The BEST episodes directed by Kana Uetake

The Strongest Raider
19 votes

#1 - The Strongest Raider

Burning Kabaddi - Season 1 - Episode 4

As Yoigoshi tries to find a way to capture the feeling of "winning" in training, his impatience begins to take over. Iura realizes this and tells him to make use of his superlative potential to become "Noukin's Beast," the strongest raider. Later, while Yoigoshi is out running, he crashes into a slightly built male whose presence he hadn't sensed at all. This person is only just recovering from a stay in the hospital and his identity is...

The Direction We're Aiming
15 votes

#2 - The Direction We're Aiming

Burning Kabaddi - Season 1 - Episode 11

Sakura has awakened as his team's ace and racks up an incredible number of points in a single raid. Noukin withers away. But, Yoigoshi alone is different. Knowing that they must recover on his raid, Yoigoshi aims for a split-second opening and uses a new skill against Sakura. "What was that?!" Everyone is shocked. But Sakura regains his focus and prevents Yoigoshi from returning, thus turning the tables on Noukin.

A Battle of Wills
16 votes

#3 - A Battle of Wills

Burning Kabaddi - Season 1 - Episode 9

Misumi is feeling troubled. Since he's been paired with Date for so long, he doesn't know what he should do as an anti in the new formations. "What did I used to do before this guy was around...?" In his first tournament after joining the team, Misumi experienced failure and frustration. Not wanting to feel that miserable ever again, Misumi invites Date, who has a very athletic build, to the kabaddi team, but...

Team Applicants
16 votes

#4 - Team Applicants

Burning Kabaddi - Season 1 - Episode 8

First year Ban Nobutaka brings a club application form saying he wants to join the kabaddi team. Ban is a bit of an odd one who wears his hair in a pompadour, has a mean look to his eyes, and in spite of all that, has a tiny, quiet voice. He arrives at the gym with two fellow first years, Seki Ryuta and Hitomi Yuki, who say he invited them to come along. The truth is, this man called Ban has met Yoigoshi back in second grade. It all happened one very hot day...

The Match Begins!!!
17 votes

#5 - The Match Begins!!!

Burning Kabaddi - Season 1 - Episode 5

Ojo talks about becoming number one in Japan with the teammates he's trained so hard alongside through kabaddi. For that purpose, he wants them to experience a match, so he arranges a practice game with a school whose team includes a member who was part of the World Squad, a group of top-tier kabaddi athletes. They will be facing Ojo's old friend and rival, Rokugen Ayumu, and the ace raider, Takaya Ren, on a powerhouse team that made it to the Kanto region's final four — Souwa High School's kabaddi team.