The BEST episodes directed by Keisuke Shinohara

My Dress-Up Darling
119 votes

#1 - My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling - Season 1 - Episode 12

Summer vacation is coming to a close. Wakana received an SOS from Marin, who hadn't finished her homework, so he ended up helping her study at her house. They later realize that Marin had forgotten some math drills at school, so they go to get them. While alone at the school, Marin and Wakana make plans to go to a summer festival together. And when that day finally arrived...

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I Am Currently at a Love Hotel
112 votes

#2 - I Am Currently at a Love Hotel

My Dress-Up Darling - Season 1 - Episode 11

Liz is a succubus who appears in one of Marin's favorite slice of life series, "SuccIDK." Marin had some interest in cosplaying Liz-kyun but didn't think she could pull it off until Wakana gave her a little push. With the cosplay ready, they head to a studio for a photoshoot, but the studio happened to be a rather unexpected location.

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Backlighting Is the Best
103 votes

#3 - Backlighting Is the Best

My Dress-Up Darling - Season 1 - Episode 8

Juju's photographer and younger sister, Shinju Inui, meets Wakana and Marin for the first time. They're shocked at how opposite her appearance is to Sajuna, but they quickly become closer when they excitedly talk about cameras. Later on, Sajuna suggests that they check out the abandoned hospital that they'll be using for their group cosplay but...

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We've All Got Struggles
97 votes

#4 - We've All Got Struggles

My Dress-Up Darling - Season 1 - Episode 10

Wakana and Shinju's secret plan was a success, which added to the success of their first group cosplay photoshoot. As Juju and Shinju look through the photos from the photoshoot, the sisters find out how they both feel. Meanwhile, Marin and Wakana are enjoying their summer vacation. They were preparing Marin's cosplay for a fighting game character named Veronica-tya, but then a problem arises...

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Are These Your Girlfriend's?
117 votes

#5 - Are These Your Girlfriend's?

My Dress-Up Darling - Season 1 - Episode 4

Wakana felt relieved just for a moment after they got all of the materials they needed for Marin's cosplay, but then he's shocked to find out that he needs to finish the cosplay in two weeks. On top of that, his grandfather, Kaoru, hurts his back, so Wakana has to run the shop and he also has midterms. Wakana feels overwhelmed and gets depressed, wondering if he'll ever actually become a kashirashi at this point.

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It's Probably Because This Is the Best Boob Bag Here
111 votes

#6 - It's Probably Because This Is the Best Boob Bag Here

My Dress-Up Darling - Season 1 - Episode 5

Wakana finally completes the Shizuku cosplay. Marin is super excited that she gets to dress as her beloved Shizuku-tan and suggests that the two of them go to a cosplay event the next day. Even though it's her first time at a cosplay event, Marin gets requests for photos left and right. Wakana is overwhelmed with feelings as he watches over Marin, but...

It's All Over... I Think
55 votes

#7 - It's All Over... I Think

Kiznaiver - Season 1 - Episode 9

The Kiznaivers start to hear each others thoughts, which makes things even more complicated. Meanwhile, a secret about Sonozaki and Katsuhira is revealed.

Someone Who Lives in the Exact Opposite World as Me
156 votes

#8 - Someone Who Lives in the Exact Opposite World as Me

My Dress-Up Darling - Season 1 - Episode 1

Wakana Gojo is a high school student who dreams of becoming a kashirashi for hina dolls one day. Because his life is all about making hina dolls, he has a hard time fitting into his class because his interests are so different than anyone else’s. His classmate, Marin Kitagawa, is always at the center of attention and from another world. One day, they both end up on classroom cleaning duty and…

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Don't Stop Me Now
155 votes

#9 - Don't Stop Me Now

Little Witch Academia - Season 1 - Episode 3

The Luna Nova students begin taking broom flying lessons. Despite being unable to even get off the ground, Akko becomes eager to enter the school's traditional broom relay event after learning Chariot was one of the winners. Later, Akko goes with Lotte to a magic item café where they come across a legendary broom known as the Ryuuseimaru (Shooting Star) that has been sealed off for being too temperamental. Interested in the relay's prize offerings, Lotte and Sucy decide to help train Akko to try and ride her broom, and on the day of the relay Sucy uses her concoctions to give her team an early start and Akko an alternate means of using her broom. Meanwhile, Amanda O'Neill steals the Ryuuseimaru to use for herself, only for it to break loose and run wild, soon running into Akko. Despite being dragged around the world and shaken off, Akko manages to take ahold of the Ryuuseimaru and go neck and neck against Diana, only to fall off again when it breaks its seal and flies away, leading her to place second in the relay.

