Now

Parenthood (2010) Season 5 - Episode 1

The new Braverman baby causes a stir; Kristina takes on another kind of fight; Joel and Julia face challenges; Hank returns; Amber's boyfriend returns home.

star 7.96
322 votes
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Beauty and the Beast

#14 - Beauty and the Beast

Goliath Season 1 - Episode 7

With danger mounting around every corner, Billy has to decide whether to head directly to trial or take his chances with a continuance.

star 7.96
1925 votes
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The Ring

#15 - The Ring

Parenthood (2010) Season 5 - Episode 8

Zeek gives Sarah advice; unsettling news from Victor's school creates tension in Julia's home; the media discovers skeletons in Kristina's closet; Amber makes a decision that shakes things up with Ryan.

star 7.95
280 votes
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The Offer

#16 - The Offer

Parenthood (2010) Season 5 - Episode 18

Old feelings of abandonment resurface when Joel gets confused about where to pick up Victor; Sarah anxiously waits for a response on her final project; Amber encourages Drew to take his life back.

star 7.95
187 votes
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#17 - Limbo

Parenthood (2010) Season 5 - Episode 17

Jasmine and Crosby butt heads over how to raise Aida; news about Joel troubles Julia; Kristina and Adam intervene when Max interrupts Sarah and Hank's work flow.

star 7.95
223 votes
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Happy Birthday, Zeek

#18 - Happy Birthday, Zeek

Parenthood (2010) Season 6 - Episode 2

Kristina tries to meet the individual needs of her students, and the school's lunch vendor quits suddenly; Zeek must make a decision about his health; Sarah struggles with her feelings about Amber's news.

star 7.94
221 votes
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#19 - Kerplunk

Pushing Daisies Season 2 - Episode 13

The past becomes the present when one half of the Darling Mermaid Darlings’ arch rivals, the Aquadolls, is killed. In order to find the murderer, the Darling Mermaid Darlings must come out of retirement with Ned as their manager and Olive as their stylist. Chuck, of course, cannot participate. Olive gets close to Sid, with whom she shares her experiences in gender discrimination, what with him being a male synchronized swimmer and her attending Vassar on a jockey scholarship. But was Sid jealous enough of the headliners to commit murder?

star 7.93
583 votes
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Line of Fire

#20 - Line of Fire

Goliath Season 1 - Episode 6

Billy has to go to great lengths to secure his physical evidence's safety and preserve his witnesses' credibility.

star 7.91
1917 votes
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Because You're My Sister

#21 - Because You're My Sister

Parenthood (2010) Season 4 - Episode 15

In the fourth season finale, Jasmine and Crosby plan an anniversary get away and receive exciting news. Kristina and Adam prepare for the next phase of her treatment. Drew learns the results of his college applications. Amber and Ryan discuss the future of their relationship. Joel and Julia plan an event for the entire Braverman family. Meanwhile, Sarah is forced to make a decision about her relationships with Mark and Hank.

star 7.90
409 votes
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My Occurrence

#22 - My Occurrence

Scrubs Season 1 - Episode 22

Jordan's brother Ben is admitted at Sacred Heart for having an accident with a nail gun. J.D. learns that Ben has leukemia, but won't believe it, since there have been many mixups in the hospital lately, so he goes on a search for the real test results.

star 7.89
2073 votes
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Sore Loser

#23 - Sore Loser

Parenthood (2010) Season 3 - Episode 9

During an intense game of Braverman charades, Joel and Julia come to the realization they may have spoiled Sydney. Meanwhile, Adam and Crosby celebrate a new client at The Luncheonette and Adam experiences an awkward moment with Rachel. Also, Kristina is concerned about Max's new friends at school, and Drew reaps the consequences of disobeying Sarah's rules.

star 7.86
542 votes
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Search and Rescue

#24 - Search and Rescue

Alias Season 4 - Episode 21

Rambaldi's catastrophic endgame begins to fall into place as a giant red ball version of the Circumference/Mueller device is found floating over a large city in Russia, driving the citizens mad with violence. After a wounded Dixon reveals that Irina is alive, Sydney, Nadia, and Jack set off to find her. It turns out that Irina had been captured, and then duplicated using Project Helix, in order to give the impression that she was dead. Sydney and Nadia discover Irina being held inside a camp in Tikal, safely in the clutches of Elena's private army. Irina had apparently been working to counter Elena's organization, the Covenant, and actually PREVENT the Rambaldi endgame. Irina is taken to APO and tells them of a page she destroyed, a page that was key to Rambaldi's endgame. Under torture, she finally broke and recreated it for Elena. After a short respite, Sydney, Vaughn, Jack, Nadia, and Irina board a plane parachute down, towards Elena, Sloane, the Circumference....and destiny.

star 7.86
583 votes
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#25 - Legacy

Alias Season 3 - Episode 21

With the aid of Katya Derevko and CIA imprisoned security systems designer Toni Cummings, Sydney and Vaughn attempt to track down Sloane and Nadia. But Lauren and Sark are also in hot pursuit of them in order to uncover the secrets of Rambaldi. Meanwhile, Vaughn's obsession with tracking down Lauren is beginning to consume him, Sydney and Vaughn turn the tables on an old foe, and Katya expresses her attraction to Jack.

star 7.85
638 votes
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My Brother's Wedding

#26 - My Brother's Wedding

Parenthood (2010) Season 3 - Episode 18

The Bravermans come together to celebrate a momentous event while Julia and Joel strive to overcome the emotional rollercoaster adopting a child has put them through. Also, Crosby and Adam decide on the fate of The Luncheonette and Sarah makes a difficult decision about her future.

star 7.85
412 votes
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Unfold Your Own Myth

#27 - Unfold Your Own Myth

The Get Down Season 1 - Episode 7

Tensions between Shao and the boys threaten to destabilize the group. With her star on the rise, Mylene faces new expectations and pressures.

star 7.84
479 votes
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Full Disclosure

#28 - Full Disclosure

Alias Season 3 - Episode 11

Sydney finally learns the shocking truth about her missing two years from an unlikely source.

