The Best Episodes Directed by Koji Sawai

A Woman Captured

#1 - A Woman Captured

El Cazador de la Bruja Season 1 - Episode 20

L.A. arrives in a town bar, and after being irritated by some of the bar's patrons, kills several of the people there. When Ellis and Nadie arrive in the same town, the police there arrest Nadie and throw her in prison. Under Nadie's orders to escape, Ellis runs off and joins Ricardo and Lirio. L.A. appears at the police headquarters and reveals that he's using the police to separate Nadie and Ellis. Ellis, Ricardo, and Lirio attempt to free Nadie, but L.A., having killed the two policemen at the HQ, decides to kill Nadie before that. Nadie, having taunted L.A. about how human he seems despite having a hatred for them, is saved by Ellis before he's able to kill her. As a last-ditch attempt to separate them, L.A. reveals why Nadie originally approached Ellis, but his attempt backfires when Ellis declares that no matter why she did, Nadie is most important to her. With this, L.A. flees defeated in both his plan and his desire to win Ellis's heart.

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27 votes
A Woman Divine

#2 - A Woman Divine

El Cazador de la Bruja Season 1 - Episode 25

Ellis and Nadie arrive at Wiñay Marka (in which they've been seeking, and which has a strong resemblance with Machu Picchu) and meet up with Rosenberg. Reciting the witches' ancient lore, Rosenberg takes control of Ellis's powers and uses them to harm Nadie. With Nadie nearing death, Ellis requests that she kill her so that she can't be harmed by Rosenberg. Nadie reluctantly and tearfully accepts the request, and Ellis declares her love for her. However, even after Ellis is killed, Nadie dies shortly after from her injuries. Ricardo, Lirio, and Blue Eyes arrive and with some help from Lirio, Blue Eyes's witch powers awaken and with them, she revives Ellis who in turn revives Nadie. With the cave collapsing, Ellis and Nadie pursue a fleeing Rosenberg. With the two girls facing off against him, Ellis, with Nadie's support, recites Nadie's favorite saying before shooting Rosenberg and ending the threat of Project Leviathan for good.

star 9.85
27 votes
A Woman Who Conceals

#3 - A Woman Who Conceals

El Cazador de la Bruja Season 1 - Episode 13

The heroines end up in a town that is supposedly abandoned due to a disease outbreak. Nadie, however, suspects otherwise, which is confirmed when they discover a biological research facility nearby and are ambushed by gunmen wearing protective suits. Separated from Ellis, Nadie enters the research facility to find her but instead finds a shocking revelation about the other girl's past.

star 9.82
28 votes
A Woman Who Puts it On

#4 - A Woman Who Puts it On

El Cazador de la Bruja Season 1 - Episode 5

The girls' jeep gets sabotaged, forcing them to stop in a nearby village for the night. There, Ellis gets kidnapped by a bounty hunter assisted by a local girl who dreams of going to the city, prompting Nadie to mount a rescue.

star 9.81
27 votes

#5 - Camouflage

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom Season 1 - Episode 13

Reiji is accused by Isaac of lying to hide Cal away from him as he wanted to interrogate Cal regarding the shootings in his turf. Reiji and Lizzie face McGuire, Isaac and Claudia on whether the former was hiding something from them. He promises to train Cal to be an assassin like him as he claimed she has the potential to be a killer like him. Before going to the meeting, Cal showed him the $5 million dollars she hid from the scene after Judy was killed by stray fire and pleading to him to kill those responsible for Judy's death yesterday. In the end, Reiji is conflicted on how he could avenge Judy's death and train Cal to be a successful assassin at the same time.

star 8.31
70 votes
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Dear My Friend

#6 - Dear My Friend

A Place Further Than the Universe Season 1 - Episode 5

It's been several months since their training, and the girls' trip to Antarctica is drawing near. With Rin's help, Kimari manages to sort out her luggage, and in doing so, finds a game she borrowed from Megumi a long time ago. When she visits her friend to return it and talk about old times, though, Megumi doesn't seem to remember it at all...

