The BEST episodes directed by Ken Horn

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#1 - Manhunt

Heartbeat - Season 2 - Episode 3

Nick interrupts an armed robbery which is taking place at the Aidensfield's Arms and his hit over the head and ends up locked in the cellar with George and Claude. During the night Greengrass starts to drink himself silly and ends up giving Nick tip offs about offences that have been committed in the area recently. In the morning they are all found and rescued With a little help from Claude Nick suspects a known villain called Robinson who has a record for armed robberies and goes to visit his home, where is wife - Nell and her two daughters insist he has run of with another woman. But it emerges he in fact died from a heart attack during another recent robbery and was left on Nells doorstep and she and her daughter buried him on the moors some they could still came his National Assistance. As Nell is being questioned another robbery happens and it turns out Nell and her daughters carried on with the robberies. Meanwhile Nick shows up Claude by giving him recognition for all the crimes

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Love Child
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#2 - Love Child

Heartbeat - Season 4 - Episode 5

A break in occurs at the Children's Department of Ashfordly Council Offices, Nick disturbs the intruder but the burglar escapes with a file detailing an abortion. Kate helps a girl named Sandie when she cuts her hand and a toddler goes missing in Whitby. It turns out Sandie did the robbery and abducted the child believing it to be the baby she gave up for adoption. Greengrass is into pigeon racing and is horrified when peregrine falcons kill one of his pigeons. He tells Nick who, tells Claude its not a police matter. Two bird watchers then have their falcon eggs smashed for which Blaketon naturally suspects Greengrass, it turns out Lord Ashfordly's game keeper is responsible and Greengrass demands an apology from Blaketon - but doesn't get it!

Bad Apple
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#3 - Bad Apple

Heartbeat - Season 7 - Episode 1

Claude is persuaded to stand bail for a burglar purely as a business arrangement, for which he does finally get his payment from the man's wealthy wife to be. Nick buys Jo an engagement ring, which she shows off down the pub! The engagement celebrations are ruined when Jo breaks the news to her parents. Her Mother strongly objects to the marriage, and makes no secret of how much she disapproves of her daughter marrying a ‘village bobby'.

Leaving Home
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#4 - Leaving Home

Heartbeat - Season 7 - Episode 5

Claude is in trouble when two dangerous villains dump a batch of stolen cigarettes on him. Luckily he helps the police and sets the thieves up to be caught. Jo's mother's illness isn't improving and she goes into hospital for tests but later Jo receives the tragic news that her mother has died. A girl and her dad are staying in Aidensfield. She befriends a local boy who turns out to be her brother.

Bitter Harvest
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#5 - Bitter Harvest

Heartbeat - Season 2 - Episode 4

Local farmer, Reg Manston notices one of his cows looks very ill and asks Nick to visit him. On Nick's arrival, Manston tells Nick that he suspects the animal may infected with the highly contagious disease known as Foot and Mouth. The local vet - Martin Thomas is called in performs test on Manston's herd. He phones the ministry of Agriculture while and sends the his tests away for confirmation of the disease. Meanwhile Nick as part of the regulations of the disease has to guard the farm entrance to check no one enters or leave the farm. The whole area becomes affected by the outbreak when it means that no social events can happen at the risk of the disease spreading, which annoys George whose bar is totally empty of customers. Meanwhile another farmer (and Manston's neighbour), Sam Carver is breaking the disease outbreak regulations by transporting his infected dead sheep to another area. In the meantime Manston's herd are shot and burned to prevent the disease from spreading. After

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Giving the Game Away
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#6 - Giving the Game Away

Heartbeat - Season 6 - Episode 9

Erol, a man Nick helped out when he was in trouble with the police in London comes to the area.. But when reports of trespassers, and theft come in Blaketon suspects Erol. Nick is annoyed because he thinks Blaketon's assumptions have been made on the fact that Erol is coloured, and takes exception to his attitude. But when more evidence is found Nick is forced to question Erol. Erol is asked to play in the Aidensfield cricket team, and he helps win them a match, but he knows someone from where he used to work is after him, so he makes a run for it but gets cornered. Luckily Nick and Phil arrive in time. Nick's mum is up for a visit, and Nick suspects something's wrong and won't believe her when she denies it. Ruby meets Jo and sets her and Nick up, they agree to give it another go.

The Family Way
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#7 - The Family Way

Heartbeat - Season 7 - Episode 7

A little boy is injured in a car accident. The driver becomes involved with the police but Blaketon finds that not everything's straight forward.. Jo's Dad is extremely distresses about the death of his wife. His cap is found by a railway line and is handed in to the police. Nick asks him about it, and he admits he considered taking his life, but the thought of what it would do to Jo brings him back to his senses. Nick is understanding as he knows how terrible was when he lost Kate. It is this conversation that seems to break some barriers between them and he now approves of Nick's relationship with Jo. Claude's brother Cyril is in the area looking for property.

