The Best Episodes Directed by Larry Doheny

Divine Wind

#1 - Divine Wind

Black Sheep Squadron Season 2 - Episode 1

A chaplain comes to visit Vella La Cava. Through some paperwork error Bob Anderson is declared dead. Anderson gets the feeling that he has bad karma and that he will die soon. The chaplain and Pappy both try to snap Bob out of this morose line of thinking. But have little luck. Bob spends alot of time contemplating his death. We also find him playing the clarinet. He uses some music that he says he found on the island after it was abandoned by the Japanese. All the while the Seabees are building a hospital on the other side of the island. This interferes with regular operations at 214's base. Boyington finally figures out that through yet another paperwork error, they are building an ammo depot instead of a hospital and it becomes the target of enemy fighters. Bob's obsession with death ends when the chaplain finally looses his patience and decks Bob. Shortly after this the Seabees realize their mistake but the enemy is coming in for an attatck. The chaplain dies when he goes t

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Best Three Out of Five

#2 - Best Three Out of Five

Black Sheep Squadron Season 1 - Episode 2

Col. Lard cuts off supplies to the 214th making it impossible for the squadron to fly any missions. He flat out tells Boyington that a squadron that stands down for too many days can be decommisioned. Unfotunately General Moore is stateside and is not there to pull rank on Lard. Pappy gets the idea to put his squadron on R and R so that they cannot be cited for standing down. Lard takes this opportunity to put Major Red Buell back in command of the squadron along with his men. This is the same unit that Pappy conned to get their planes in order to start the 214th. While relaxing on a native island the Pappy gets word that the 214th has been reassigned to Buell. When he and his men return to Vella La Cava they find Buell and his men there and they have taken over the camp. They have been unable to fly any missions because before he left, Pappy had Hutch take the points out of all the Corsairs. Boyington plans to replace the parts and continue flying with his unit. To usurp this p

star 7.13
172 votes
Angel on High

#3 - Angel on High

Charlie's Angels Season 3 - Episode 4

The Angels travel to a Reno air show to track down stunt pilot Bill Freeman who may be the long lost son of Jonathan Stambler and heir to his substantial fortune.

star 6.79
30 votes
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Angels in the Stretch

#4 - Angels in the Stretch

Charlie's Angels Season 3 - Episode 13

The Angels are called in to find the murderer of a gambler killed while investigating the suspicious antics of a dull racehorse.

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32 votes
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Angels on a String

#5 - Angels on a String

Charlie's Angels Season 1 - Episode 15

An international political spokesman for free Poland is abducted and a double is substituted for him at a world conference being held at a resort where the Angels are vacationing.

star 4.88
70 votes