A Lot Happened After I Saw That Photo
100 votes

#10 - A Lot Happened After I Saw That Photo

My Dress-Up Darling - Season 1 - Episode 9

Gojo is able to complete the Black Lobelia and Black Lily cosplays thanks to Marin's help. Both Marin and Sajuna try on their cosplays and they're both excited about how nicely they turned out, and Marin is even more excited about their upcoming group cosplay. When the day finally arrives, Marin and Sajuna get an unexpected visitor.

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A Home Date With the Guy I Wuv Is the Best
104 votes

#11 - A Home Date With the Guy I Wuv Is the Best

My Dress-Up Darling - Season 1 - Episode 7

Marin is going to do a group cosplay with her idol, the cosplayer "Juju," whose real name is Sajuna Inui, and they're going to cosplay as Black Lobelia and Black Lily from the magical girl anime "Flower Girl Blaze!!". Wakana heads over to Marin's home so that he can borrow the "Blaze!!" DVDs for research to make the outfits for them.

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For Real?!
116 votes

#12 - For Real?!

My Dress-Up Darling - Season 1 - Episode 6

Marin and Wakana have a successful first cosplay event. Because of something Wakana said, Marin's mental and emotional state starts to change a little. Even though she was just spending time at the Gojos' home with Wakana and Kaoru to wash her outfit, she can't seem to calm down. Meanwhile, a certain person comes to Gojo Dolls after seeing the photos Marin posted onto social media of her Shizuku cosplay.

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Pure Storage
43 votes

#13 - Pure Storage

Flip Flappers - Season 1 - Episode 11

Mimi poses a threat to the world. Salt and Papika try to stop her only to be overwhelmed by their memories.

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24 votes

#14 - Self-Destruction

Ace of Diamond - Season 2 - Episode 12

Inashiro ask a change in player, replacing Hirano as pitcher with Mei. With the new team in Inashiro, there is a lack of leader, coach is thinking of making Mei the captain of this team. Mei strikes out the first batter on his first pitch. Ugumori's player Gacchan manage a steal. Inashiro sends in a messenger. Inashiro teammates reconfirm confidence in Mei, but he doesn't seem to need it, he is already confident enough. Mei pitches, and resulting in two foul, The catcher called for change-up but Mei denies, The cather then called for a forkball and Mei saids no, they can't seems to agree on the pitch. Em decides they can force their way with a fastball and batter hits resulting 2 run for Ugumori. In Seido, Sawamura tells the assistant coach not able to pitch what he want to pitch and walk away is scarier than pitching an inside ball. While samara is looking forward to the payback he will have with Inashiro, They get a call informing them the defeat of Inashiro. Coach tells Mei that an Ace that pitches for himself is not an true Ace.

If You Can Swallow a Bizarre Situation Like This So Easily, Two Buckets of Barium Shouldn't Be a Problem
74 votes

#15 - If You Can Swallow a Bizarre Situation Like This So Easily, Two Buckets of Barium Shouldn't Be a Problem

Kiznaiver - Season 1 - Episode 2

The kids are forced into doing self introductions... However, it appears that the self introductions that Sonozaki wants them to do requires much more than the usual name and what class they're in. They find out that every wrong answer has a penalty, and painfully learn that they are indeed connected to each other...

Individual Minds
23 votes

#16 - Individual Minds

Ace of Diamond - Season 2 - Episode 24

Aided by Nabe's keen observation on Ouya's plays, Seidou scores two runs on top of the sixth. Coach Araki is quick to notice Seidou's strategy and comes up with a counter.