The Best Episodes Directed by Kaoru Suzuki

We Should Be Careful When Handling Weird Products Sent to Us by Corporate

#1 - We Should Be Careful When Handling Weird Products Sent to Us by Corporate

I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job Season 1 - Episode 3

Raul continue training Fino with difficulty. Headquarter is not happy with the store's number, as such they send a more diverse choice of merchandise to the store to help boost sales. Later on, the staff received one of those new item: an air purifier. They turn it on and mayhem ensues!

star 9.65
103 votes
The Blue After the Rain

#2 - The Blue After the Rain

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou Season 1 - Episode 6

Nanami continues to overwork herself and notices how hard Mashiro works on her manga. Meanwhile, Sorata learns that Jin is planning to attend a different college than Misaki then comforts her when she cries over Jin in his room. That night, Sorata submits his game to the competition. The day of her vocal performance, Nanami can barely stand and the group keeps her from leaving for her own good, but Mashiro steps in and begs that she be allowed to go. After helping her to her performance, Sorata and Mashiro wait outside. Nanami emerges defeated and Sorata comforts her in the rain. The next morning, Sorata comes into Nanami's room to find that Mashiro had held her hand through the night because she felt responsible. Having learned her lesson, Nanami hands 'Mashiro Duty' back over to Sorata.

star 9.13
102 votes
Venom's Flame

#3 - Venom's Flame

Full Metal Panic! Season 1 - Episode 20

The De Danaan is heading toward Melida Island when it receives an emergency contact. Gauron's troops have appeared at Beridaobu Island! This island is the US military's chemical weapons base. They have Gauron's new AS, Venom, rampaging around and also the latest mass production model, known as Shadow. Things start to get tense for Sousuke and the others.

star 9.00
87 votes
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Nadeshiko's Solo Camp Planning

#4 - Nadeshiko's Solo Camp Planning

Laid-Back Camp Season 2 - Episode 7

Nadeshiko goes solo camping for the first time. Meanwhile, Rin, who is out touring Hayakawa City, bumps into Nadeshiko’s sister, Sakura.

star 8.65
23 votes
Frenzied Nightmare

#5 - Frenzied Nightmare

Date A Live Season 1 - Episode 9

Mana kills Kurumi and explains everything to Shido. After he is forced away, he avoids Origami and Tohka after running into them because of seeing the death Kurumi caused. Tohka finds out the reason for Shido's behavior and continues her date with him to try to cheer him up. After gaining some insight to Kurumi, the next day Shido declares to Kurumi that he'll save her. Kurumi goes to the school rooftop while encasing the school in her field to dissuade Shido from trying to save her. Mana is confronting Kotori about Ratatoskr and attempting to use it as leverage against Kotori so she'll release Shido from the potential danger he's in. While Kurumi is threatening the school and the town, Origami and Tohka are engaging in battles with other copies of Kurumi. Shido convinces Kurumi only for her to be killed by another Kurumi.

star 8.59
148 votes
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Total Destruction

#6 - Total Destruction

Hellsing Season 1 - Episode 12

All out war breaks out at the Tower of London and Integra's meeting with her majesty is cancelled. The remaining Hellsing members are at the decoy spot of the meeting, battling ghouls of the S.A.S. from Red House Vertigo. Due to the vast coverage of the "terrorist attacks" and the required secrecy of the undead, Hellsing organization is pinned by an unknwon source in the media as the terrorist organization itself. The British military is called in to stop these "terrorists." Fargason purposely gets himself killed so he looked like a terrorist, preventing the media from investigating the London Tower destruction any further, thus keeping both the vampires and Hellsing out of the public eye (for now). Seras Victoria is finally makes it to the tower only to see Fargason get shot. After paying her final respects, she grabs her Halkonnen and rushes into the tower area. While that is happening, Alucard was making his way through the tower to meet with Incognito for one big battle.

star 8.56
118 votes
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Hurricane Children

#7 - Hurricane Children

Date A Live Season 2 - Episode 2

After a very awkward moment in Shido's class where Tohka tries switching genders in an effort to bunk with Shido, the class goes on a field trip to Arubi Island. During the entire trip, Origami and Tohka end up constantly annoying Shido in an effort to win his affections. Meanwhile DEM Industries, an organization with an interest in spirits begins stalking Tohka. Some time later, a massive hurricane appears out of nowhere while Shido and Tohka are on a stroll. Three trash cans strike Tohka, knocking her out in the process while two spirits viciously battle overhead. When Shido tries to intervene, the twin spirits Yuzuru and Kaguya decide that their next battle will be over winning Shido's heart to the latter's dismay. When the two girls follow Shido back to the class holding his arms, Origami becomes enraged over her new competition. As Shido's teacher tries to arrange the girls to be students in the class, Kaguya and Yuzuru explain that they were once one spirit named Yamai and that their contests are in an effort to find out whose personality will stay when the girls fuse and become Yamai once more. Later that day, an incident occurs when the twins drag Shido into the men's bath in an effort to sexually seduce him. Things get worse when Tohka shows up along with the rest of the class.

star 8.54
72 votes
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What Are You Buying With Your Temp Job Money?

