The Best Episodes Directed by Kevin Altieri

The Demon's Quest (Part 2)

#1 - The Demon's Quest (Part 2)

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 58

After freeing Talia from her father's clutches and escaping from an avalanche, Batman and Robin follow the only clue they have - the word 'Orpheus'. After discovering that 'Orpheus' is Ra's private satellite that will orbit over the Sahara, the duo travel to the Demon's desert stronghold. There, Batman learns that the satellite is actually a weapon which will explosively destroy all the Lazarus Pits simultaneously, throughout the world, destroying all the life that exists.

star 8.22
87 votes
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The Demon's Quest (Part 1)

#2 - The Demon's Quest (Part 1)

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 57

When Robin is mysteriously abducted from his college campus, the Batman begins a fruitless search ... until he is astounded by the sudden appearance in the Batcave of Ra's Al Ghul. Ra's quickly reveals that his daughter, Talia, has been abducted under circumstances similar to Robin's, suggesting that the same persons are responsible. So begins an uneasy truce between the Batman and 'The Demon'.

star 8.21
103 votes
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Two-Face (Part 2)

#3 - Two-Face (Part 2)

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 18

Now calling himself Two-Face, Dent goes on a crime spree throughout Gotham, attacking Rupert Thorne's businesses to draw the gangster out of hiding. Batman must find a way to stop his former friend before he and Thorne kill each other.

star 8.20
200 votes
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Two-Face (Part 1)

#4 - Two-Face (Part 1)

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 17

Harvey Dent, campaigning for a re-election, vows to rid Gotham of Rupert Thorne's crime and corruption. The tables turn when Thorne gets a hold of Dent's psychological records and discovers his alternate personality: the violent Big Bad Harv. Thorne attempts to blackmail Dent with this, and the following fight in Thorne's chemical plant hideout results in an explosion that scars the left side of Dent's body, despite Batman's attempts to save him.

star 8.19
213 votes
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#5 - Harlequinade

Batman: The Animated Series Season 2 - Episode 10

The Joker steals an atomic bomb and Batman and Robin must team up with Harley Quinn in order to find him.

star 8.09
122 votes
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Feat of Clay (Part 2)

#6 - Feat of Clay (Part 2)

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 5

Bruce Wayne is released from prison on bail. Hagen, as it turns out, survived the murder attempt on him, but at a high cost: the formula entered is body and soaked every single one of his cells, mutating him into a shape-shifting mutant. With his newfound powers, Hagen, now calling himself Clayface, decides to take his revenge on Daggett and his men. Can Batman bring Daggett to justice and stop Clayface before innocent people are hurt?

star 8.08
342 votes
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Now and Then (1)

#7 - Now and Then (1)

Transformers: Rescue Bots Season 3 - Episode 27

The Island of Griffin Rock vanishes from the ocean.

star 8.06
18 votes
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Harley's Holiday

#8 - Harley's Holiday

Batman: The Animated Series Season 3 - Episode 6

After being discharged from Arkham, Harley Quinn tries to lead a normal life but she keeps getting into trouble.

star 8.05
126 votes
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First Steps

#9 - First Steps

The Spectacular Spider-Man Season 2 - Episode 5

Things seem to be going well for Peter Parker when he is invited to Flash Thompson's birthday party. Things change, however, when Sandman returns with a score to settle.

star 8.01
66 votes
Destructive Testing

#10 - Destructive Testing

The Spectacular Spider-Man Season 2 - Episode 2

Spider-Man faces off against Kraven the Hunter while Peter must decide between Liz Allen and Gwen Stacy.

star 7.88
80 votes
Off Balance

#11 - Off Balance

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 44

While following Count Vertigo's trail, Batman encounters Talia, daughter of the head of the Society of Shadows, who was sent by her father to prevent the capture of a sonic drill that the Count stole. But after his identity is mistakenly revealed to Talia, Batman remains off-balance as to where her true loyalties lie.

star 7.83
104 votes
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#12 - Accomplices

The Spectacular Spider-Man Season 2 - Episode 8

Doctor Octopus, Hammerhead and Silver Sable fight over control of New York City's crime underworld.

star 7.82
61 votes
Heart of Steel (Part 1)

#13 - Heart of Steel (Part 1)

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 39

Several robberies take place at major companies, including Wayne Enterprises, and Bruce Wayne, as Batman, discovers the thief to be a mechanical briefcase. Bruce meets with his old friend, Karl Rossum, an expert in robotics who lost his daughter to a vehicle accident years ago. He also meets Rossum's assistant, Randa Duane, and Rossum's ultimate creation: a prototype A.I. known as Holographic Analytical Reciprocating Digital Computer (H.A.R.D.A.C.) Bruce invites Duane to dinner, and around the same time, certain civilians start acting strangely. Most surprising is when Duane unexpectedly leaves Wayne Manor while Bruce is on the phone, and the entire Batcave turns on Batman.

star 7.81
121 votes
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The Last Laugh

#14 - The Last Laugh

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 15

The Joker covers Gotham City in a cloud of laughing gas and begins plundering the crazed city. But after Alfred is infected with the toxin, Batman has added incentive to stop the Joker and acquire an antidote from him before all of Gotham dies with a smile.

star 7.80
236 votes
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Heart of Steel (Part 2)

#15 - Heart of Steel (Part 2)

