The Best Episodes Directed by Keitarou Motonaga

Don't Make Me Come!!

#1 - Don't Make Me Come!!

Ah! My Buddha Season 1 - Episode 1

Ikkou awakens to exorcise a ghost in the temple. Jotoku punishes him for needing to awaken. Chitose ignores him for seeing her naked. Later, a doll begins to haunt a doll memorial service, and Chitose exposes herself to Ikkou so that he can awaken.

star 9.00
81 votes
Don't Fall Down!!

#2 - Don't Fall Down!!

Ah! My Buddha Season 2 - Episode 5

Jotoku send Hinata and Ikkou to Saichouji, Miyako's temple to allow Hinata to overcome the Six States' manifestation of darkness, her bosatsu, the demon realm. Chitose, Yuuko and Sakura follow them to the temple to be found out by Miyako and sent back to Saienji. Hinata succeeds in suppressing Ikkou after he has awakened to Miyako's dirty play.

star 9.00
84 votes
Don't Come Back to Me!!

#3 - Don't Come Back to Me!!

Ah! My Buddha Season 2 - Episode 3

Ikkou's ghost friend, Yagani, proclaims his love for Kazuki because he likes the feeling of being exorcise by her. However, Kazuki rejects his advances. She challenges Chitose at the school's annual athletics carnival for Ikkou. After a backfired sabotage attempt by Kazuki, she lock herself up in the PE equipment room with Ikkou.

star 8.50
112 votes
Don't Egg Me!!

#4 - Don't Egg Me!!

Ah! My Buddha Season 2 - Episode 8

After a fight with local gang, which uses Ikkou as hostage, Yuuko visits Ikkou in the hospital and gives him food. Ikkou faints after eating. They see a little boy refusing to do surgery because of the absence of his mother. Empathising for the little boy, Yuuko promises to make the little boy a delicious dish so that he can do surgery. They first try niku jaga, a Japanese dish made predominantly of potatoes. After many failed tries they switch to sunnyside up fried eggs. Yuuko manages to make it on her last try and the little boy approves of the end product.

star 8.50
112 votes
Don't End!!

#5 - Don't End!!

Ah! My Buddha Season 2 - Episode 12

Kazuki explains that all the times she seduced Ikkou was because of her empathy of Ikkou being sent to a temple at an early age. She over-awakens Ikkou and is consequently disappears into his soul. The awakening causes residents of Tokyo to become frenzied zombies and an unprecedented amount of spirits to appear. The gang and Jotoku exorcise the spirits and Chitose manages to stop Ikkou in his awakened state. Kazuki is released and promises to redo her training.

star 8.50
112 votes