star 7.84
715 votes
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Left Field

#29 - Left Field

Parenthood (2010) Season 4 - Episode 2

Jasmine and Crosby define the boundaries of their marriage; Sarah's new boss (Ray Romano) helps her understand Drew's feelings; Kristina receives potentially life-altering news.

star 7.83
453 votes
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#30 - Sophomoric

Felicity Season 2 - Episode 1

Felicity returns to school to discover that one of the dorms has been shut down. Due to the lack of rooms, she must share resident advisor duties. Much to her horror, her roommate and co-resident advisor turns out to be Meghan. Elena and Noel decide to share an apartment. Felicity deals with the consequences of her decision to drive across the country with Ben. Although Ben spent much of the summer away in Mexico, he and Felicity are now a couple. Still extremely bitter, Noel and Julie lash out at them. Julie, also a victim of the housing shortage, moves into the loft with Sean and Ben. Ben assures Felicity that he is completely over Julie. Sean insists that Ben isn't ready for a relationship with Felicity, and continually pressures him to break up with her. Ben listens to one of Felicity's tapes to Sally. He is disconcerted to hear Felicity say that she might be in love with him.

star 7.81
85 votes
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It's Raining Men

#31 - It's Raining Men

Felicity Season 3 - Episode 16

Noel apologizes to Felicity and suggests that they forget about the kiss. Felicity believes that their friendship is a lie, as he has actually been pining for her the entire time. Ben and Felicity reaffirm their relationship. Javier is hospitalized after suffering chest pains. He must undergo observation for a few days as a precautionary measure, and asks Felicity to run Dean & DeLuca. Ben is the only employee willing to take on extra shifts, so she turns to a reluctant Noel for help. A broken steamer creates chaos in the shop. After Ben's summer internship falls through, Felicity decides to accept Noel's job offer. Ben tells Noel that he is going to accompany Felicity to Seattle, and tries to make peace. Noel goes behind his back to Felicity and rescinds the offer because he doesn't want Ben around. Ben and Noel get into a fight. Javier recommends that Felicity keep her relationships with the guys separate instead of expecting them to be friends. Noel fears that he won't g

star 7.80
46 votes
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Lean In

#32 - Lean In

Parenthood (2010) Season 6 - Episode 9

Tension between Dylan and Max reaches a fever pitch at the Chambers' Academy Open House. Kristina and Adam find themselves tangled in the conflict. Hank is thrilled to see Ruby excited about her school play, but an unexpected encounter with Mark Cyr rocks the boat. Meanwhile, Zeek recruits Drew for help with a secret mission.

star 7.78
203 votes
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All Aboard Who's Coming Aboard

#33 - All Aboard Who's Coming Aboard

Parenthood (2010) Season 5 - Episode 2

Julia discovers that she has a lot in common with a school parent volunteer; Hank visits unexpectedly and shares advice with Sarah; Zeek doesn't want to talk about the future.

star 7.77
334 votes
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I Don't Want to Do This Without You

#34 - I Don't Want to Do This Without You

Parenthood (2010) Season 3 - Episode 1

Sarah approaches her 40th birthday and turns to Mr. Cyr for support in the Season 3 premiere. Meanwhile, Amber takes a step toward independence; Adam worries about providing for his family and considers joining Crosby for a business opportunity; the adoption process frustrates Julia; and Alex shares a secret with Julia.

star 7.77
531 votes
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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

#35 - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Parenthood (2010) Season 4 - Episode 14

Joel and Julia consider the long-term effects of adopting Victor; Jasmine and Crosby are frustrated when Renee oversteps her boundaries; Hank is concerned when Mark and Sarah have a talk about their relationship.

star 7.77
398 votes
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Thrill Ride

#36 - Thrill Ride

Rectify Season 3 - Episode 2

Daniel must adapt to his new circumstances. Amantha faces overwhelming personal and professional changes. Teddy tries to connect with Tawney.

star 7.76
604 votes
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La Mano

#37 - La Mano

Goliath Season 2 - Episode 1

Billy McBride is reluctantly pulled back into criminal defense when his friend's 16-year-old son is arrested for a double murder.

star 7.76
905 votes
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Amazing Andy & His Wonderful World of Bugs

#38 - Amazing Andy & His Wonderful World of Bugs

Parenthood (2010) Season 2 - Episode 16

Kristina and Adam throw Max a birthday party, hosted by Amazing Andy, a man who lives with Aspergers. Crosby and Jasmine deal with an issue that could change the fate of their relationship. Drew and Seth continue to strengthen their bond. Meanwhile, Julia and Joel work on adding to the family.

star 7.75
549 votes
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#39 - Vegas

Parenthood (2010) Season 6 - Episode 1

Sarah takes Zeek on a birthday trip to Las Vegas; facing a life change, Amber struggles to navigate adulthood; the family helps Adam and Kristina prepare their charter school for opening.

star 7.75
231 votes
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Of Mice and Men

#40 - Of Mice and Men

Goliath Season 1 - Episode 1

A burned-out attorney gets a second chance for redemption when he agrees to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the biggest client of his former law firm.

star 7.74
2388 votes
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Family Portrait

#41 - Family Portrait

Parenthood (2010) Season 4 - Episode 1

As Haddie prepares to head off to college, the Bravermans gather for a family portrait; Joel and Julia worry about the behavior of their newly adopted son; Sarah tries to impress a photographer with her skills as an assistant.

star 7.74
461 votes
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A View in the Dark

#42 - A View in the Dark

Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 - Episode 2

Peggy discovers her murder investigation has huge ramifications that can destroy her career, as well as everyone near and dear to her.

star 7.73
3104 votes
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Hard Times Come Again No More

#43 - Hard Times Come Again No More

Parenthood (2010) Season 2 - Episode 22

Sarah and the rest of the Braverman family worry about Amber's well-being after an accident. Meanwhile, Max 's behavior upsets Adam, and Julia unexpectedly plays a big role in a woman's labor and delivery. Also, Kristina helps with Haddie's transition into womanhood and Crosby tries to convince Jasmine to visit his new proprerty.

star 7.72
641 votes
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I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!

