The BEST episodes directed by Ken'ichi Ishikura

The Days of No Return
37 votes

#1 - The Days of No Return

Gun X Sword - Season 1 - Episode 12

Michael has begun activating Saudade of Sunday deep underneath Zonnet Junction. Gadved, who is a former friend of Van, appears before him at Zonnet Junction offering him to join the reestablished Original Seven. When Gadved reveals he is now working for The Claw, Van becomes enraged and challenges him to a duel. Fasalina, the woman who introduced the poisonous flower to Haeta, confronts Carmen at the train station, stealing the data disk. Joshua loses sight of Wendy, who wanders through the sky park within the train station and unknowingly encounters The Claw himself. They discuss how dreams make lives meaningful. As Joshua finds Wendy, Fasalina gives The Claw his prosthetic clawed hand.

The Secret Base
61 votes

#2 - The Secret Base

IS: Infinite Stratos - Season 2 - Episode 6

Laura appears in the nick of time to protect Ichika and Madoka flees. Some time later, Charlotte is assigned to perform some escort job and with the other girls all busy, Ichika offers himself to assist her. While dealing with some attackers, Ichika protects Char from an explosion and back at the academy, his Byakushiki is confiscated after displaying some abnormal behavior. With instructions to not fill the others about it, Char decides to watch over Ichika by herself as long as he is defenseless, but she comes into another predicament when her panties vanish mysteriously. Charlotte then discovers that changing her underwear does not solve the problem as it vanishes as soon as she puts it on, thus she is forced to keep going commando even at the risk of Ichika figuring out. Noting that something is wrong with her, Houki, Cecilia and Lingyin manage to have her reveal all the truth and the three start fighting for the right of becoming Ichika's bodyguard until Tatenashi appears to reprimand them for causing a commotion inside the school. Just when Charlotte decides to reveal the truth to Ichika, Laura appears and confirms that her panties had returned as the interference causing malfunctions of both Ichika and Charlotte's IS had subsided. Back at their room, Laura points out to Charlotte that all her troubles could be averted if she had put on a bloomer instead of panties, much to her chagrin.

Don't Loose Yourself!!
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#3 - Don't Loose Yourself!!

Ah! My Buddha - Season 2 - Episode 6

After a week of training at Saichouji, Hinata and Ikkou are required to go into Danda Cave, one of the few places close to hell, to complete Hinata's training. Hinata manages to relinquish her ties to her demon associates, with exception of the little demon, for her sister's love. Worried about Hinata and Ikkou, the rest of the gang go to Saichouji to meet them. When Jotoku finds out that the girls have abandoned their chores, she gets Miyako to assign them chores, namely shell-diving in see-through. It is revealed that Miyako is Haruka's older sister.

Don't Be Spoiled!!
115 votes

#4 - Don't Be Spoiled!!

Ah! My Buddha - Season 2 - Episode 11

One of Kazuki's subordinates, a vengeful ghost, creates chaos in Japan with flying zombies. The girls attempt to exorcise the zombies by themselves but the task proves too hard. They find Ikkou ballgagged, bound with bondage restraints by Jotoku for dismally failing all his subjects at school. Ikkou awakens and successfully exorcises all the spirit but faints afterwards. Kazuki's jealousy is tangible when she sees Ikkou and Chitose together.

Losing Streak
6 votes

#5 - Losing Streak

TAMAYOMI: The Baseball Girls - Season 1 - Episode 5

Hoping a training camp will fix some of their problems, the girls learn the hard way that there's no quick fix to becoming a winning team.

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The Healer Becomes a Single, Lovely Flower!
62 votes

#6 - The Healer Becomes a Single, Lovely Flower!

Redo of Healer - Season 1 - Episode 10

How does one catch a predator? Keyarga turns himself into the perfect bait.

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