The Best Episodes Directed by Juliet May

Just Act Normal

#1 - Just Act Normal

Miranda Season 2 - Episode 5

Miranda and Penny are forced into therapy for an assessment. How will they cope when trapped in a room together for a half hour session with an unnervingly silent therapist? All they have to do is sit quietly and control themselves. Testing times for any mother and daughter, let alone Miranda and Penny.

star 8.74
242 votes
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#2 - Excuse

Miranda Season 1 - Episode 5

An old school insists on throwing Miranda a party to introduce her to a suitable man. Miranda is notoriously bad at coming up with excuses, but when she sees a photo of her intended date he's so bad that the only option left is to lie and come out to her mother.

star 8.67
371 votes
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Private Sins: Part 2

#3 - Private Sins: Part 2

Blue Murder (UK) Season 5 - Episode 6

Second of a two-part story. Janine desperately tries to sort things out with her son Tom whilst heading up this tough murder enquiry. With Shap's protection of a murder suspect now exposed, the team face a race against time to find the real killer.

star 8.58
43 votes
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Crisis Management

#4 - Crisis Management

Blue Murder (UK) Season 4 - Episode 3

A sergeant is found brutally assaulted and murdered at an army barracks. The team is called in to investigate, and uncover resentments and inappropriate relationships at the camp. Janice, meanwhile, is charmed by a major with the Special Investigation Branch.

star 8.54
48 votes
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Private Sins: Part 1

#5 - Private Sins: Part 1

Blue Murder (UK) Season 5 - Episode 5

DCI Lewis leads an investigation into the murder of a private investigator. The team investigate the detective agency and discover that the dead man had been working on behalf of a convicted criminal, but DS Shap appears to be pursuing his own agenda. Janine takes some time off work to deal with Tom, who has been playing truant.

star 8.50
46 votes
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A New Low

#6 - A New Low

Miranda Season 2 - Episode 4

Miranda and Stevie compete to be best friends with the new waitress at the restaurant, Tamara. The trouble is Tamara is 22 and they both find keeping up with an energetic 20 something surprisingly tiring. Their age becomes an issue after an art class, followed by all night karaoke, followed by a swimming experience that puts Miranda face to face with her nudity issues.

star 8.21
272 votes
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Episode 4

#7 - Episode 4

Call the Midwife Season 3 - Episode 4

Jenny has an eventful few days, starting with a patient who as well as having herself to worry about, is also struggling to cope with her mother, an agoraphobic who hasn't been outside for at least 12 years. On top of that, Alec asks the midwife to accompany him to Brighton for the weekend, leaving her wondering if his intentions are strictly honourable. However, things soon take a tragic turn. Meanwhile, Shelagh joins the local choir to take her mind off her problems.

star 8.21
388 votes
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The New Me

#8 - The New Me

Miranda Season 2 - Episode 1

Since Gary left for Hong Kong, and her chance at a relationship with him gone, Miranda has been watching telly all day in her pyjamas with a packet of biscuits for company. However, Stevie eventually persuades her to stop wallowing and Miranda decides to move on, start a new regime and become the new her, like we all attempt to do every New Year. She will get fit, loose weight and become the type of woman her boarding school nemesis Tilly, and hard to please mother, Penny, would be proud of. She goes for lunch with the girls and meets the new chef, Danny, but her attempt at re-invention goes horribly wrong. Well, Sushi restaurants are hard to deal with and Miranda has never coped around attractive men. All not helped by the fact that Penny has left Miranda's father and moved in with her. You are never going to feel good when your mother tells everyone she is washing your control pants. She nearly gives up when she meets a woman who fills her with a new 'girl power' confidence. Can she get the new chef and maintain the new her?

star 8.20
349 votes
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Old Dogs

#9 - Old Dogs

New Tricks Season 3 - Episode 3

When a serial dog killer starts stalking local parks, the team are reluctantly forced into taking on the case.

star 8.17
101 votes
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Episode 3

#10 - Episode 3

Call the Midwife Season 3 - Episode 3

Sister Julienne receives an SOS from Holloway Prison, whose usual maternity workers have been struck down by illness, and when she and Trixie step in to help, the nun puts her reputation on the line to prevent a heavily pregnant convict having her unborn baby taken away by social services. Shelagh faces heartache when a routine pregnancy check reveals something far more serious, Alec has a confession for Jenny and Fred takes the gang to the theatre to celebrate Chummy's birthday - only for the trip to end in disaster.

star 8.09
428 votes
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The Perfect Christmas

#11 - The Perfect Christmas

Miranda Season 2 - Episode 6

It's Christmas and Miranda would like a relaxing and fun time without her parents After Penny's Best Christmas Jumper Party on the 23rd of December, Miranda and Stevie try to spend Christmas at the shop with Gary, Clive and Tilly. What could possibly go wrong? Well, after the online present shopping doesn't arrive, the infuriating encounter at the post office (is there anything more annoying than a 'we tried to deliver but you were out' card?), a run-in with some carol singers and a couple of arguments with friends, maybe Christmas would be better with her family.