#44 - I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 - Episode 7

Rebecca has a tough week after learning some news about Josh and someone surprising shows up to help her - Dr. Phil. Paula is pursued by an important new client Calvin and not just professionally.

star 7.72
452 votes
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Standard Deviation

#45 - Standard Deviation

Masters of Sex Season 1 - Episode 3

Masters and Johnson continue their research in the brothel but skewed data confirms that Masters must get the study back into the hospital. At the hospital, Johnson is surprised to learn that a distinguished new doctor on the OB/GYN floor is a woman who has no interest in female solidarity. Meanwhile, Libby struggles to conceive and Dr. Ethan Haas gets the case of a lifetime – a woman pregnant with quadruplets.

star 7.71
2181 votes
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What Loneliness

#46 - What Loneliness

Condor Season 1 - Episode 1

CIA analyst Joe Turner finds a clue that sheds new light on a failed biological attack at a US football stadium. The evidence threatens Joe’s life along with everyone he cares about.

star 7.71
1673 votes
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The Solution to All Problems

#47 - The Solution to All Problems

Condor Season 1 - Episode 2

Joe escapes Joubert and Deacon and calls Bob Partridge to bring him in. Sam Barber wrestles with his betrayal of Joe, which causes his partners to doubt his loyalty.

star 7.67
1517 votes
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My Lucky Day

#48 - My Lucky Day

Scrubs Season 2 - Episode 9

Ever since her father cut her off financially, Elliot's been feeling the weight of the world on her back. While having to find a new affordable place to live, she also has to face the threat of being sued by a patient whom she told he had only eight months to live. Carla and Jordan hit a sore spot when Carla gives her opinion on Jordan and Perry's relationship. Meanwhile, J.D. has a fight with Dr. Cox and the two dispute over who gets to give the better treatment to two patients with the same prognosis.

star 7.67
1911 votes
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A Missing Link

#49 - A Missing Link

Alias Season 3 - Episode 4

Sydney discovers a link to her missing two years in the form of Simon Walker, the dangerous and sexy leader of a group determined on retrieving deadly biological weapons. Meanwhile, Vaughn struggles with his own feelings of jealousy and longing while Sydney is on her mission, aware of the pressures his job is putting on his marriage to Lauren. Jack takes matters into his own hands to protect his daughter, purposefully revealing Sydney's deadly secret to Dixon in order to preserve her position inside the CIA.

star 7.67
648 votes
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The Son Also Rises

#50 - The Son Also Rises

Invasion (2005) Season 1 - Episode 19

After his investigation of the hybrids, Russell finds that he may be out of a job. Sensing another storm, the hybrids prepare. Rose's teacher is teaching a subject that has Russell bothered. Jesse and a school friend find a way to get even with the hybrids.

star 7.67
363 votes
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The Index

#51 - The Index

Alias Season 4 - Episode 10

Dixon enlists Sydney to help him prove that Sloane is double-crossing the CIA and using APO to steel the Blackwell Index, a master blackmail list, and to reconstruct the Alliance. Sydney makes her way into Sloane's house so as to copy the encryption key from his secure phone and crack his calls. When Nadia finds her, she becomes disappointed in her sister. Meanwhile, Vaughn discovers something disturbing about his father when he visits his comatose uncle.

star 7.67
623 votes
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Chant Down Babylon

#52 - Chant Down Babylon

Roswell Season 3 - Episode 14

Michael, Jesse and Valenti call on a discredited doctor to help the wounded Isabel. Also, Clayton Wheeler undergoes an amazing transformation and soon finds himself drawn to Liz; and Jesse quizzes Michael about Isabel's alien roots.

star 7.66
242 votes
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Nanette Babcock

#53 - Nanette Babcock

Nip/Tuck Season 1 - Episode 3

Sean and Julia discover Matt has tried to circumcise himself. The business is sued by a faithful client after Sean accidentally leaves a surgical tool inside of her body. Meanwhile, Christian and Grace struggle with a mentally unstable patient.

star 7.65
461 votes
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Let Her Go

#54 - Let Her Go

Life (2007) Season 1 - Episode 3

When a husband and wife are victims of a carjacking the wife is murdered. Crews and Reese become suspicious of the husband when he refuses to identify the suspect and they have to let him go free. Crews goes to see the detective that handled his case.

star 7.65
1178 votes
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Lost and Found

#55 - Lost and Found

Parenthood (2010) Season 1 - Episode 13

Tensions between Sarah and Amber reach a boiling point that leads Sarah to go to Mr. Cyr to discuss Amber's problems. Elsewhere, Crosby has to decide between his new family or his old one. Zeek tries to win back Camille. Meanwhile, Julia trying to help Zeek out arranges a dinner meeting for him.

star 7.65
583 votes
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The Hunt

#56 - The Hunt

Invasion (2005) Season 1 - Episode 6

A family of Cuban refugees tries to make their way to Miami. After they notice the lights in the water, their escape from Cuba is cut short. The next morning Russell encounters one of the Cuban survivors. Meanwhile, Mariel attends a support group and Larkin realizes that someone is following her.

star 7.64
388 votes
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My Bed Banter & Beyond

#57 - My Bed Banter & Beyond

Scrubs Season 1 - Episode 15

After going to bed and spending an entire day having sex, J.D. and Elliot go to work trying to hide their new secret romance, but everybody already knows it.

star 7.63
2336 votes
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Slipping Away

#58 - Slipping Away

Parenthood (2010) Season 2 - Episode 21

Amber quits her job and begins to fall down a dangerous and destructive path. Crosby works with Joel to mend his relationship with Jasmine. Meanwhile, Kristina and Adam overhear a disturbing phone call, which strains their relationship with Haddie. Elsewhere, Sarah makes progress with her stage play with the help of Zeek's, old friend Gilliam T. Blount.

