The BEST episodes directed by Kazuhide Kondo

The "Ki" Prince of Fukuhara
31 votes

#1 - The "Ki" Prince of Fukuhara

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 8 - Episode 4

At Fukuhara High, Shion learns that the school's once-prestigious Vanguard club is past its prime and now in danger of being disbanded. Along with the club's sole remaining member, Henri Hayao, he makes a proposition to the school's board of directors; if the Vanguard club can win the U20 Championship, then the club will stay. Later, Shion and Henri have a cardfight. Noticing that Henri is playing scared, Shion helps him get over his nerves, and the two have an intense battle. After the fight, Henri remembers that they need a third member to enter the U20, and Shion knows just the person to recruit.

Yuggoth Attacks
39 votes

#2 - Yuggoth Attacks

Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! - Season 2 - Episode 10

Nyarko is usually happy and hyper, but she's caught a cold and is stuck in bed. Nyarko is smitten by Mahiro, who's being a little nicer than usual. It's then that they get a report that an intruder has shown up at the North Pole. They leave Nyarko behind to recover and find that Mi-go was waiting for them...

Say It Isn't So, Kuuko
39 votes

#3 - Say It Isn't So, Kuuko

Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! - Season 2 - Episode 5

As usual, the Yasaka household living room is the gathering area for the deities and they're rowdy as ever. However after Mahiro's request that they make their own private living space, Nyarko, Kuuko, and Hasuta finally start building their rooms. A little worried, Mahiro decides to check on each of the rooms, and then they are suddenly visited by Kuuko's cousin, Kuune, who brings Kuuko news about a marriage appointment that's been set up for her...

294 votes

#4 - Mask

Blue Exorcist - Season 1 - Episode 20

Rin and Yukio find that their friends from the monastery where they were raised where attacked by a masked individual who covered their entire bodies with an seemingly indestructible spider web. While pursuing the culprit, whose objective is to attack anyone related to the son of Satan to make him suffer, Yukio stumbles into Neuhaus who flees without further explanation. Despite having his sword sealed by the web, Rin insists to go after the masked one but is held back by Yukio and Shura, until he gets word that his Suguro, Renzo and Konekomaru are being attacked too and rushes to help them. By managing to control his flames properly, Rin defeats the attacker, who flees thanks to Neuhaus who reveals her to be his wife, and safely releases his friends.

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Utterly Alone
215 votes

#5 - Utterly Alone

Durarara!! - Season 1 - Episode 4

Shinra Kishitani, an unlicensed underground doctor, talks to the headless woman, whose name is revealed to be Celty Sturluson, about her day using a chat room. That morning, Celty learned from Izaya that an old street artist saw a dullahan missing its head. Celty quickly goes to find the man, but cannot find him. Shizuo knows where the artist is and helps her talk to him. However, they find that the artist could not draw the dullahan's head. Shinra tells Celty to give up looking for her head so they can live together forever. Celty becomes upset and leaves. It is revealed that during that morning, Shinra was the man that told the artist that the dullahan was perfect without the head.

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Farewell, Kamogawa
90 votes

#6 - Farewell, Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne - Season 1 - Episode 10

On the day of the cultural festival, Lan and Muginami have to keep a mission given to them a secret from Madoka. Whilst looking around the stalls they helped with, the girls come across Asteria who has Madoka escort her around the festival. As Madoka starts to become depressed at the thought of Lan and Muginami making new friends, she learns from Asteria about the assault Lan and Muginami are making and decides to go after them.

The Wind, Fire, and Water Above Kamogawa
92 votes

#7 - The Wind, Fire, and Water Above Kamogawa

Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne - Season 1 - Episode 6

Madoka, wanting to take revenge against Villagiulio, stands against him in a battle. However, Muginami ends up activating her Vox unit and standing in Madoka's way, telling her that she's only being selfish in trying to take revenge on her behalf. As Madoka argues with her, a mysterious occurrence causes a mysterious flower known as Lagrange to rain from the sky.

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Sense Emergence
21 votes

#8 - Sense Emergence

Macross Delta - Season 1 - Episode 18

Delta Flight and Walküre infiltrate Voldor once again, this time to test the Protoculture ruins' reaction to Walküre's live music. Freyja and Hayate encounter the enemy face to face, and are surprised at what they find. Mikumo tests her limits to potentially disastrous results.

Looking forward doesn't equal progress on its own. Understanding one's situation is also an important step.
14 votes

#9 - Looking forward doesn't equal progress on its own. Understanding one's situation is also an important step.

Caligula - Season 1 - Episode 6

μ's voice echoes throughout the city and the Musicians attack Ritsu and others along with Digiheads. Why do they have to return to reality? As they fight, each members affirms their resolve to face reality, manifesting their Catharsis Effects all at once. However, Ritsu alone remains unable to remember his bitter, painful reality.