star 8.00
331 votes
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#12 - Dog

Miranda Season 1 - Episode 6

When a handsome guy leaves his wallet in the shop, Miranda and Stevie argue over who he'd prefer to take to dinner if he had to choose one of them. Meanwhile, Miranda is invited to a Regatta and is determined to be able to cope at a tricky social occasion just once.

star 8.00
338 votes
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Demons & Angels

#13 - Demons & Angels

Red Dwarf Season 5 - Episode 5

Lister and Kryten have invented a triplicator: a device which can make triples of objects. They demonstrate it on the last strawberry in the universe and receive two exact copies. Lister samples one and reels from the taste, saying that it is brilliant, so succulent and divine. He tries the other and scrunches his face in disgust as we see that there are maggots crawling around in it. Kryten notes that the triplicator has put all the best qualities in one copy and the worst in the other. Lister attempts to reverse the process but causes an overload and Red Dwarf blows up. After the blast, they realise that they accidentally triplicated Red Dwarf and there are two copies left behind. The crew board the "High" ship to find their counterparts are monks and are all into the better side of things: spiritual happiness etc. Kryten finds half of the triplicator he needs to merge the ships to get the original back. They board the "Low" ship and it is horrible, the crew are monsters and have let the ship go into decay. The "High" crew are killed by various things (mostly by their own stupidity when they walk toward someone firing at them) and eventually they find the other half of the triplicator. The "Lows" capture Lister and implant him with a controlling device and program him to kill the others. Lister tries to kill the rest of the gang but Kryten successfully removes the implant, only to stick it into Cat who gets revenge on Lister for trying to kill him. Kryten throws the implant away and they leave the "Low" ship and regenerate the original Red Dwarf. Before they return, Lister accidentally sits on the implant but the crew cannot figure out who is controlling him until Cat shoots at a cupboard which emits a faint giggle and Lister's "Low" counterpart tumbles out. The Cat then decides to have a little fun with Lister and the implant...

star 7.91
700 votes
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Diamond Geezers

#14 - Diamond Geezers

New Tricks Season 3 - Episode 4

The vicious criminal Chopper Hadley, who has been back in the country for a week, is searched for by the team. However, Halford is viciously intimidated and the squad start to realise the full danger of their target. Desperate measures are used and Brian is sent undercover to get Hadley once and for all.

star 7.90
104 votes
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The Inquisitor

#15 - The Inquisitor

Red Dwarf Season 5 - Episode 2

Thomas Allman is in his room when a man dressed in black with a white skull-like mask comes along, charges him of being a waste of skin and erases him, replacing him with a more well-built version of himself... The crew are flying along in Starbug when they lose control of the ship. Using Lister's body, something announces itself as The Inquisitor and that they will return to Red Dwarf to face judgement. Kryten later describes the Inquisitor as a self-repairing simulant who survived to the end of time to find no heaven or afterlife. So he built a time machine and went back and forth through time, judging everyone on whether they have lead a worthwhile life, deleting the ones who didn't and replacing them with "the sperms that never got a chance". Back aboard Red Dwarf, the inquisition begins. Rimmer and Cat survive the trial because of their shallowness and low standards, but Lister and Kryten could have made more of their lives and are removed from history. Just as their physical forms are about to be erased, another Kryten appears behind The Inquisitor with one of his own time gauntlets and takes him by surprise. Kryten throws them the gauntlet before getting killed by The Inquisitor. They escape, but when they meet Rimmer and Cat, they don't recognise them. A different Lister and Kryten arrive and convince Rimmer and Cat not to harm them. Suddenly the Inquisitor attacks, killing the new Lister and Kryten. The rest escape, but split up, Kryten and Lister together, Rimmer and Cat together. Kryten finally decodes the gauntlet and frees them from their chains. Rimmer and Cat come in for help against The Inquisitor. They go to face him and Lister finally destroys him with the old "backfiring time-gauntlet trick" which erases The Inqisitor from history. Everything soon returns to normal.

star 7.89
855 votes
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Episode 2

#16 - Episode 2

Call the Midwife Season 3 - Episode 2

Trixie's feathers are ruffled when Jenny is promoted, but the new Acting Sister has more to worry about after a mother-to-be reveals the baby she is carrying doesn't belong to her husband - and to complicate matters, the real father is black. Cynthia is inspired by a lecture on natural childbirth, convinced it will help an overly anxious patient, while Alec and his friends try to persuade Jenny to join them on a CND march.

star 7.80
455 votes
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#17 - Holoship