star 7.62
638 votes
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I Hear You, I See You

#59 - I Hear You, I See You

Parenthood (2010) Season 2 - Episode 1

Kristina tries to teach Haddie how to drive while Adam tries to find a balance between his work and personal life. Joel and Julia must explain the birds and the bees to Sydney. Zeek works with Joel to fix a leaky roof in the guest house.

star 7.62
513 votes
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A Good Patriot

#60 - A Good Patriot

Condor Season 1 - Episode 3

News of the massacre at IEP spreads. Bob seeks an ally after learning that he must remove himself from the operation to find Joe. Reuel questions Mae's knowledge of Sam's recent behavior.

star 7.62
1438 votes
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#61 - Mirage

Alias Season 4 - Episode 18

Jack's illness has caused him to hallucinate about a cure. Sydney must recreate the time when Jack was working for the CIA and hid the only man who might be able to help him now. For this, Sydney must play her own mother. Meanwhile, Sophia moves in with Sydney and Nadia.

star 7.62
585 votes
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The Lady in the Lake

#62 - The Lady in the Lake

Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 - Episode 1

Peggy moves to the City of Angels to help Chief Daniel Sousa at the West Coast Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) investigate a bizarre homicide involving an alleged killer and Isodyne Energy, and reunites with some familiar faces.

star 7.61
3333 votes
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Diablo Verde

#63 - Diablo Verde

Goliath Season 2 - Episode 7

Held hostage by strangers and with no memory of how he got there, Billy has to make a harrowing escape from Mexico.

star 7.61
762 votes
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Just Go Home

#64 - Just Go Home

Parenthood (2010) Season 2 - Episode 15

Sarah and Adam discuss a situation with Haddie. Meanwhile, Haddie, Amber and Max run into Alex. Crosby and Jasmine meet with her reverend for pre-marital counseling. Elsewhere, Drew meets his father, Seth, for breakfast.

star 7.61
579 votes
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Two Cinderellas

#65 - Two Cinderellas

Goliath Season 2 - Episode 6

Believing his client will soon be a free man, Billy joins Marisol for a romantic weekend in Mexico, only for his case to fall apart at home.

star 7.60
760 votes
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#66 - Countdown

Alias Season 2 - Episode 20

A Rambaldi artifact prophesizes that an apocalyptic event will soon take place, and Dixon's grief leads Vaughn and agency psychologist Dr. Barnett to question his intentions, as his thirst for revenge on Sloane intensifies. Meanwhile Sloane receives a life-changing revelation from a mysterious monk in Nepal, Sydney and Dixon hunt for the killer who stole the heart from his victim.

star 7.59
687 votes
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Meet the New Boss

#67 - Meet the New Boss

Parenthood (2010) Season 2 - Episode 12

Adam tries to cope with the idea of a new boss and is concerned about the stability of his job. Kristina tries winning Haddie over as she seeks comfort in Amber when she realizes her parents refuse to accept her decision. Meanwhile, Crosby is attempting to overcome a few obstacles of his own as a coordinator of a kindergarten performance at Jabbar’s school. Amber is taking on the challenge of performing at an open mic night, but she is surprised by who her biggest critic is.

star 7.58
534 votes
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Lights Out

#68 - Lights Out

Invasion (2005) Season 1 - Episode 2

After discovering an Air Force officer named Paxton in a wet suit and barely alive at the ranger station, Russell begins to question what befell the man when he notices his wounds are identical to Dave's. But Russell soon finds out that he's not the only one interested in Paxton when Sheriff Underlay and Larkin both begin to question the man's mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile Mariel finds something unexplainable protruding from Paxton's wounds, Russell's curiosity about the strange skeleton grows, and Underlay continues to push for a town quarantine.

star 7.58
441 votes
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About a Rib Chute

#69 - About a Rib Chute

About a Boy Season 1 - Episode 13

Will is completely heartbroken when Sam receives a job opportunity she can't refuse in New York, prompting Fiona and Marcus to try their best to comfort their friend. With her absence weighing on his mind, Will turns to Andy for his sage advice in figuring out how to best move forward.

star 7.58
353 votes
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A Clean Conscience

#70 - A Clean Conscience

Alias Season 4 - Episode 17

Nadia's former caretaker, Sophia, has been severely beaten. She contacts Nadia and asks to meet her. Sloane is told by Sophia that she was beaten up, because someone is trying to track Nadia down, so he and Jack decide to tell their daughters the truth – Elena Derevko, the third and the most cruelest of the Derevko sisters, has been surveilling both Sydney and Nadia for a decade. Meanwhile, Jack's doctor advises him to tell Sydney about his illness.

star 7.58
517 votes
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You Can't Always Get What You Want

#71 - You Can't Always Get What You Want

Parenthood (2010) Season 4 - Episode 9

Julia struggles with her new role as a stay-at-home mom; a disruptive neighbor threatens the future of the Luncheonette; Mark and Sarah can't agree on relationship and parenting issues.

star 7.57
479 votes
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The Nest

#72 - The Nest

Invasion (2005) Season 1 - Episode 15

Kira is curious and frustrated as she tries to find the truth out about her father, Mariel and the other residents of Homestead. Will Kira find danger in her search? Meanwhile, Russell tests Mariel's blood and they are shocked at the results.

star 7.57
366 votes
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My Fifteen Minutes

#73 - My Fifteen Minutes

Scrubs Season 1 - Episode 8

J.D. and Turk become heroes after saving a cameraman's life on TV, while heading to a strip club. But Turk quickly becomes the target of a new publicity campaign led by Dr. Kelso, exploiting the hospital's diversity. Meanwhile, J.D. worries about his evaluation. Elliot is going out with Carla, but in the last minute she blows her off and later Elliot runs into her in a bar.

star 7.57
2378 votes
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One More Weekend with You

#74 - One More Weekend with You

Parenthood (2010) Season 4 - Episode 8

Jasmine and Crosby organize an event for Jabbar's school; during a spontaneous road trip, Amber learns more about Ryan's past; Mark and Sarah encounter a dilemma.

star 7.57
437 votes
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#75 - seven-four

Snowfall (2017) Season 1 - Episode 5

Franklin’s indecision causes issues at Jerome’s 4th of July BBQ. Teddy and Alejandro are stranded. Lucia’s family vets Gustavo.

star 7.56
1441 votes

#76 - Politics

Goliath Season 2 - Episode 2

After a brutal loss, Billy decides to formally take on Julio Suarez's defense but, before he can go back to court, he must get his team back together.

star 7.55
857 votes
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Hey, If You're Not Using That Baby...