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 40

Batman manages to free himself from the Batcave's clutches, and brings it back under his control, although he fails to track Duane down. Barbara Gordon approaches Batman to inform him of her father's sudden change in behaviour. A brutal fight between Batman and Detective Bullock ensues, during which Batman pushes Bullock onto the Bat Signal, and reveals him to actually be an android, meaning that the real Bullock and James Gordon have gone missing, and Batman knows who the culprit is: H.A.R.D.A.C. Can he stop the evil supercomputer before it's too late?

star 7.79
113 votes
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#16 - Avatar

Batman: The Animated Series Season 2 - Episode 8

Batman must stop Ra's Al Ghul when he attempts to unleash the power of the ancient God Thoth Khepera.

star 7.77
99 votes
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The Mechanic

#17 - The Mechanic

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 48

Thanks to a freak accident during a high-speed chase, the Batmobile is virtually demolished. After Batman takes the car to his personal mechanic, Earl Cooper, the Penguin makes his move and tampers with the Batmobile, putting it under his control.

star 7.74
107 votes
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Deep Freeze

#18 - Deep Freeze

Batman: The Animated Series Season 3 - Episode 10

Aging billionaire Grant Walker breaks Mr. Freeze out of prison so he can use the scientist's knowledge to can gain immortality and cover the world in a new ice age.

star 7.73
95 votes
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The Cat & the Claw (Part 1)

#19 - The Cat & the Claw (Part 1)

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 1

Batman encounters a new cat burglar, Catwoman, and around the same time, meets a woman named Selina Kyle (as Bruce Wayne), to whom he is visibly attracted. When Selina runs into trouble with a terrorist cartel known as The Red Claw (who wants the mountain lion sanctuary she was trying to protect), she decides to take matters into her own hands and investigate.

star 7.73
931 votes
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Night of the Ninja

#20 - Night of the Ninja

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 28

A mysterious ninja is robbing Wayne Enterprises subsidiaries, and Batman discovers that the ninja is actually his equal in combat. A grudge against Bruce Wayne and skills to match him can only mean one person: Kyodai Ken, an old rival of Wayne's from his days in Japan, and whom was thrown out of the dojo after attempting to rob it, only to be stopped by Wayne. Ken, it turns out, wants revenge.

star 7.66
156 votes
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#21 - Bane

Batman: The Animated Series Season 3 - Episode 1

Rupert Thorne hires the chemically-augmented assassin Bane to kill Batman.

star 7.65
143 votes
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The Clock King

#22 - The Clock King

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 14

After his company goes bankrupt (without a hearing), Temple Fugate takes up the mantle of the Clock King and pursues the one who he believes responsible for his loss: Mayor Hill, who merely persuaded Fugate to take a later coffee break, which ended in disaster. Can Batman rescue Hill in time, despite his dislike for the Mayor?

star 7.63
205 votes
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On Leather Wings

#23 - On Leather Wings

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 2

When a horrifying bat creature terrorizes Gotham City, the authorities conclude it must be Batman and put out an all-points bulletin on the Dark Knight . Meanwhile, Batman's investigation leads him to the laboratory of Kirk Langstrom, a prominent zoologist, who has been experimenting with a formula that turns him into the ManBat creature. Not only does Batman have to capture Man-Bat in order to save Langstrom, but also to set the police straight and clear his name

star 7.63
581 votes
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#24 - Subtext

The Spectacular Spider-Man Season 2 - Episode 11

Green Goblin returns and black-mails Liz Allen's brother, Mark. Spider-Man tries his best to stop him, but is it too late?

star 7.58
59 votes

#25 - P.O.V.

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 13

A botched police operation results in the suspension of those involved: Officer Wilkes, Officer Montoya and Harvey Bullock. Confronted by their superiors, each of them is forced to tell their tale of what happened that night.

star 7.54
218 votes
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Eternal Youth

#26 - Eternal Youth

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 16

Several rich industrialists are invited to the Eternal Youth Health Spa, and that's where they are last seen before disappearing. The only connection: they had something to do with the death of plants. Bruce Wayne also receives an invitation (although it was one of his greedy directors who nearly made the deal to destroy a rainforest before Bruce forced him to shut the operation down), but Alfred and his "lady friend", Maggie, go in his place. When they don't return, Batman is forced to investigate, discovering that the spa is run by Poison Ivy, and that she has been using a formula to turn the industrialists into humanoid trees, including Alfred and Maggie.

star 7.43
175 votes
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#27 - Showdown

Batman: The Animated Series Season 4 - Episode 2

Batman and Robin learn about the exploits of Jonah Hex an Old West crimefighter who once dealt with the immortal Ra's Al Ghul.

star 7.39
102 votes
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Plus One

#28 - Plus One

Transformers: Rescue Bots Season 4 - Episode 4

When Heatwave invites her to take a turn at leadership, Quickshadow disrupts the Rescue Bots team's dynamic.

star 7.21
38 votes
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#29 - Grill

Transformers: Prime Season 2 - Episode 9

Following from the events of the previous episode, Agent Fowler is sat down to explain recent events to his superior, the cynical and disbelieving General Bryce. Threatened with a military tribunal and Team Prime's termination, Fowler tries to convince the General that the Autobots are still on the military's side, but the General believes that Optimus Prime went rogue and has perished, failing to fully understand that Nemesis Prime was not the real Optimus.

star 7.09
61 votes
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More Than Meets the Eye

#30 - More Than Meets the Eye

Transformers: Rescue Bots Season 3 - Episode 25

While Doc's magician sister visits Griffin Rock, an injured Chase keeps watch from the Command Center, where he uncovers mysteries both magical and real.

star 6.89
19 votes
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