The Best Episodes Directed by John Riggi

Valerie Is Brought to Her Knees

#1 - Valerie Is Brought to Her Knees

The Comeback Season 2 - Episode 3

The first day on set for "Seeing Red," Valerie meets her A-list movie star co-star -Seth Rogen (playing himself) - who will be portraying Mitch, the fictionalized Paulie G. Later, Valerie does her best to put on a brave face while filming a fantasy sequence in the show.

star 8.51
47 votes
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The Tuxedo Begins

#2 - The Tuxedo Begins

30 Rock Season 6 - Episode 8

Fed up with New York City after being mugged, Jack sets out to protect the safety of the city's elite by announcing his run for mayor. Meanwhile, Liz revels in sacrificing the good of the city to look out for her own interests, and Jenna and Paul are thrilled by the perversion of acting like a normal couple.

star 8.06
455 votes
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Murphy Brown Lied to Us

#3 - Murphy Brown Lied to Us

30 Rock Season 6 - Episode 18

Jack sets Liz up on a blind date to show her what she's missing in her relationship with Criss. Meanwhile at KableTown, Jack has to scramble when his plan to manufacture couches hits a speed bump. With Tracy's help, Jenna orchestrates a public meltdown to get Paul's attention.

star 8.01
428 votes
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Arthur and Angie and Hank and Hercules

#4 - Arthur and Angie and Hank and Hercules

The Larry Sanders Show Season 5 - Episode 8

Artie falls off the wagon with his second addiction, Angie Dickinson, and flies to Venice with her. Larry's affair with Laura Leighton stumbles over their obsessions with watching their own TV shows. Hank auditions for a voice part in the new Disney movie, Hercules.

star 8.00
18 votes
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Dance Like Nobody's Watching

#5 - Dance Like Nobody's Watching

30 Rock Season 6 - Episode 1

Tracy becomes frustrated in his attempts to anger Liz. Jack questions the family value of the network's new talent competition and Kenneth awaits the Rapture.

star 7.99
500 votes
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The Problem Solvers

#6 - The Problem Solvers

30 Rock Season 4 - Episode 5

Jack proposes that Liz host a Dealbreakers talk show, then bristles when she hires an agent and considers outside producers. When the new cast member's (Cheyenne Jackson) easy going attitude causes Tracy and Jenna to question their demanding ways, Kenneth feels his role at TGS is threatened.

star 7.87
439 votes
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St. Patrick's Day

#7 - St. Patrick's Day

30 Rock Season 6 - Episode 12

Jack feels unworthy of his latest award and attempts to redeem himself by taking on the writers in a strategic board game. Liz believes she's cursed on St. Patrick's Day when her ex-boyfriend Dennis shows up to derail her relationship with Criss. Meanwhile, Hazel struggles to keep the peace between Tracy and Jenna.

star 7.85
438 votes
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It's Never Too Late for Now

#8 - It's Never Too Late for Now

30 Rock Season 5 - Episode 15

With the TGS staff afraid Liz will become a spinster, Jenna tries to find love for her. Jack's lack of sleep puts him at a disadvantage when negotiating. Pete and Frank form a band.

star 7.82
424 votes
Valerie Saves the Show

#9 - Valerie Saves the Show

The Comeback Season 2 - Episode 4

Valerie makes an impulsive decision when she learns that some of her "Seeing Red" scenes may be cut. Later, she brushes up on her improv skills at The Groundlings Theatre.

star 7.81
43 votes
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¡Qué Sorpresa!

#10 - ¡Qué Sorpresa!

30 Rock Season 5 - Episode 13

Jack ingratiates himself to Kabletown's executives. Liz fakes pregnancy to help out Avery. A gift from their new bosses puts Jenna and Tracy at odds.

star 7.80
411 votes
The Return of Avery Jessup

#11 - The Return of Avery Jessup

30 Rock Season 6 - Episode 21

Avery finally returns home from her kidnapping ordeal in North Korea, yet Jack grows uncertain of her fidelity while she was away. Elsewhere, Criss is crossed due to Liz's role as top wage earner, and Jenna seeks a sponsor for her approaching nuptials.

star 7.77
424 votes
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The Moms

#12 - The Moms

30 Rock Season 4 - Episode 20

It's Mother's Day and the TGS moms have come to visit. Colleen meddles in Jack's romantic situation, Liz discovers that her mother almost married an astronaut, Verna squabbles with Jenna over clothes, and Tracy learns a valuable lesson from an actress hired to play his mom.

star 7.75
424 votes
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Nothing Left to Lose

#13 - Nothing Left to Lose

30 Rock Season 6 - Episode 16

Tracy regains his sense of smell and finds an unusual father figure in Liz, while the writers spark a prank war with Jenna.

star 7.74
441 votes
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Everything Sunny All the Time Always

#14 - Everything Sunny All the Time Always

30 Rock Season 5 - Episode 22

Liz realizes that she needs to take control of her personal life by fixing up her dream apartment, but she encounters an obstacle along the way. Meanwhile, Jack has his own problems to deal with when Avery is held hostage. Elsewhere, Tracy finds out that Kenneth, Dotcom and Grizz have bonded in his absence.

star 7.71
420 votes
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Christmas Attack Zone

#15 - Christmas Attack Zone

30 Rock Season 5 - Episode 10

At the urging of Liz and Avery, Jack reveals some secrets to his mother over her Christmas visit. Liz tries to get Jenna and Paul back together. Tracy tries to protect his new serious image by buying a film of his so it will never be seen.

star 7.71
439 votes
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Kimmy Goes to Her Happy Place!