#77 - Hey, If You're Not Using That Baby...

Parenthood (2010) Season 3 - Episode 2

Max goes to public school, a move that worries Kristina; Sarah and Mark's relationship progresses while Haddie and Alex's takes a hit; the stress of adoption takes a toll on Julia; and Adam rethinks his career path.

star 7.55
552 votes
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Tastes Like a Ho-Ho

#78 - Tastes Like a Ho-Ho

Damages Season 1 - Episode 4

Katie is getting ready for her upcoming deposition in the Frobisher case while Gregory withholds information that could be even more important that Katie's.

star 7.54
1145 votes
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The Awful Truth

#79 - The Awful Truth

Alias Season 4 - Episode 3

Sydney must seduce a murderous arms dealer in order to track down a stolen NSA code-breaker. Meanwhile, Vaughn fears for Weiss's life, and Sydney and Jack argue about telling Nadia the truth about her mother.

star 7.53
660 votes
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The Getaway

#80 - The Getaway

Alias Season 2 - Episode 12

While Alliance counterintelligence head Ariana Kane tracks Sydney in order to catch her fugitive father, Jack elicits Irina's help in finding Sloane's blackmailer. Meanwhile, Sydney and Vaughn risk exposing their covers to SD-6 when they share a romantic dinner together while on a case in France.

star 7.53
696 votes
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#81 - Blackout

Recovery Road Season 1 - Episode 1

When her high school guidance counselor confronts Maddie about the severity of the situation, Maddie can't see the problem with her hard-partying ways. Forced to face facts, Maddie makes the difficult decision to live with other recovering addicts at a sober living facility at night. She's determined to keep it all a secret from her peers as she continues her regular high school routine by day.

star 7.53
81 votes
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Team Braverman

#82 - Team Braverman

Parenthood (2010) Season 1 - Episode 12

Sarah and Adam argue about their daughters’ behavior; Jasmine auditions for a New York dance company.

star 7.52
638 votes
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#83 - Blowback

Alias Season 3 - Episode 14

While trying to retrieve a bomb, Sydney and Vaughn are ambushed by unidentified assailants. Meanwhile, Lauren and Sark continue to solidify their new partnership, Sloane divulges a dark secret to Dr. Barnett and Marshall shows the strains of new fatherhood.

star 7.52
677 votes
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Smell of Success

#84 - Smell of Success

Pushing Daisies Season 1 - Episode 7

Ned, Emerson, and Chuck's next case involves an olfactory assistant who was killed when her scratch-'n'-sniff book combusted.

star 7.51
694 votes
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My Tuscaloosa Heart

#85 - My Tuscaloosa Heart

Scrubs Season 1 - Episode 18

J.D. has a patient who's rude to him and the nurses and eventually dies from cancer. J.D. feels awful for not giving him his full attention and worries maybe he could have saved the guy if he was nicer to him. Meanwhile, Elliot is convinced that Dr. Kelso is the one singing a song called "Tuscaloosa Heart" on a tape given to her by a patient who claims he went to college with Bob. And Dr. Cox finds himself trapped in a love square: He's falling in love with Kristen Murphy, his intern, just as his ex-wife reappears demanding sex – and there's also his crush on Carla.

star 7.50
2236 votes
The Deep End of the Pool

#86 - The Deep End of the Pool

Parenthood (2010) Season 1 - Episode 3

After Max gets kicked out of school, Adam and Kristina explore the best educational options for their son. Sarah hits a wall when she ends things with Jim and succumbs to car problems. Meanwhile, Crosby spends a fun-filled day with Jabbar and Julia realizes that she’s missing out on her daughter’s life.

star 7.50
649 votes
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My First Step

#87 - My First Step

Scrubs Season 2 - Episode 7

All of the male doctors are euphoric due to the visit of Julie Keaton, the pharmaceutical sales rep, except for Dr. Cox, who still believes in treating patients for their best health, instead of trying to get some attention from the hot Ms. Keaton. Meanwhile, J.D. and Elliot argue over a risky decision regarding one of Elliot's patients. Turk tries to talk Carla into entering a practitioner nurse course, so she won't be so underestimated by the doctor's staff.

star 7.49
1889 votes

#88 - Nocturne

Alias Season 4 - Episode 6

After being infected with a hallucinogen, Sydney starts to lose touch with reality. Vaughn and Jack must rush to find an antidote before Sydney puts her life - and others next to her - into danger.

star 7.48
671 votes
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No Good Deed

#89 - No Good Deed

Parenthood (2010) Season 2 - Episode 2

Adam and Sarah struggle to find balance between personal and professional life, while Julia deals with the delicate balance of social structure for six-year-olds. Crosby learns about the difficulties of being a father.

star 7.48
462 votes
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Man Versus Possum

#90 - Man Versus Possum

Parenthood (2010) Season 1 - Episode 2

Adam and Kristina try to cope with their son's Asperger's Syndrome. Sarah is job hunting with the help of Zeek that pushes her to dream big. Meanwhile, Crosby bonds with his son and Julia deals with a difficult mom from Sydney's school.

star 7.46
646 votes
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The Last Wave Goodbye

#91 - The Last Wave Goodbye

Invasion (2005) Season 1 - Episode 22

In the middle of the hurricane chaos, Underlay and Russell mount a rescue of the humans who are being round up by the hybrids. Meanwhile, two humans who suspect that Underlay is the cause of the chaos take Larkin, Dave, Jesse and Rose as hostages.

