The Best Episodes Directed by Kyounghee Lim

Hank's Choice

#1 - Hank's Choice

King of the Hill Season 5 - Episode 16

When Bobby's runny nose and constant sneezing turn out to be an allergy to dander, he is given some medication, and Hank is told to get rid of Ladybird. Hank is taken aback, trying to find any way around he builds a luxurious new doghouse. During the 'Grand Opening' of the house, Ladybird refuses to go in. Hank rethinks his options, and sends Bobby out to live in the house. When he finds that he enjoys living on his own, he finds ways to stay allergic.

star 8.32
309 votes
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Maid in Arlen

#2 - Maid in Arlen

King of the Hill Season 7 - Episode 22

Kahn is appalled when his visiting mother becomes a maid for the Hills. It gets even worse when she also goes to work for Bill, and they strike up a romance. When Kahn decides to take matters into his own hands, he breaks the two love birds up, sending Laoma back home, and out of Bill's life.

star 8.20
198 votes
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Arlen City Bomber

#3 - Arlen City Bomber

King of the Hill Season 9 - Episode 10

To pay off her credit card debt, Luanne takes a second job: skating with a roller derby team. Peggy ends up joining the team as well and the two of them get in even more financial trouble when they try to start their own team on borrowed money.

star 8.14
207 votes
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Hank's Bully

#4 - Hank's Bully

King of the Hill Season 10 - Episode 14

A young boy, Caleb, starts following Hank around, making fun of him and generally annoying him. Hank isn't sure how to deal with such a young bully.

star 8.09
284 votes
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Strangeness on a Train

#5 - Strangeness on a Train

King of the Hill Season 12 - Episode 19

Stressed that her birthday parties never live up to her expectations, Peggy plans herself a disco-themed party on a mystery train, but after Luanne ruins the surprise, Peggy worries her parties will always end badly. However, a new mystery arises after a couple sneaks away for some private time in the train bathroom, and the partygoers must figure out who did it.

star 8.02
269 votes
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Cheer Factor

#6 - Cheer Factor

King of the Hill Season 8 - Episode 13

Peggy volunteers to help with the school cheerleading squad, in order to get them to learn some cheers to motivate the football team. Up until now, the squad is only concerned with winning the dance competitons and trophies from other schools. When Peggy gets the crowds behind the team, the school principal replaces the current coach with Peggy....who takes it too far.

star 7.99
198 votes
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To Sirloin with Love

#7 - To Sirloin with Love

King of the Hill Season 13 - Episode 20

In the series finale, Bobby's new found passion for judging the quality of meat brings the Hill men closer as they bond as father and son for the first time. Jeff Boomhaeur's job as a Texas Ranger is finally revealed.

star 7.94
260 votes
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Won't You Pimai Neighbor?

#8 - Won't You Pimai Neighbor?

King of the Hill Season 4 - Episode 18

A group of Buddhist monks suspects that Bobby might be the reincarnation of the Lama Sanglug. Bobby enjoys getting caught up in Buddhism, until he and Connie learn that Lamas are not allowed to have girlfriends.

star 7.88
228 votes
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The Kids Run Away

#9 - The Kids Run Away

Bob's Burgers Season 4 - Episode 19

Upon learning that she has a cavity and needs a filling, Louise runs away from the dentist's office and seeks refuge at Aunt Gail's. When Louise refuses to go home, Linda sends Tina and Gene to join her and bets her that she won't last the weekend with Aunt Gail's "craziness".

star 7.87
925 votes
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Goodbye Normal Jeans

#10 - Goodbye Normal Jeans

King of the Hill Season 7 - Episode 4

Hank is discouraged when Bobby takes a home economics course, until he starts to reap the benefits. Bobby learns to cook, clean and sew better than Peggy, causing a jealous streak that leaves Peggy a bit unstable during the holidays. After she takes off with the raw Thanksgiving turkey on Bobby's bike, Hank realizes that he needs to make ammends.

star 7.86
378 votes
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Fort Night

#11 - Fort Night

Bob's Burgers Season 4 - Episode 2

Tina, Gene and Louise are filled with the Halloween spirit and head out with their friends for a candy-fueled adventure. However, things take a turn for the worse, when the kids build their own fort and find themselves held hostage by Louise's wacko friend, Millie.

star 7.84
1293 votes
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Full Bars

#12 - Full Bars

Bob's Burgers Season 3 - Episode 2

The Belcher kids break with a long standing Halloween tradition, veering away from their usual trick or treat trek in favor of a posh neighborhood that's known for its oversize goodies.

star 7.83
1455 votes
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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Clown

#13 - A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Clown

King of the Hill Season 10 - Episode 5

Hoping to get Bobby to stop cracking jokes in school, Hank enrolls Bobby in a clown class at the local community college. The pretentious instructor teaches Bobby classical comedic theory and sucks all the fun out of him.

