The BEST episodes directed by John Laing

Norse by Norsevest (1)
76 votes

#1 - Norse by Norsevest (1)

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - Season 5 - Episode 6

Hercules wanted to save the Norse god Balder, but Balder explained that his death was foretold in the Book of Fates and could not be changed. Sure enough, Hercules was tricked by Loki, the god of mischief, into accidently killing Balder. An enraged Thor tried to kill Hercules with his huge stone hammer, but Hercules beat Thor and took him to Valhalla. There, Odin -- the king of the Norse gods -- explained that two parts of an ancient prophesy had been fulfilled. If the third part took place, the final nightfall and end of all things would occur.

When in Rome...
66 votes

#2 - When in Rome...

Xena: Warrior Princess - Season 3 - Episode 16

It's all about power, when Xena must deal with Caesar and the politics of Rome by trading a Roman aristocrat for the leader of the Gauls, whom Xena wants freed but first she must try not to kill the hated Caesar.

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Render Unto Caesar
106 votes

#3 - Render Unto Caesar

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - Season 5 - Episode 5

On the island of Eire, Hercules organized the feuding Celtic tribes to fight Caesar's approaching army. He also helped the half-god/half-human Morrigan find the good within herself. She was the former servant of the cruel Celtic god Kernunnos, and she couldn't break away from him easily because he held their daughter, Brigid, hostage. Hercules agreed to help Morrigan get her child back, and together they defeated Kernunnos in battle. When Morrigan stopped Hercules from killing Kernnunos in cold blood, she realized she had finally embraced her new role as the Druid guardian of justice.

Reflection (1)
8 votes

#4 - Reflection (1)

Power Rangers - Season 13 - Episode 24

The Rangers run up against several alien criminals they've faced before, and all of whom are still captured! Sky, upset about not being given the new Battlizer Kat and Boom have developed for Jack, is sent to interrogate an imprisoned alien named Mirloc. He learns the source of the copycat criminals is a creature called Slate, able to change into others at will. But the information comes at a high cost for Sky, who has to relieve the sad fate of his father.

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Love Potion #10
39 votes

#5 - Love Potion #10

Jack of All Trades - Season 1 - Episode 11

His brother's vertically challenged, and so is Croque, in a way. Can Emilia and Jack keep Pulau Pulau peaceful, by getting the Croque to "satisfy" his lusty wife between the sheets?

Sky High
104 votes

#6 - Sky High

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - Season 5 - Episode 12

When a volcano threatened to destroy the people of Mount Pelion, Hercules decided to blow a hole in the far side of the volcano, allowing the lava to flow into the sea. The Amazon Ephiny joined him, and for a third, Hercules enlisted Kurth, a young man condemned to die for murdering the Centaur Nagus' son. Hercules convinced Nagus to help pull the wagon of explosive crystals. Most of the crystals were lost in a mishap, so the remainder had to be deposited directly in the crater mouth. Kurth took care of this suicide mission, redeeming himself in the process.

64 votes

#7 - Tsunami

Xena: Warrior Princess - Season 3 - Episode 19

Xena must board a ship carrying prisoners when Gabrielle, in the belief she's freeing a captured Autolycus, does the same, but they're all wet when a tsunami strikes.

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9 votes

#8 - Insomnia

Power Rangers - Season 13 - Episode 34

After a misunderstanding from hearing Doggie lamenting about the loss of A-Squad, the Rangers are upset to the point they're unable to get any sleep. They recall past adventures in an effort to boost their morale, and in the process make a starting observation. Meanwhile, Mora faces down the secret being inside Gruumm's Chamber of Magnifcence.

Broken Spell (1)
16 votes

#9 - Broken Spell (1)

Power Rangers - Season 14 - Episode 1

Following an Earthquake, the undead forces of darkness, sealed deep beneath the magical dimension hidden within the woods just outside of a city called Briarwood, are freed from their years-long imprisonment. A sorceress named Udonna seeks out five brave teenagers to combat them, and finds those foretold working at a record/comic shop four of them work at, called Rock Porium. The fifth, a relucant loner and new guy in town named Nick, fails to believe in magic as easily as the rest. Can the team come together before evil conquers both worlds?

Reflection (2)
7 votes

#10 - Reflection (2)

Power Rangers - Season 13 - Episode 25

Sky learns that Mirloc, who manipulated him into helping his escape prison, is responsible for the death of his father! The alien criminal uses his abilities to teleport through any reflective surface to taunt and capture each of the Rangers, one by one, until only Omega Ranger stands! Even if he can be freed from Mirloc's mirror cell, can Sky finally obtain justice for his father and put to rest his own desire to become Red Ranger like he was? Meanwhile, Piggy finally chooses a side.

7 votes

#11 - Badge

Power Rangers - Season 13 - Episode 33

Icthior, Doggie's rival from his days at the SPD Academy, comes to Earth, working for Broodwing. He attacks the Rangers, taking an SPD badge from each one as a souvenir. Meanwhile, Morgana may get her ultimate wish if she can help Emperor Gruumm get the last component for his mysterious "Magnificence".

Broken Spell (2)
11 votes

#12 - Broken Spell (2)

Power Rangers - Season 14 - Episode 2

The Knight Wolf Koragg defeats Udonna in a giant battle, and removes her ability to morph. This means the four teens will not have the luxury of time to train, and must become Mystic Force Rangers immediately to take on him and his Hidiacs. But with the easily disillusioned but brave Nick still not feeling the magic within him, the team lacks a Red Ranger!