star 7.97
59 votes
The Past

#7 - The Past

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom Season 1 - Episode 7

Ein leaves Zwei to meet Scythe Master, while Zwei decides to practice his driving while she is gone. However, McCunnen appears and begins to move in on Zwei, to which Scythe Master warns Ein not to let the infatuated McCunnen steal Zwei away. Meanwhile, Ms. McCunnen starts to form her own plans within Inferno. Later on in the day, Zwei has a dream about his past, where he witnesses a murder of an Inferno target, shot by Ein. After fleeing for days, Zwei is caught by Ein and Scythe Master, who seems interested in his innate ability to survive. After waking up, Zwei asks Ein whether she has had any dreams about her past, to which she say she has. However, she is apathetic and uninterested in finding out her past. Later on, the two are asked to back up a Phantom operation that consists of stealing 500 kilograms of cocaine. Right as they are about to head out, Zwei is asked to switch jobs and protect Ms. McCunnen in Lizzie's place instead. Though hesitant at first, Ein insists that Zwei follow Ms. McCunnen's orders, so Zwei agrees. Meanwhile, Raymond McGuire and Ms. McCunnen's plans to get rid of Scythe Master are revealed.

star 7.89
106 votes
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#8 - Awakening

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom Season 1 - Episode 1

A teenage Japanese boy wakes up to find himself alone in an empty room with no memory of his own identity or past. He surveys the room he is in and discovers he is a Japanese tourist and suddenly realizes the only thing he can remember is that someone was trying to kill him. While he explores the seemingly abandoned building, he is suddenly attacked again by the masked person from his memories and is told to fight with everything he has or die. Meanwhile, someone is remotely watching his actions. Deciding that he wants to live, he fights back and momentarily gains an advantage; as he attempts to make a killing blow, the mask cracks and his attacker is revealed to be a girl. Instead, he attempts to leave but finds himself surrounded by a desert and the girl, no longer attacking him and introduced as Ein, tells him he will now either live on as an assassin named Zwei or be killed. These scenes are interspersed with a flash forward of Zwei and Ein working together as "Phantom" on an assassination mission. Ein, poses as a maid, along with Zwei, manage to eliminate an entire household of armed guards and the head of a mafia boss in Las Vegas, once again proving their absolute power and indispensability to a mysterious organization called Inferno.

star 7.67
179 votes
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Partial Friendship

#9 - Partial Friendship

A Place Further Than the Universe Season 1 - Episode 10

At last, the girls have arrived in Antarctica, and are awed by the scene before them. No one's been at Syowa Station in three years, so there's a lot to do to get it cleaned up. As the girls keep themselves busy, Yuzuki seems to make up her mind about something.

star 7.67
50 votes

#10 - Homecoming

Halo Legends Season 1 - Episode 4

Homecoming focuses on one of Master Chief’s fellow Spartan-IIs as she assists UNSC forces in battle against the Covenant. During the firefight, she experiences a number of flashbacks to when she was a young girl growing up within the top-secret and morally questionable Spartan program.

star 7.25
195 votes
What Should I Do ?

#11 - What Should I Do ?

All Out!! Season 1 - Episode 4

It looks like Keijo may be making a comeback in their game against Keijo thanks to prodigal first-year Oharano Estugo. However, their opponent is one of Kanagawa's top four teams. The match begins going poorly under their opponents' skillfull assault. In order to change the flow of the game, Sekizan subs in the amateur Gion! Will Gion have a chance to shine in his very first match? Jinko VS Keijo finally comes to a close!!

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I Ate Too Much Shaved Ice

#12 - I Ate Too Much Shaved Ice

All Out!! Season 1 - Episode 10

With their game against Todo-dai Sagami over, the Jinko rugby team has even more work to do. At Komori's suggestion, they engage in a slightly unusual practice session on the beach! While there, Gion begins to wonder if there's a better position for him on the team... After receiving advice from Oharano, Gion and Kamo head to Ryoin Academy to scout out the best flanker in Kanagawa!!

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Joint Practice

#13 - Joint Practice

All Out!! Season 1 - Episode 12

Joint practice with Keijo High. Since meeting Sekito, Gion has begun to see his own path. In order to become a flanker, he chooses to particiate in the fowards' practice. Gion is inspired by the hard work of the fowards of one of the best teams in Kangawa. To wrap things up, a practice game of Jinko & Keijo mixed teams is held!!

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You've Prepared

#14 - You've Prepared

All Out!! Season 1 - Episode 16

With the Sugadaira training camp starting tomorrow, Sekizan and Hachioji take their brief day off to go out together. In contrast with Umeno and Rie's wild fantasies, the two of them are simply going to a lunch meeting at Coach Komori's house. When Gion discovers what they're up to, he tries to go with them, but Sekizan sends him away! Then the persistent Gion comes up with a plan to accompany them to lunch!!

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Your Turf

#15 - Your Turf

All Out!! Season 1 - Episode 22

With the Ryoin match coming up, the stagnating Gion practices tackling with Kasuga, Hyosu, and Ise! On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is Susa. Susa tells Oharano he doesn't know how it feels to just barely make the cut. Oharano becomes enraged by Susa's words, and the two end up in an argument...

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