star 7.82
197 votes
The Kids Rob a Train

#14 - The Kids Rob a Train

Bob's Burgers Season 4 - Episode 15

The Belchers take a trip on a train and, to their dismay, Louise, Gene and Tina are seated in a separate train car. Never one to follow the rules, Louise ropes the children into helping her on her mission to steal the vast chocolate supply from the restaurant car! Meanwhile, Bob and Linda indulge in some wine tasting and have a “taste-off” with a snobby couple.

star 7.81
979 votes
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Childrick of Mort

#15 - Childrick of Mort

Rick and Morty Season 4 - Episode 9

Rick, Morty, Beth, Summer and Jerry share a galactic adventure.

star 7.81
2213 votes
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Bob Fires the Kids

#16 - Bob Fires the Kids

Bob's Burgers Season 3 - Episode 3

Worried that his kids are not enjoying summer vacation because he's making them work in the restaurant, Bob fires them. But they soon become bored and take jobs as "weed pickers" for a pair of hippie farmers.

star 7.79
1479 votes
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Death Buys a Timeshare

#17 - Death Buys a Timeshare

King of the Hill Season 9 - Episode 3

Cotton inherits $10,000 from the will of his friend Topsy, and goes to Mexico, with Bill in tow, to buy a timeshare. Feeling lonely after the death of his friend, Cotton gets suckered in by tales of the timeshare development's owner, O'Kelly, and decides to buy -- even though Americans cannot own land in Mexico. Meanwhile, Peggy, Bobby and Dale search for a pool to swim in.

star 7.79
218 votes
Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise

#18 - Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise

Bob's Burgers Season 5 - Episode 10

In order to become an accepted member of the Community Garden, Bob must make a deal that results in giving Louise's enemy a job at the restaurant. Father and daughter are at odds and a choice must be made.

star 7.76
1007 votes
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Turkey in a Can

#19 - Turkey in a Can

Bob's Burgers Season 4 - Episode 5

Determined to have a perfect Thanksgiving, Bob meticulously prepares the family turkey. Then, to his horror, he finds that someone then dumps the turkey in the toilet in an act of Thanksgiving sabotage.

star 7.75
1155 votes
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Forgetting Sarick Mortshall

#20 - Forgetting Sarick Mortshall

Rick and Morty Season 5 - Episode 9

Rick gets new sidekicks, while Morty makes a new friend.

star 7.74
1318 votes
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Moody Foodie

#21 - Moody Foodie

Bob's Burgers Season 2 - Episode 7

The restaurant receives a negative review from a vicious food critic.

star 7.73
1406 votes
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The Substitute Spanish Prisoner (aka Dr. Peggy Hill)

#22 - The Substitute Spanish Prisoner (aka Dr. Peggy Hill)

King of the Hill Season 6 - Episode 10

Peggy takes an online I.Q. test sponsored by the "Intelligence Institute of Texas," and is declared a genius. When the head of the Institute, Dr. Vayzosa, offers her a chance to get a PhD for only $900, she uses the family savings to pay for it. When Luanne takes the online I.Q. test and also scores as a genius, Peggy realizes that she has been conned, and she comes up with an elaborate sting to get the money back. Hank learns of her plans, and tries to intervene, but is it too late?

star 7.72
223 votes
The Kids Run the Restaurant

#23 - The Kids Run the Restaurant

Bob's Burgers Season 3 - Episode 20

After Bob cuts his finger and faints at the sight of his own blood, Linda brings him to the hospital and leaves the kids home alone. Not ones to waste a golden opportunity, Tina, Gene and Louise transform the basement of the restaurant into a makeshift casino. But they get more than they gamble for when landlord Mr. Fischoeder stops by and catches them in action.

star 7.70
1139 votes
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#24 - Torpedo

Bob's Burgers Season 1 - Episode 13

Bob's hero, a washed-up baseball player named Torpedo Jones, starts pitching for the local minor league team. Torpedo befriends Bob, but the dark underbelly of minor league baseball threatens to corrupt the Belchers.

star 7.70
1422 votes
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Tina and the Real Ghost

#25 - Tina and the Real Ghost

Bob's Burgers Season 5 - Episode 2

Tina begins an out-of-this-world romance with a ghost that is believed to be living in the Belcher's basement.

star 7.66
1182 votes
My Fuzzy Valentine

#26 - My Fuzzy Valentine

Bob's Burgers Season 3 - Episode 13

When a heart-shaped pancake simply doesn't cut it, the kids convince Bob to let them skip school in order to help him find a Valentine's Day gift that will "wow" Linda. Meanwhile, in the spirit of the romantic holiday, Linda sets up a speed-dating event at the restaurant that doesn't go exactly as planned.

star 7.66
1090 votes
The Belchies

#27 - The Belchies

Bob's Burgers Season 2 - Episode 1

The kids hunt for treasure in an abandoned taffy factory and Bob and Linda must find them before the factory’s scheduled demolition.

star 7.65
1647 votes
Board Games

#28 - Board Games

King of the Hill Season 7 - Episode 14

Peggy, Minh and Nancy resolve to save an after-school program from being shut down, but political back-stabbing ensues when all three of them want to run for a seat on the school board. Each one turns on the other, and in the course of all of the trickery, they lose sight of what is important.