Code Busters
8 votes

#13 - Code Busters

Power Rangers - Season 14 - Episode 3

Vida and Chip try to unlock more items for their Ranger arsenal by performing "heroic deeds for hire", but learn that true heroism comes only in the face of danger. The Hydra Worm that created the underworld pit Morticon and company are trapped in, poses a growing menace to the surface world. To make things worse, the Mucor monster is sent, with an appetite for our heroes! Also, a mysterious figure saves Clare. Is he friend or foe, troll or goblin? Or neither and both? Nick finds out!

Baby Boom
10 votes

#14 - Baby Boom

Cleopatra 2525 - Season 2 - Episode 2

Hel and Sarge are at a virtual tanning salon when a fight breaks out between the barkeeper and a feisty guy. The ladies attempt to intervene, but the barkeeper throws the guy off a landing and the guy transforms into a Betrayer as he falls down the shaft. The Betrayer is beheaded by a passing rafter and a Scavenger catches his head and downloads its information to the evil mutant Sluggo. Meanwhile, Hel and Sarge find an abandoned baby boy at the tanning salon and figure it must have belonged to the guy thrown from the ledge. They return to Mauser's lab with the child and Cleopatra fawns over him. Mauser generates the baby's hologram in an effort to find his guardians. Later, Sluggo learns from the Betrayer head that the baby has been programmed by the Bailies to be a bomb. Realizing this child can be an asset, Sluggo releases Scavengers to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Mauser locates the baby's guardians and the team heads to the tanning salon to return him. But when the supposed guardians c

Hercules on Trial
51 votes

#15 - Hercules on Trial

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - Season 4 - Episode 10

Hercules' good deeds landed him on trial when Kazankis, a Hercules impersonator, was killed. Charged with manslaughter, sedition and undermining the authority of the gods, Hercules pleaded innocent on all counts. But Spencius, the government prosecutor, showed how Hercules' acts of heroism caused Kazankis and others to emulate his actions, putting themselves and their families at risk. Although Hercules began to doubt himself, he told the court that society needs heroes who are not afraid to risk their lives for others. The case was ultimately dismissed, and Hercules was freed.

Reality Check
8 votes

#16 - Reality Check

Cleopatra 2525 - Season 2 - Episode 5

Cleopatra, Hel, and Sarge participate in a Bailey attack at a virtual reality lab. After the simulation, the three emerge from their VR tubes and join Mauser and an old scientist. Two Betrayers invade the lab and Cleopatra is shot in the face. Suddenly, Cleopatra wakes up in bed and fumbling for the light. She hears a familiar voice and realizes it's her old boyfriend Johnny, who died 500 years ago. Convinced she's dreaming, Cleopatra refuses to believe that she's back in the year 2001. But Johnny explains that between her surgery and medication, 2525 was just a hallucination. Trusting her boyfriend, the two passionately reunite. Meanwhile at the lab, Hel sees that Cleopatra is still suspended in her VR tube. Sarge and Hel realize that Cleopatra is trapped in a virtual reality world and Mauser sends them in to save her. Hel and Sarge soon find themselves standing in a street Two police officers surround them, but Hel and Sarge steal their uniforms and weapons. They soon realize they're

You Are There
59 votes

#17 - You Are There

Xena: Warrior Princess - Season 6 - Episode 13

A tabloid reporter tries to get the scoop on Xena and her motivation for her quest to obtain the legendary golden apples from Valhalla.

Dead Woman Walking
37 votes

#18 - Dead Woman Walking

Jack of All Trades - Season 1 - Episode 10

Graves are being desecrated and the Daring Dragoon is being blamed. Can Emilia play dead long enough to clear his name?

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8 votes

#19 - Resurrection

Power Rangers - Season 13 - Episode 35

Jack slacks off on duty when he begins a romance, which quickly gets him in hot water with Commander Cruger. Soon, the Rangers are sent to Gamma Orion, following a distress signal that'll lead them to the missing A-Squad Rangers, if they can survive the experience. Meanwhile, Broodwing continues his scheme to take over the Earth with the human-lifeforce-battery operated criminal Delex, and the Magnificently brainwashed Mora bids goodbye to Cindy Sunshine.

8 votes

#20 - Robotpalooza

Power Rangers - Season 13 - Episode 28

Bridge has a nocturnal premonition, where the Rangers' Megazord falls prey to three giant robots at once. Gruumm orders Morgana to draw up some new monsters, and though each of the three are defeated, the toll is taken on the B-Squad in the form of exhaustion. Unbeknowst to them, Broodwing is waiting for this opportunity, and has three of his criminal associates prepared to strike the tired and weary Rangers! Can Bridge follow his dreams and foil the evil plan before he relives his nightmare? And what special gift does Dr Manx have in store for them to aid in this venture?

In Living Color
3 votes

#21 - In Living Color

The Hitchhiker - Season 3 - Episode 2

After photographer Eric Coleman takes pictures of an elderly woman's suicide, he takes on a new assistant named Madeleine, who may have a deeper connection to the dead woman than he could ever guess.

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6 votes

#22 - Missing

Power Rangers - Season 13 - Episode 31

The karate-master alien criminal called Bork comes to Earth, aligned with the Gruumm-usurping Broodwing. He captures Bridge in a rapidly constraining cell, with a broken Morpher.

7 votes

#23 - Zapped

Power Rangers - Season 13 - Episode 23

Morgana recruits a washed-up alien magician named Mysticon, giving him a magic wand, the abilities of which make him, and his dinosauric pal Al, capable of commiting numerous thefts. In exchange for this power, Mysticon puts on a magic show, in an effort to attempt to capture a leading microbiologist to aid Gruumm in his ultimate scheme, and ends up also putting would-be assistant Syd under a spell! Meanwhile, Doggie's favortisim of Omega Ranger over the others begins to get on the nerves of the B-Squad.