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The Peking Gun
75 votes

#8 - The Peking Gun

Lovejoy - Season 5 - Episode 9

Charlie Gimbert asks Lovejoy to value a colonial widow's Chinese treasures. Lovejoy is interested in an unusual Peking cannon and gets Charlotte's opinion on it. The cannon has great significance for a Chinese tong, and Lovejoy and Charlotte are in danger as the Chinese community prepares to do battle over it.

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Red Herring
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#9 - Red Herring

Heartbeat - Season 4 - Episode 9

A Russian defector is on the run. A Russian ship docks in Whitby and a fight amongst the crew breaks out in a local pub. One sailor thinks he's killed his skipper and asks Nick for Political asylum. When Nick and Alf take him to the immigration office he makes a run for it and they lose him. Blaketon is not impressed but when the sailor finds out that he didn't kill the Skipper he says he needs to get back on the ship. Nick and Claude arrange a plan to sneak the sailor back onto the ship and it works. During all of this Greengrass has been trout poaching with a priest! Dr Radcliff's daughter goes missing on a cliff side and a search is mounted for her - she is found unharmed.

Old Colonials
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#10 - Old Colonials

Heartbeat - Season 6 - Episode 2

Claude's nephew comes to visit but he brings his latest business partner who is American along with him. They ask Claude if they can use his place for storage. There are a few burglaries in the area including Ashfordly hall. Walter Gillis is trying to put Bill Ruane in the frame because he wants a chance to buy his stables. But it turns out that it was Walter himself who robbed Ashfordly hall, and it was the American who had done the two other burglaries. Claude is upset to find that the stolen goods had been hidden on his property. Nick asks Jo to dinner but is called out and Jo offers to baby-sit. Eileen comes home to find her curled up asleep on the sofa with Katie.

Swings and Roundabouts
76 votes

#11 - Swings and Roundabouts

Lovejoy - Season 5 - Episode 11

Boswell, a friend of Lovejoy's who runs a travelling fair, asks Lovejoy to sell some silver candlesticks for him. However, the police arrive, saying they are stolen property, and Boswell is arrested. Meanwhile, an American friend of Charlotte's wants to buy the fairground Carousel.

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Primal Instinct
13 votes

#12 - Primal Instinct

Heartbeat - Season 1 - Episode 9

Muriel Gerard returns from church with her mother one Sunday morning to find that her husband, Andrew - a former DCS from Scotland Yard, has been shot dead. She informs Nick who arrives with Kate who confirms the death. A huge murder hunt then starts and two detectives from the Met - a DCI Merton and DC Langdon are sent up from London to take charge of the investigation. Langdon whose an old friend of Nick's stays with him and Kate at the police house. Its thought that Gerard was killed by an old criminal who he'd put away who was now free and wanting their revenge. But after questioning from Langdon suspicion falls on his wife -Muriel. Nick hears from Alex via Kate that Gerard was known for beating Muriel and so it's thought that she just killed him in anger for her pain and misery over the years. However when she is arrested and taken to the station Nick realizes that Muriel's mother - Victoria Wainwright is in fact the murderer and goes to see her and she confesses to it. She couldn

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Wild Thing
12 votes

#13 - Wild Thing

Heartbeat - Season 4 - Episode 1

Insp. Crossley has an interesting idea as to what has been responsible for a series of attacks on sheep - he thinks a puma did it - much to the Ashfordly Police's amusement!!!!!!!! He keeps to his theory until Alfred is put in the frame for the crime. Claude is ordered to have Alfred destroyed, Claude violently objects and even steels Alfred back. But Nick doesn't believe Alfred is to blame and catches the real culprits in time. They were sheep rustlers, and Blaketon has great fun in informing Insp. Crossley of this fact!

Lost and Found
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#14 - Lost and Found

Heartbeat - Season 4 - Episode 14

A man comes to Aidensfield who has mislaid his suitcase on a train.. The suitcase contained his wife's ashes. His purpose for his visit was to try and make peace with his mother in law after a fierce misunderstanding years ago.. There is a village fete with everyone involved, whilst the police uncover some weapons from a hot dog stand. Alfred is supposed to enter the Lurcher Challenge Cup race but unfortunately George lets him loose on the ale.

Old Friends
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#15 - Old Friends

Heartbeat - Season 6 - Episode 16

An old flame of Eileen's turns up. He is a French man named Antonin, who urges Eileen to marry him. She declines because of her commitment to Katie. Nick goes undercover as a harbour worker to catch an escapee prisoner. Phil goes missing during the operation and is found trapped on one of the boats. Claude is buying fish under false means, Nick notices what's going on and advises him to stay away from Whitby - which is where the investigation is taking place.