The BEST episodes directed by Kunio Wakabayashi

Ghost Hunter
83 votes

#1 - Ghost Hunter

Alderamin on the Sky - Season 1 - Episode 12

The Imperial army is continuing its retreat from the numerically superior Aldera forces at the base of the Alafatra mountain range. They've set fire to the forest to buy themselves more time, but after a few days the fire is beginning to burn out. To buy the time they need to finish the retreat, Ikta is forced to maintain a proactive mobile defense and keep the flames burning. But the enemy general is breaking all the rules, and Ikta can't figure out his game. By the time Ikta realizes what's happened, it's too late, and the enemy is battering down his walls with a new weapon and sending their cavalry straight through the flames!

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An Unwanted Medal of Honor
103 votes

#2 - An Unwanted Medal of Honor

Alderamin on the Sky - Season 1 - Episode 2

Ikta succeeds in a daring plan to cross the Kioka border and return the princess home. But this means he gets a reward, and his reward is the title of Imperial Knight. Now he finds himself dragged into a war he hates, serving a government that doesn't want to win, and despising the princess he rescued.

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Fastball, Featuring Todoroki
20 votes

#3 - Fastball, Featuring Todoroki

Ace of Diamond - Season 2 - Episode 42

Seidou scores the first run of the game with Maezono's bat while Kawakami pitches strongly at the bottom. On top of the third, Seidou on scoring position and Miyuki at-bat, Raizou makes his move sending in Raichi to the mound to face Miyuki.

My Friend Taught Me
22 votes

#4 - My Friend Taught Me

All Out!! - Season 1 - Episode 23

With the Ryoin game coming up tomorrow, Iwashimizu spends the night anxious. Miyuki realizes his friend's emotional state and shows up at his inn. When Gion, who had been training at the field alone, joins them, the three of them begin a secret training (?) session. While hanging out with friends and teammates, Iwashimizu realizes anew how fun rugby is, and all trace of anxiety towards tomorrow's game disappears from Iwashimizu's heart!!

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Visitor Arc V
51 votes

#5 - Visitor Arc V

The Irregular at Magic High School - Season 2 - Episode 5

A parasite is an information body that was generated from the spirit dimension. How could an entity from another dimension appear in the physical world? An evil visitor of unknown origin infiltrates its way into First High School.

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Summer Training Camp
22 votes

#6 - Summer Training Camp

All Out!! - Season 1 - Episode 17

The Sugadaira summer training camp has finally begun!! Strong players from all over the country have gathered at Sugadaira, and every day several practice matches are conducted on the various fields. Naturally, Jinko has a match to play on their first day as well! Their first opponent is one of Osaka's top eight from the year before, the great Tenjiku Tech! Having endured their difficult training and overcome X Day, it's time for Jinko to show its true worth!!

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The Northern Katjvarna Rebellion
90 votes

#7 - The Northern Katjvarna Rebellion

Alderamin on the Sky - Season 1 - Episode 7

War breaks out in the far north, as the Empire's oppression of the mountain people results in a terrifying backlash. With the one competent leader in the Northern Garrison assassinated, the ignorant garrison commander flings the troops headlong into a highly defended, mountainous position, with disastrous results. Ikta and his friends are kept as part of the reserves for now, but it won't be long until they're thrust into the war as well.

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