The Best Episodes Directed by Keith Washington


#1 - N.F.A.

The Bill Season 5 - Episode 11

W.P.C. Brind chases two bag snatchers, but they get away. She later spots one of them crossing the road and nicks him. The victim, Mrs Foster-Adams, is taken to the station to make a statement, but ends up more trouble than she's worth - she eventually makes a complaint against Ch. Supt. Brownlow for ""gloating"". P.C. Ramsey and P.C. Melvin are paired together on patrol, a combination Brownlow warns Insp. Frazer not to repeat. Ramsey drives his car at some schoolkids ""for some sport"", and throws his truncheon at a can on a wall, setting off a burglar alarm. D.C. Lines investigates and finds the truncheon. Ramsey and Melvin catch a glue-sniffing prowler, who injures Ramsey's finger. Tosh recognises the man, and convinces Ramsey to drop the assault charge.

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The Price You Pay

#2 - The Price You Pay

The Bill Season 5 - Episode 12

W.P.C. Martella visits a friend of hers, Alison Page, who has been badly beaten up. Alison is on the game, and her attacker was a client. D.S. Roach arrests the man, but he is a diplomat and the Home Office demands his release. D.I. Burnside tells Roach to warn Alison's father, George Page, not to do anything stupid, but when the diplomat is beaten up, it is clear Roach did nothing to stop him. P.C. Stamp and P.C. Haynes investigate when a bookie claims his door has been glued shut. His disgruntled clients claim he hasn't paid their winnings, but Stamp convinces them to go double or quits. The relief bets on the same dog, and it wins the race.

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Luck Of The Draw

#3 - Luck Of The Draw

The Bill Season 5 - Episode 27

Ted goes undercover to catch a gang running a lottery scam. If the workers don't join, they have an industrial accident. An old lady comes to the station to pay a non-existant P.C. some money.

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Fool's Gold

#4 - Fool's Gold

The Bill Season 5 - Episode 29

Carver, Yorkie and Ramsey bring in a suspect with a shooter. Suspect is tied in with Post Office jobs and cuts a deal with Burnside. A D.I. from Serious Crime comes to talk to suspect. Viv brings a boy who has been shoplifting condoms. His mum has been gone 3 days.

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The Problem at Gallows Gate (2)

#5 - The Problem at Gallows Gate (2)

Jonathan Creek Season 2 - Episode 5

Jonathan & Maddy continue to investigate the mystery at Gallow's Gate.

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Mother Redcap

#6 - Mother Redcap

Jonathan Creek Season 2 - Episode 6

When a judge receives a death threat due to a high profile case he receives round the clock protection. Despite this he is still killed, but how did the killer manage to get past the police and how did he appear to have defied time...?

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The Curious Tale of Mr. Spearfish

#7 - The Curious Tale of Mr. Spearfish

Jonathan Creek Season 3 - Episode 1

A couple's lives are dramatically transformed after the husband enters into a pact with the devil - he has since found buried treasure and appears to be able to defy death.

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The Omega Man

#8 - The Omega Man

Jonathan Creek Season 3 - Episode 3

Professor Lance Graumann - a leading authority on extra terrestrial phenomena invites Maddy to see his latest discovery -a perfectly preserved alien skeleton. However the American military have other plans and take the skeleton - however when they open the case at their military base it's no where to be found...

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The Problem at Gallows Gate (1)

#9 - The Problem at Gallows Gate (1)

Jonathan Creek Season 2 - Episode 4

Jonathan is lumbered with baby-sitting Adam's sister Kitty, and ends up taking her to a badger watch with Maddy. But Kitty ends up seeing more than just badgers in the woods....But how can a man who apparently committed suicide be seen killing a woman three weeks later..?

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The Eyes of Tiresias

#10 - The Eyes of Tiresias

Jonathan Creek Season 3 - Episode 2

Audrey Panguitch, a 73 year-old widow, appears to be able to predict death through her vivid dreams, when an international businessman is murdered in a way in which she foresaw. And then there is another death which she appears to have had a premonition about. A tin of Goldfish food may hold the key!...

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#11 - Tulip

The Bill Season 5 - Episode 71

Roach and Dashwood arrest a man at an after match function. The suspect tries to help a girl and gets stabbed. Roach gets very little cooperation at another police station and has a run-in with the Inspector. The girl (Tulip) is a prostitute and they talk to her pimp to help look for her. They find her at the hospital when they go to pick up the suspect who turns out to have caused Tulip to miscarry.

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Nothing But The Truth

#12 - Nothing But The Truth

The Bill Season 5 - Episode 72

Burnside is having problems with the C.P.S.(Crown Prosecuting Service). He asks Brind to check a warrant on a man asked after by the C.P.S. Carver is having a hard time in CID. He is told not towear his emotions on his sleeve. he is thinking about going back to uniform.

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The Return Of The Prodigal Son

#13 - The Return Of The Prodigal Son

The Bill Season 5 - Episode 101

Greig has been made Acting D. I. and Ted takes it up with Conway when he gets back. Ted is bringing in a prisoner who has been on the run for 12 months. His mum and sister are coming in later to see him. His solicitor wants bail because he is terminally ill. They want his mum to take his cases home. A man from the Drugs Squad turns up looking for Burnside. Heroin is going to be delivered on the estate and they want help getting it. The drug dogs go berserk when they go pass the suspect's cases. While Susanne and Reg are out looking for a drunk, they nick another one. When they put him the van they notice a group of men who take off when they see the cops. Before they can give chase, they hear an explosion. Susanne goes into the caretaker's burning flat to rescue his daughter. The caretaker is dealing drugs

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Against The Odds

#14 - Against The Odds

The Bill Season 6 - Episode 11

Dashwood is walking through an old subway and is approached by a snout with info about a potential gang war on the plot. Burnside is off with a bad back and Greig is acting D.I. again. He takes Viv off earlies. Greig is not happy about the snout and makes Dashwood write everything down. Conway is pleased Burnside is off sick. He is in the custody suite checking on times prisoners have been held. Conway is also not happy about the info of the gang war.

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Living Memories

#15 - Living Memories

Casualty Season 3 - Episode 7

A little girl's rushed in and the doctors quick actions, saves her life and Megan comforts the relived mother. A man dressed as a rabbit comes in, having been pushed through a plate glass window, needs attention and his companion, also in fancy dress disguised as a chicken, causes a few laughs. Valerie Sinclair is definitely not very popular amongst the staff and an old man who comes in after his wife slashed his private parts during a row, refuses to go home. A woman, suspected of having food poison, is distressed with her partner's impatience and is relieved when he leaves. Nurse Kiran Joghill finds out she's having an affair with a with him and this must be her penance for adultery. A sixteen-year-old boy, the victim of a hit and run accident, is pronounced brain dead and as he had a donor card, the parents are asked if they can use he organs but the father refuses. The irony is, the boy will now have to have a post-mortem and what the father objected to, will happen anyway.

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