star 7.45
307 votes
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The Nemesis

#92 - The Nemesis

Alias Season 3 - Episode 6

Sydney's emotions are turned inside-out when she comes face-to-face with Allison, Francie's doppelgänger, who was presumed dead but is now a key figure in The Covenant. Meanwhile Lauren's search for Lazarey's murderer leads her closer to discovering a connection to Sydney, and Sydney begrudgingly is assigned as Sloane's CIA handler.

star 7.45
712 votes
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The Legend of Merle McQuoddy

#93 - The Legend of Merle McQuoddy

Pushing Daisies Season 2 - Episode 9

Chuck and Ned deal with the shocking return of someone from their past; Emerson and Olive investigate the death of a lighthouse keeper.

star 7.45
486 votes
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Rubber Band Ball

#94 - Rubber Band Ball

Parenthood (2010) Season 1 - Episode 8

The Braverman family is on high alert when Amber’s ex-boyfriend Damien arrives from Fresno. Zeek takes Adam on a road trip for investment advice and some father-son bonding. Meanwhile, Julia and Joel worry that Sydney might be suffering from Asperger’s and Crosby wants to help plan Jabbar’s birthday party.

star 7.44
591 votes
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#95 - Nightingale

Alias Season 4 - Episode 14

Sydney and Vaughn risk their lives trying to find out the truth about Vaughn's father. Finally, we find out why Jack and Sloane seem to be conspiring together against Sydney and Vaughn.

star 7.44
616 votes
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Circus Circus

#96 - Circus Circus

Pushing Daisies Season 2 - Episode 2

Georgeann Heaps hires Emerson to find her missing daughter, and the trail leads to a circus. Meanwhile Ned and Chuck try to deal with the change in their relationship, and Olive considers staying longer at the nunnery.

star 7.44
537 votes
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Damage Control

#97 - Damage Control

Parenthood (2010) Season 2 - Episode 11

Crosby has trouble teaching Jabbar to clean his room. Meanwhile, Zeke finds Drew drinking beer with guys from school. Adam and Kristina get to know Alex at dinner with Haddie and Max. Joel and Julia explain death to Sydney.

star 7.43
519 votes
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Dim Sum Lose Some

#98 - Dim Sum Lose Some

Pushing Daisies Season 2 - Episode 5

The wife of a murdered chef, Bao Di, hires Emerson to investigate the death of her husband. They soon discover that Bao was heavily in debt, and wagered his daughter Mei's hand in marriage to cover his markers.

star 7.43
525 votes
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Ben Was Here

#99 - Ben Was Here

Felicity Season 2 - Episode 20

Ben waits outside the cabin for several hours until he can talk to Felicity alone. She refuses to hear him out and slams the door in his face, declaring that she no longer wants him in her life. Felicity becomes distracted, so she and Greg have to cut their weekend short. Tracy and a friend volunteer to remove the wallpaper from Elena's apartment and finish painting so that she won't lose the security deposit. They inadvertently use toxic chemicals, so Noel and Elena have to stay at the loft until the damage can be repaired. A pipe bursts in Felicity and Meghan's room, forcing the students to sleep in the cafeteria. Felicity, Meghan and Ruby end up moving into the loft. At Javier's urging, Felicity decides to forgive Ben. Meghan convinces Ben that Felicity still has feelings for him. He crashes her date with Greg and pleads for another chance. Felicity insists that Ben doesn't sincerely want to be in a relationship with her. Greg punches out Ben. Felicity races to Ben's aid, but then l

star 7.41
80 votes
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Perchance to Dream

#100 - Perchance to Dream

Parenthood (2010) Season 1 - Episode 9

Kristina is excited by the opportunity to help an old acquaintance run for Lieutenant Governor in Sacramento, but doesn't feel hip enough among the young generation of campaign workers. Meanwhile, Jasmine and Crosby agree to go on an official date.

star 7.41
666 votes
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Final Touches (a.k.a. Let's Get It On)

#101 - Final Touches (a.k.a. Let's Get It On)

Felicity Season 3 - Episode 10

Molly apologizes to Felicity and Ben, but James forbids them from speaking to her. Molly moves back to the apartment after a dazed James pulls a gun on her. James shows up and demands that she leave with him. Ben manages to calm him and convince him to leave. Molly plans to break up with James, and meets him on the street. He talks her into staying with him. Felicity learns that she is still registered for a philosophy class that she thought she had dropped. Meghan never sent in the card to the registrar's office. Felicity must get an A on the final to pass the class. Noel calls on her to help him with an extensive presentation for a web site that is interested in their cartoon. He lashes out at her for her lack of enthusiasm, until Ben explains her plight. In order to help Felicity focus on her final, Noel pretends that he got an extension on the presentation. He helps her cram for the test, as he had worked as a teaching assistant in that class the previous year. Despite her exhausti

star 7.32
50 votes
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Aaron Brownstein Must Be Stopped

#102 - Aaron Brownstein Must Be Stopped

Parenthood (2010) Season 6 - Episode 8

After a heartbreaking discovery, Max wages a propaganda campaign against another Chambers Academy student. Kristina shields Max from punishment at school, but she can't save him from the pain of young love. Amidst financial troubles at the Luncheonette, Jasmine takes a job to support her family, and Crosby feels like a failure. Hank must put his foot down when Ruby abuses his trust. Amber suffers some pregnancy pains with Crosby by her side.

star 7.30
209 votes
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Back to the Future

#103 - Back to the Future

Felicity Season 4 - Episode 22

Felicity blames herself for Noel's death because he had survived the fire in the original history. Meghan suggests that she go to Korsikoff and undo the spell. Felicity doubts that this will work, but is willing to try anything. She convinces Korsikoff that she successfully used one of his spells, and follows his request by bringing in personal items from all of her friends. She tells Korsikoff about her friends, her life in New York, and her romantic histories with Ben and Noel. Korsikoff opines that she actually returned to the past to let go of Noel. He burns the items and conducts the spell. Felicity is afraid to go to sleep that night. She wants to undo the damage she caused, but is afraid of losing Ben. Ben pleads with her to try to forgive him in the future, and apologizes in advance. He says that he cannot live without her. Felicity wakes up the night before Noel's wedding, surrounded by concerned friends. They report that she developed a high fever and became delus

star 7.28
78 votes
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Moving On

