The BEST episodes directed by L. Lewis Stout

Father of the Groom
10 votes

#1 - Father of the Groom

Baywatch - Season 10 - Episode 8

Mitch is shocked when he finds out that Hobie is getting married to a woman he only met recently. The Baywatch lifeguards must undertake a dangerous rescue of a woman trapped in an underwater cave.

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Hot Water
13 votes

#2 - Hot Water

Baywatch - Season 7 - Episode 18

Sam, Neely and Caroline witness a military jet crash into the ocean, then learn it contained a deadly virus. They must use a new deep-water scuba system to retrieve it. Cody, C.J. and Newmie try to shut down an illegal nude beach, which causes danger for its spectators.

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The Runaways
41 votes

#3 - The Runaways

Baywatch - Season 5 - Episode 21

Kaye hires a an aspiring English pop singer as a waitress and discovers she's a runaway. A daredevil attempts to set a new world's record waterskiing behind a blimp. Stephanie questions Caroline's ability as a lifeguard.

Trial By Fire
14 votes

#4 - Trial By Fire

Baywatch - Season 7 - Episode 19

Caroline finds herself being sued for negligence in civil court by the angry and bitter mother of a drowning victim. CJ babysits a neighbor's newborn and realizes she wants to be a mother. But is Cody ready to be a father?

Swept Away
16 votes

#5 - Swept Away

Baywatch - Season 9 - Episode 8

A little boy named Tanner hangs around Mitch's tower all day. He even imitates Mitch's moves. When Mitch gets a call about a missing boy, he knows that Tanner is the one. His father is furious when he arrives and he slaps Tanner before he drags him of the beach. Mitch and Alex are very shocked about this but there's nothing they can do. The next day, Tanner is on the beach again claiming that his father gave him permission to do it. Mitch suggests that Junior Lifeguards would be a good idea for Tanner. Later, Mitch gives Tanner a ride home. It turns out that Tanner lives in a dirty dilapidated mobile home in Venice. It gets even worse when Blake refuses to sign any stupid piece of paper about Junior Lifeguards. However, the next morning Tanner arrives to Junior Lifeguards with the piece of paper signed and everything. But he refuses to take his shirt off. But afterwards, Tanner starts shivering and Mitch tells him to change his t-shirt. Mitch is then shocked to discover bruises on Tann

Home Is Where the Heat Is
43 votes

#6 - Home Is Where the Heat Is

Baywatch - Season 6 - Episode 9

Matt has come back from France for his 10 days as a lifeguard. But he is vague when it comes to his relationship with C.J. Matt and Neely's reunion is explosive because both of them really hate each other. Mitch puts them in the scarab in order to find out if they can work together. Meanwhile, a group of commando pirates boards the yacht ""Monarch"", owned by millionaire Price Rreynolds who is on his honeymoon with his wife Jill. The pirates are demanding a $ 50 million ransom for the couple. They place the couple on the collapsed oil platform with handcuffs and air for six hours. The Captain of Reynolds' scarab has been thrown overboard and is later picked up by Matt and Neely in the scarab. He is suffering from hypothermia. But before he passes out, he is able to whisper the word ""Monarch"". When the Coast Guard has picked up the Captain, Matt and Neely head for the yacht only to find themselves in the hands of the pirates. Mitch and C.J. get worried and go out looking for them. When