star 7.65
197 votes
The Perils of Polling

#29 - The Perils of Polling

King of the Hill Season 5 - Episode 1

Appalled that Luanne is unprepared to vote, Hank takes the family to the local fair where she can meet the political candidates. Hank is further appalled to find that Luanne has decided to vote Communist because the candidate is handsome. Bobby saves the life of a drowning pig at the fair and is invited to meet Texas Governor (and presidential candidate) George W. Bush. Hank, staunchly pro-Bush, takes Luanne to the rally where she falls for Bush. Unfortunately, Bush's wet, limp, awful handshake leaves Hank shocked and disappointed.

star 7.61
352 votes
Crawl Space

#30 - Crawl Space

Bob's Burgers Season 1 - Episode 2

A leaky roof causes Bob to get trapped in a wall while Linda's mother visits.

star 7.60
2238 votes
Art Crawl

#31 - Art Crawl

Bob's Burgers Season 1 - Episode 8

It's Bob vs. the city art council when Linda's sister displays her work at Bob's Burgers.

star 7.59
1522 votes
Amortycan Grickfitti

#32 - Amortycan Grickfitti

Rick and Morty Season 5 - Episode 5

Summer and Morty steal Rick's car to impress a new kid at school. Rick and Jerry have a guys' night from hell.

star 7.43
1557 votes
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Unrestrainable Trainable

#33 - Unrestrainable Trainable

Drawn Together Season 3 - Episode 4

Captain Hero discovers that the "special" Giant who's been attacking the city is actually his son! And what's worse, Hero's sister, Captain She-Ro, is the mother! Can Hero raise his inbred son to be a productive member of society? Or will the Giant destroy the world by hugging a Winnie-the-Pooh-shaped nuclear bomb? In the mean time, Clara get Munchhausen's by Proxy and earns accolades by alternately taking care of Wooldoor, and keeping him sick with drain cleaner and sledgehammers.

star 7.42
295 votes
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A Man Without a Country Club

#34 - A Man Without a Country Club

King of the Hill Season 6 - Episode 15

Kahn covets membership in an all-Asian country club, and is invited...if he brings Hank and his family along. Hank is the one who is targeted for membersip, but only to keep the club from being Asian exclusive.

star 7.30
178 votes
Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do

#35 - Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do

King of the Hill Season 7 - Episode 3

Connie's delinquent cousin, Tid Pao is staying with the family, due to some drug debts that she is hiding from back home. Bobby falls for her thug-life ways, and makes Connie jealous. When Bobby drops Connie as his science partner to be Tid Pao's, problems pop up. Unknown to Bobby, he helped Tid Pao make a meth lab for their science project. It is up to Connie to pull Bobby out of a big mess.

star 7.17
194 votes
It’s Actually Better for Anal

#36 - It’s Actually Better for Anal

Shin Chan Season 2 - Episode 6

“Super Happy Fun Time American School Presents: Winter Blunderland!” – It’s a hot time on the ski slopes, all fun and unwanted advances! But Shin finds himself shackled to Miss Katz… That is, until the teacher’s hormones have her distracted. Free at last and ready to party, the little trouble maker stirs up some action of his own on the triple black pass! “Winter Blunderland: Part 2!” – The school trip gets even hotter as things move over to the spa! But when Shin insults Mr. Ench’s half-inch, the principal’s forced to drastic measures! And he’s not the only one out of sorts, as Georgie finds himself outsmarted and Shin takes one for the team… Saving the school from the monkey crotch and from the noodle stretcher?!? “Lucky Bastard Fever Episode 2: Inflatable of Doom!” – Lollipop’s gone off in search of the Flying Pecker, convinced she can save Felipe from himself. But when she finds herself at the madman’s mercy, as well as the center of his plot to flood the earth, Lollipop calls for reinforcements! It’s Bruce… Er, Action Bastard to the rescue!

star 7.00
6 votes
Your IQ's Like 5, Right?

#37 - Your IQ's Like 5, Right?

Shin Chan Season 1 - Episode 23

“Mom’s Supervillain Super Crush!” - While watching "Action Bastard", Mitzi falls for The Deflowerer! A girl's first supervillain crush always hurts the worst. “Girls Just Wanna Have Husbands” - Penny and Ai fighting for Shin's hand in marriage on the playground? That's a lot of pretend tampons to buy in the middle of the night. “Melvin’s Coming to Dinner” - A category 12 typhoon looms and the Nohara family is whipped into an emergency preparedness frenzy.

star 6.88
8 votes
Shin-chan and Shiro take a bath / A lesson in love! / A lesson in love! 2

#38 - Shin-chan and Shiro take a bath / A lesson in love! / A lesson in love! 2

Shin Chan Season 4 - Episode 10

While taking a bath, Shin-chan plays with the shampoo and the soap and finishes all of Misae's expensive body washes. A boy waits for Ryuko outside high school to propose to her but gets nervous. Shin-chan, Nene-chan and Bo-chan encourage him. The boy speaks out his feelings to Riyoko but she refuses his proposal. Later, the boy falls in love with another girl.

star 0.00
0 votes