#104 - Moving On

Felicity Season 4 - Episode 9

Ben defends Felicity against a rude customer at Dean & DeLuca. Felicity invites Ben to come over to the apartment to talk. He agrees, but quickly changes his mind and says that he wants to move on. Lauren moves to New York to get away from her ex-boyfriend and make a fresh start. Ben asks her on a date. Javier tries to play matchmaker by separately asking Felicity and Ben to meet him at a play. It proves to be a disaster, as Ben shows up with Lauren. Felicity gives her ticket to Lauren and leaves. Elena tries to convince Felicity to date Owen, a graduate teaching assistant in the art department. Felicity asks her friends to stop meddling in her life. Owen tells Felicity that she seems intense, and suggests that she have a little fun for a change. She asks him out. Lauren's ex-boyfriend calls while she is making out with Ben. Ben decides to leave, but makes another date with her. Ben shows up at the girls' apartment to study with Elena just as Owen arrives to pick up Felic

star 7.26
46 votes
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La Sicaria

#105 - La Sicaria

Killer Women Season 1 - Episode 1

Molly is on the hunt to find the woman who killed an Assistant District Attorney inside a church during her wedding ceremony.

star 7.25
347 votes
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Mr. Honesty

#106 - Mr. Honesty

Parenthood (2010) Season 3 - Episode 10

An inappropriate moment at work disrupts Adam and Kristina’s marriage. Meanwhile, Crosby and Jasmine reconnect after clearing up Jabbar’s misunderstanding of their relationship. In an attempt to boost his college applications, Drew seeks out extracurricular activities and Amber is uncertain about her future. Also, a meeting with Zoe’s boyfriend may jeopardize Julia and Joel’s adoption plan.

star 7.19
627 votes
A Perfect Match

#107 - A Perfect Match

Felicity Season 4 - Episode 11

Felicity is confused when Ben begins dropping by her apartment frequently. However, he is not ready to get back together. Mrs. Covington is a match for her husband, but he refuses to let her donate part of her liver. Mr. Covington urges Ben to consider forgiving Felicity, as he feels that love is the only thing that really matters. Felicity plans to fly home for Christmas vacation. Another match is found for Mr. Covington. Ben tries to talk to Felicity, but she has already left for the airport. A snowstorm delays her flight, so Ben catches up to her. They enjoy a blissful reunion, and Felicity stays in New York. Unfortunately, the snow prevents the liver for Ben's father from being flown in from Philadelphia. With Mr. Covington unconscious, Ben has power of attorney. He must decide whether to let his mother be a donor. He fears that his father will fall back into his abusive behavior patterns. He talks with Felicity about the need for second chances, and agrees to sign off

star 7.17
47 votes
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You Don't Tug on Superman's Cape...You Don't Spit Into the Wind...You Don't Pull the Mask Off the Ol' Lone Ranger...And You Don't Mess Around with Big Bertha Muffin

#108 - You Don't Tug on Superman's Cape...You Don't Spit Into the Wind...You Don't Pull the Mask Off the Ol' Lone Ranger...And You Don't Mess Around with Big Bertha Muffin

Popular Season 2 - Episode 20

Sam and Brooke have a quick but intense argument over what each one has done to/with Harrison. Sam does not forgive Brooke for having slept with him, and Brooke puts Sam against the wall saying Sam turned him down so there were no strings attached. They both realize none of them is really wrong, and if there's anyone wrong there it's Harrison. At school, they give him the cold shoulder and George does the same to Sam. Sam and Brooke plan to stood up Harrison at a restaurant, but Brooke shows up and is caught by Sam talking to Harrison, which leads into a huge food fight. At home, Jane is trying to fix things between the two of them when her water breaks. Josh's mom announces she is moving away, and Josh has to either come with her or go live with his dad - which he does in order not to leave Lily. She suggests they get married, and although his mom tried to warn him that he was too young, he goes ahead and gets married to Lily right before prom.

star 7.17
12 votes
Greeks and Geeks

#109 - Greeks and Geeks

Felicity Season 3 - Episode 4

Felicity lies to Mrs. Emrick about Julie's whereabouts. After finding drugs in Julie's closet, she decides to tell the Emricks the truth. Mrs. Emrick blames Felicity for not looking after her daughter. Overcome with guilt and anxiety, Felicity bombs her midterms. Meghan tries to cheer her up by taking her to a frat party. Meghan and Molly convince Felicity to play strip ping-pong, but then leave her alone. She has too many Jell-O shots and wakes up naked in a frat guy's bed. She cannot remember what happened. Julie calls and says that she is okay. Ben helps Javier study for his citizenship test. Ben does not plan on voting, but changes his mind after Javier lectures him about the privilege of being a citizen. Noel applies for a job with the campus computer center. Tracy tries to help him practice for his tryout by sabotaging his old laptop, unaware that Elena had used it to write her political science paper. Noel must save the day when the arrogant head tech cannot fix the problem. Meg

star 7.15
78 votes
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The Chinese Wall

#110 - The Chinese Wall

Drop Dead Diva Season 1 - Episode 4

Jane defends her - rather Deb’s - mom in a divorce suit when Grayson turns down her mom’s request since he is already representing Deb’s dad. Deb gets a chance to spend time with her mom Bobbi and starts to learn to let go of her old life. Kim represents a dog owner who sues a pet cloning company for breach of contract as he feels this clone is NOT the same dog as his first dog, who was a Westminster champion.

star 7.15
627 votes
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The Power of the Ex

