The Best Episodes Directed by Kotaro Tamura

Claire Stanfield Faithfully Carries Out the Mission

#1 - Claire Stanfield Faithfully Carries Out the Mission

Baccano! Season 1 - Episode 9

1931 on board the Flying Pussyfoot, Ladd flips out after discovering the bodies in the conductor's cabin, with one of them being a fat conductor and Dune. It then reveals exactly what occurred in the conductor's cabin and how the Rail Tracer is in fact an elusive assassin Claire Stanfield/Vino. 1932 in New York, Rachel finally arrives back at the Daily Days to reveal to Nicholas and the president of DD all the information she gathered, based on her own experience. Back to 1930, Dallas and his gang wake up after being injected by Mr Barnes' Immortal Elixir and after eating on of them Szilard decides to use them against the Gandors.

star 8.58
144 votes

#2 - Reunion

Grimoire of Zero Season 1 - Episode 9

With Mercenary, Holdem, and Albus on the run, they must figure out a way to free Zero from Thirteen's clutches.

star 6.88
77 votes
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