#8 - What Are You Buying With Your Temp Job Money?

Laid-Back Camp Season 2 - Episode 4

With winter break over, the girls begin planning their next OutClub outing.

star 8.40
25 votes

#9 - Duel

Hellsing Season 1 - Episode 7

More than half of the members of the Royal Order of Religious Knights were massacred due to the last attack on them that was conducted by the Valentine Brothers. Sir Integra Hellsing, Arucard, and Seras must now hunt down the perpetrators. The suspects include the Vatican's Iscariot Organization. Arucard must do battle once again with the notorious Alexander Anderson.

star 8.09
194 votes
Club M

#10 - Club M

Hellsing Season 1 - Episode 2

Seras' new life in the Hellsing organization is a bit tough. Having been counted as 'lost' at the Cheddar incident, she now serves for a group dedicated to the eradication of vampires. Though she seems to have trouble adjusting, many are tolerant of her, and her new life, though the tolerance only goes so far. And she'll soon have a chance to prove herself, when a new threat is discovered, in the form of Rafe and Jessica. The two lovers are having a lot of fun! Killing families, using their blood to write obscenities and blasphemy on the wall - it's all good fun. That is, until their actions catch the eye of Hellsing, and particularly Arucard, who has no tolerance for the 'low-class' vampires. Seras' chance to prove herself becomes apparent when she's ordered to shoot Jessica, though she hesitates - Jessica's only a young girl. Would killing her make her any better, or make her worse than the monsters Hellsing hunts?

star 7.76
286 votes
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Facing An Amazing Wall

#11 - Facing An Amazing Wall

Kaleido Star Season 1 - Episode 10

While in cloud nine, Sora goes through her schedule as the leading role, including photo shoots, practices, etc. Via video-tape, Sora looks to mimic Layla's previous performance. After some performances, audience opinions on the Little Mermaid have been lackluster, and attendance decreases. Fearing poor reviews, this prompted Sora to study her role and experiment in order to "make the performance her own" by incorporating her personality. After upsetting the stage crew over changes, she figures out the role of a mermaid and shares her ideas. With some script adjustments, the production crew finally pleases the audience.

star 7.75
4 votes
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You're Such a Wimp, Senpai ♥ / Senpai! Let's Go to the Beach!!

#12 - You're Such a Wimp, Senpai ♥ / Senpai! Let's Go to the Beach!!

Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 1 - Episode 6

Senpai awakens in another world, where he and Nekotoro set out on an adventure to defeat the demon king. Nagatoro invites Senpai to the beach.

star 7.46
50 votes
A Hanamaru Date / A Hanamaru Helper

#13 - A Hanamaru Date / A Hanamaru Helper

Hanamaru Youchien Season 1 - Episode 4

Anzu wants to have a fairytale romance with Tsuchida, but he breaks her heart when he calls it unrealistic. Following Hiiragi's advice, Anzu takes Tsuchida on the date of his dreams. Having set the time and place, Anzu instructs Tsuchida to meet her there. Days later, Tsuchida takes a day off to attend a relative's wedding, leaving Yamamoto in charge of the Sakura Class for a day. A determined Anzu offers her services to Yamamoto, who asks Anzu for various favors.

star 6.00
2 votes
A Hanamaru Wife / A Hanamaru Story

#14 - A Hanamaru Wife / A Hanamaru Story

Hanamaru Youchien Season 1 - Episode 11

Tsuchida-sensei's feelings of yelling in the rain got into him, as two days later he phoned in sick with fever. The day before, Tsuchi was kind of down, perhaps due to what happened a few days ago concerning Yamamoto-sensei. Anzu then came to visit Tsuchida, but she ended up the one being baby-sitted by him as Anzu encountered one trouble after another while trying to take care of Tsuchida. When Tsuchida-sensei got better, he ramps up his efforts to tell Yamamoto-sensei how he feels for her. However, her being dense quite frustrated him, so, that night, while Anzu was around, he told the story of Prince Clumsy and Princess Dense, which kind of mirrors his relationship between him and Yamamoto-sensei.

star 6.00
1 votes