#111 - The Power of the Ex

Felicity Season 4 - Episode 19

Felicity and Noel decide to stay away from their usual date locations so that they can avoid Ben. They go to a street fair and run into Noel's ex-girlfriend Hanna. She asks him to help put together a web site for her. Felicity is apprehensive, as she fears that Noel's old feelings will re-surface. However, she claims that she is not jealous and advises Noel to get some work experience by helping Hanna. Felicity enrolls in pre-med courses and gets her father to resume financial help. Ben is unhappy when she shows up in his organic chemistry class, but she cannot transfer to another section. Ben decides to give up on becoming a doctor after failing an exam. Felicity, who aced the test, offers to help him with the material. Noel is puzzled by Felicity's frantic behavior and strange comments. After learning that Hanna expressed a romantic interest in Noel, Felicity confronts her. Noel can no longer put up with Felicity's behavior, and suggests that it was wrong for them to get t

star 7.14
74 votes
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#112 - Portraits

Felicity Season 2 - Episode 9

In the aftermath of their kiss, Felicity gets all hot and bothered about Noel. She continually dreams about him. They team up for the group portion of their final project in art class, and fear that Professor Sherman will not be able to give them an unbiased critique because she hates them. Felicity and Noel spend a lot of time together, and she cannot stop thinking about him. The situation becomes more complicated when Ruby returns from Los Angeles. After much soul searching, Felicity approaches Noel with the suggestion that they get back together. Noel decides that it isn't a good idea; he recalls how badly their first attempt at a relationship ended, and thinks it would be better to commit himself to Ruby. However, Noel and Felicity nearly kiss while working on their assignment, and he begins to re-consider his decision. Ruby must return to Los Angeles for more work on the movie, and gives Noel a ticket so that he can come with her. She suspects that Noel still has feelings f

star 7.13
55 votes
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Your Money or Your Wife

#113 - Your Money or Your Wife

Felicity Season 4 - Episode 3

Ben and Felicity get back together. She confesses her fling with Noel to Javier, who promises, ""My lips are like glue sticks."" Felicity learns that she cannot get financial aid because all of the available funds have been distributed. She tries to apply for a scholarship, only to find that it no longer exists. Javier suggests that she enter a beauty pageant, but she is reluctant. Noel receives $50,000 for staying married to Natalie for a year. He doesn't really want anything to do with the money. Felicity turns him down when he offers to help with her tuition. She considers pleading with her father for help, but decides to do things on her own--even if it means entering the pageant. Sean experiences financial problems and faces eviction. Meghan goes against his wishes by arranging to have dinner with their parents. Sean upsets his father by suggesting that he will do something embarrassing. Mr. Blumberg refuses to attend. Meghan gets the event rescheduled as a brunch, and

star 7.09
45 votes
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#114 - Girlfight

Felicity Season 3 - Episode 12

Elena is wounded in the shoulder; but the only person to sustain serious injuries in the shooting is some girl that no one had ever seen before. Ben accompanies Avery in the ambulance and urges her to fight for her life. She flatlines for a moment, but the paramedics are able to revive her. Avery eventually recovers from her injuries. She showers Ben with expensive gifts and fully admits to a romantic interest in him, much to Felicity's dismay. Noel becomes extremely depressed after the shooting. He cheers up a little after sleeping with Avery. Elena signs up for a self-defense class in the hopes of regaining her self-confidence, and frightens Felicity with her aggressive behavior. Felicity refuses to accompany Elena to the class, but changes her mind when Avery decides to attend. Felicity enjoys the tremendous satisfaction of getting to flip Avery in the air and slam her to the ground. Tracy returns from Africa a month early. Elena learns that he is dating someone he met on

star 7.08
75 votes
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The Love Bug

#115 - The Love Bug

Felicity Season 2 - Episode 6

A mono epidemic hits the campus. After Meghan gets sick, Felicity tries to avoid the bug by staying with Elena and Noel. Felicity frets about the fact that David has yet to kiss her. Noel accidentally says Felicity's name while kissing Ruby. Ruby is furious to discover that Noel and Felicity hadn't told her the truth about their past relationship. A stranger offers Ruby a business card, claiming to be a movie producer. She follows up on the lead and ends up getting a major role in a Tom Cruise movie. Ruby sleeps with Noel before departing for several weeks. Ben finds out that Maggie is married.

star 7.06
51 votes
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Mary Charity

#116 - Mary Charity

Popular Season 2 - Episode 13

Mary Cherry's clothes and objects are confiscated at school because her mom declared bankruptcy. She mutates into a crappy looking teen trash, with KFC's heat and paper shoes. Lily tries to help her and Mary Cherry starts to work at the cafeteria. Lily shows her how it really feels like to be poor. Meanwhile, Sam and Carmen decide to make a campaign to encourage people to take the pictures for the yearbook, and April is one of the only people who candidate for the free makeup. What started out as an experiment on a person's outside appearance turns out to be a lesson in the importance of what is inside a person. Brooke and Harrison are finally free from the hospital and Harrison tries to convince Brooke to take the school pictures. They have a moment while joking around deciding what to wear. Brooke and Harrison agree to stay just friends, Sam and Carmen experiment turns out a success and Mary Cherry gets her stuff back, and helps the needy.

star 7.05
38 votes
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The Fugue

#117 - The Fugue

Felicity Season 1 - Episode 16

Hanna shows up at Dean & DeLuca to use the phone. She reveals that she has been attending school in New York for several months. She goes out to the bar with everyone, and seeks Noel's help in overcoming a block as she works on a musical composition. She kisses him as he sees her off at the end of the evening. Noel plans on returning her tape and moving on, but changes his mind after going to see her. Noel admits that he still has feelings for Hanna; he is considering getting back together with her. He ignores Felicity's wishes by accompanying Hanna back to her apartment. Felicity continues to frequent the art studio; and agrees to pose for a sketch with Eli, her art student friend. Noel nearly rekindles his romance with Hanna, but cuts things off and decides to go back to Felicity. Meanwhile, Felicity has sex with Eli. Julie becomes lonely as Ben spends more time with his swimmer friends. She initially despises his abrasive buddy Lynn, but discovers that he is actually a decent guy

star 6.85
84 votes
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