#16 - Kimmy Goes to Her Happy Place!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 - Episode 10

Kimmy has her first therapy session with Andrea, but it's Lillian who helps her get in touch with her anger. Mikey comes out to his family.

star 7.71
713 votes
Goodbye, My Friend

#17 - Goodbye, My Friend

30 Rock Season 3 - Episode 13

Liz befriends a pregnant teen in an attempt to adopt her baby. Jenna vies for more attention but Kenneth's plan to combine her birthday party with one for Tracy derails her efforts. Jack goes out with the guys and bonds with Frank over daddy issues.

star 7.70
416 votes
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There's No I in America

#18 - There's No I in America

30 Rock Season 7 - Episode 5

Realizing that Jenna could decide the Presidential election, Liz and Jack stage a debate to win her support and her followers. Kenneth turns to Tracy for advice on how to be an informed voter, while Pete tries to recreate the magic of the 2008 election.

star 7.69
432 votes
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Steps Dinner Professor Lesbian

#19 - Steps Dinner Professor Lesbian

Life in Pieces Season 2 - Episode 5

When Joan's creative writing teacher, Professor Sinclair Wilde, praises her work, John assumes it is because he has a crush on her. Also, Tyler and Clementine invite Matt and Colleen over for an awkward dinner party; Jen tries to hide it from Greg when Lark takes her first steps while he's away on a business trip; and Colleen, Heather and Jen take Dougie out for ladies night when she realizes she might be gay.

star 7.66
765 votes
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Let's Stay Together

#20 - Let's Stay Together

30 Rock Season 5 - Episode 3

Jack must appear before Congress to discuss NBC's merger with KableTown. He hopes that he will charm celebrity members, but one Congresswoman, Regina Bookman, demands more diversity in its programming lineup. Jack quickly enlists Tracy to come up with some new development ideas. Meanwhile, Liz is fed up with the flack her writing staff gives her, and Jenna helps Kenneth reapply to the extremely competitive Page Program.

star 7.62
447 votes
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And the Emergency Contractor

#21 - And the Emergency Contractor

2 Broke Girls Season 6 - Episode 14

When Max and Caroline get home from their road trip, Caroline discovers she likes the dessert bar renovations as much as she likes Bobby, the contractor on the job. Also, Max rushes to Randy's side when she hears he's in the hospital in New York City, and Sophie joins a mommy group that cares more about partying than baby talk.

star 7.58
1444 votes
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Settlement Pacifier Attic Unsyncing

#22 - Settlement Pacifier Attic Unsyncing

Life in Pieces Season 3 - Episode 1

When the entire Hughes family moves into John and Joan's home after their kitchen is destroyed, their presence creates chaos for Joan. Also, Matt and Colleen are set to receive a huge monetary settlementfrom Colleen's fall off the motel balcony on their wedding night; John tries to get Sophia back on track when she starts misbehaving; Tyler and Clementine make a surprise announcement to the family; and Jen and Greg attempt to persuade Lark to get rid of her pacifier.

star 7.58
551 votes
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Sex, Lies & Kickball

#23 - Sex, Lies & Kickball

Modern Family Season 9 - Episode 4

Jay’s best friend, Shorty, is back from Costa Rica but spends more time with Gloria than Jay. Alex is ready to shed her good-girl image and is going to prove to Claire that her relationship with Ben is definitely a sexual one.

star 7.55
2891 votes
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Waffle Permission Kidless Boyfriend

#24 - Waffle Permission Kidless Boyfriend

Life in Pieces Season 3 - Episode 6

When Heather tries to become Tyler's cool best friend, things take an awkward turn. Also, Jen and Greg get their first overnight away from Lark; Matt and Colleen regret returning their wedding presents for cash when they learn what John and Joan hid inside their gift; and Tim goes overboard when keeping a watchful eye on Samantha and her boyfriend.

star 7.55
403 votes
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And the Dad Day Afternoon

#25 - And the Dad Day Afternoon

2 Broke Girls Season 6 - Episode 18

When Han's new therapist suggests that Max needs to confront her "daddy issues" and fear of intimacy, she reluctantly heads to Rhode Island to track down her birth father with the diner gang in tow. Also, Oleg is up in arms when Sophie wants him to help out around the house.

star 7.52
1545 votes
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And the Great Escape

#26 - And the Great Escape

2 Broke Girls Season 5 - Episode 15

As Max pet-sits Randy’s dog, Bruno, and Caroline sets up meetings with actresses who are interested in playing her in the potential biopic, Bruno escapes while a cannibalistic serial killer is loose in their neighborhood.

star 7.50
1222 votes
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And the Sax Problem

#27 - And the Sax Problem

2 Broke Girls Season 5 - Episode 9

When Earl is not invited to play with his old jazz band at their reunion show, Max and the diner gang join forces in order to get him back on stage performing.

star 7.46
1299 votes
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And the Stalking Dead

#28 - And the Stalking Dead

2 Broke Girls Season 6 - Episode 13

Max and Caroline get their big break when they're cast as zombie extras after they finally arrive at the movie set in Texas where Randy is working. Back at home, Han and Oleg try their hand at construction after they fire the contractor working on the dessert bar.

star 7.39
1246 votes
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