Red Dwarf Season 5 - Episode 1

The gang watch a sappy love story aboard Starbug and Rimmer is disgusted at how the hero sacrificed his own happiness for his lover. They come across a computer-generated ship, and Rimmer is captured and taken aboard. The Holoship (named 'The Enlightenment') will not answer Starbug's communication attempts on account of them being notoriously arrogant and self-centered. Meanwhile Rimmer is having quite a good time aboard the Holoship: he can touch, feel and taste. Not only that, but it's a ship regulation to have sexual relations at least twice a day with any other crew member. He meets a crew member, Commander Nirvanah Crane who gives him a tour of the ship. Upon having sex with her, He falls in love with her and she, even though they have disposed of the concept of 'love' aboard the ship, feels something for him also. Rimmer decides he wants to stay aboard the ship, and challenges a randomly-selected crew-member. The crew member turns out to be Nirvanah who lets him win on purpose when he tells her of how he always fails at everything and has never really achieved anything in his life. Rimmer leaves Red Dwarf to join the Enlightenment's crew but when he finds out that Nirvanah gave up her place for him, he decides to give it back to her and return to Red Dwarf, similarly to the hero in the movie (much to his own disgust).

star 7.70
741 votes
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#18 - Witness

Scott & Bailey Season 3 - Episode 5

Having discovered the remains of several bodies, Gill and Dodson’s teams need to try and identify them, and attempt to piece together the order in which they were murdered. Joe Bevan remains tight lipped though. After the remains of a teenage girl are found in an upstairs room, Helen is faced with the possibility that her dad killed both her brother and her sister.

star 7.70
112 votes
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The Purge

#19 - The Purge

Motherland Season 2 - Episode 4

Kevin reluctantly hosts a last minute Halloween party. Julia takes the kids trick or treating in an attempt to meet a celebrity who has just moved into the neighbourhood.

star 7.62
53 votes
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#20 - Terrorform

Red Dwarf Season 5 - Episode 3

Kryten wakes up on a moon surrounded by the remains of a crashed Starbug. He detaches his hand and tells it to return to Red Dwarf and bring back Lister and Cat. Lister comes, collects and "fixes" Kryten. Kryten tells them that Rimmer was captured while on a psy-moon (a terraforming moon that reshapes itself to mimic a persons psyche). The crew reluctantly go out on the surface to search for him. Rimmer is hung up in a dungeon and prepared to be tortured by The Unspeakable One. The crew make their way across the Swamp of Despair with frogs that say 'Useless' and through a graveyard with headstones that describe a positive part of Rimmer's personality that has died: self-confidence, honour, generosity, charm etc. Lister notices a freshly-dug grave with the headstone 'Hope' and Kryten tells the others to hurry, realising that they could be in serious danger if Rimmer loses all hope for himself. The crew finds the dungeon and drive back the unspeakable one, saving Rimmer. They try to escape in Starbug, but the ship gets caught in a swamp and begins to sink. Kryten realises that the unspeakable one only fled when he told Rimmer that they wouldn't desert him. Rimmer's personality created the terrain and they are forced to make Rimmer feel good about himself to weaken the Unspeakable One's power so they can escape. They try it and eventually Rimmer's positive emotions come back to life and fight off the hoards of negative emotions (self-doubt, mis-trust, loneliness etc.), allowing the gang to escape unharmed; except for Rimmer when they tell him that they only pretended to like him to escape!

star 7.61
734 votes
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Le Weekend

#21 - Le Weekend

Motherland Season 2 - Episode 5

The gang are delighted when Kevin books a cottage for them to spend half term in the countryside with all their kids.

star 7.58
57 votes
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Good Job

#22 - Good Job

Motherland Season 2 - Episode 6

Julia struggles to abide by the rules at sports day. Kevin is devastated that a work presentation means he will miss the dads’ race.

star 7.52
58 votes
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#23 - Cradle

Scott & Bailey Season 3 - Episode 4

Having witnessed her father Joe being arrested for the murder of her mother Eunice, Helen shows up at Janet’s door saying that she believes her brother Michael might be buried in the cellar of the family home. After the remains of a second body are discovered, the case becomes much more serious and Det. Supt. Dodson is drafted in as the S.I.O, with Gill as her deputy.

star 7.50
142 votes
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#24 - Undermined

Scott & Bailey Season 3 - Episode 6

The team investigate the suspicious death of care home resident Gerald French after his daughter Catherine raises some concerns about the level of care her father had been receiving. Shy trainee, Rosie is seen slapping a resident and she is upset to discover that her mentor doesn’t have her best interests at heart.

star 7.49
105 votes
No Mum Left Behind

#25 - No Mum Left Behind

Motherland Season 2 - Episode 1

A new mum at the school gates attracts the attention of Julia, Liz and Kevin. Does high-flyer Meg really have it all? Meanwhile, Julia agonises over a promotion and the gang have a night out.

star 7.44
57 votes
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Mother's Load

#26 - Mother's Load

Motherland Season 2 - Episode 3

Julia finds that working from home is impossible due to all the other tasks loaded upon her. Liz finds herself at a loose end when her youngest starts nursery.

star 7.38
47 votes
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Soft Opening

#27 - Soft Opening

Motherland Season 2 - Episode 2

Julia reluctantly agrees to help Amanda launch her new shop. But a careless online post threatens to destroy her good work.

star 7.20
61 votes
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