The BEST episodes directed by John Krokidas

Thirty Days to Famous
145 votes

#1 - Thirty Days to Famous

Star - Season 2 - Episode 18

Take 3’s future as a group is at risk; Noah’s substance abuse jeopardizes his relationships; Simone and Angel’s relationship is tested; Ayanna undergoes a major life change; Cassie and Carlotta’s sibling feud comes to a head.

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Boy Trouble
375 votes

#2 - Boy Trouble

Star - Season 1 - Episode 10

As the girls get ready for Atlanta Next Fest, a shocking development puts the group and their dreams in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Carlotta and Cotton are still at odds, but when a secret comes out, it changes things forever and the girls learn some shocking news.

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Proud Mary Keep On
104 votes

#3 - Proud Mary Keep On

Star - Season 3 - Episode 17

Everyone is on edge, but the girls must stay focused on the events leading up to the ASAs. Star and Noah struggle with parenthood while being in the spotlight, as Alex deals with her father's retaliation for her refusing his "gifts." Meanwhile, Cassie continues to manage Rashad's music career and Carlotta makes a shocking discovery that will change the lives of many.

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Ante Up
114 votes

#4 - Ante Up

Star - Season 3 - Episode 6

In an effort to boost ticket sales, Mateo brings on controversial rapper Lil Dini, who clashes with Take 3. Star and Noah confide in each other about their relationship issues and Simone is put in a sticky situation when Jackson is cast as her co-star in a movie. Meanwhile, Derek's keeping a secret, Cotton's suspicions about Cassie grow and Xander pushes Cassie to find the rat in her organization.

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After the Set, It's the Afterparty
151 votes

#5 - After the Set, It's the Afterparty

Star - Season 2 - Episode 14

Maurice brings in an old friend and regional promoter, Natalie, to help put the artists of Midtown Sound on the map. Competition and jealousy rise among the artists on their first gig as a collective, while Andy struggles with his dreams versus his parents' expectations. Alex and Noah finally get Star's approval, but the relationship is tested by a run-in with groupies. Meanwhile, Cassie offers Miss Bruce a job and Cotton makes a life-changing discovery about her past.

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Who Are You?
179 votes

#6 - Who Are You?

Black Box - Season 1 - Episode 3

Will reveals to Catherine he's slept with the hostess at his restaurant in retaliation for her betrayal. Bickman's ego gets the best of him when he performs emergency surgery on a celebrity. Regan reluctantly agrees to allow Esme an opportunity to work with Catherine on a student film. A patient arrives at the Cube and displays signs of being unbalanced.

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Somewhere Over the Hudson
391 votes

#7 - Somewhere Over the Hudson

The Equalizer (2021) - Season 2 - Episode 12

McCall helps a mob accountant, Bert Singer, scour the city for a lost ledger of evidence he must provide to the FBI in exchange for entrance into the Federal Witness Protection Program. Also, Mel frets over how to tell her best friend, who comforted her for years about Harry’s death, that Harry never died at all.

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Episode Seven
408 votes

#8 - Episode Seven

American Crime - Season 3 - Episode 7

In the days following a fatal altercation in the webcam house, Dustin reaches out to Kimara for help, realizing he is no longer safe. Kimara struggles with the burden of a difficult moral choice and decides to take time off of work at her shelter. Meanwhile, Nicholas and Clair’s volatile marriage continues to unravel, which in turn makes Gabrielle commit an ill-conceived act based on fear for her life. Jeanette becomes alarmed when Raelyn overreacts to a random drug test request.

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Exceptional or Dead
205 votes

#9 - Exceptional or Dead

Black Box - Season 1 - Episode 4

Catherine introduces Will as her fiancé to Dr. Bickman. During a moment alone, Dr. Bickman tells Catherine they are more alike than what meets the eye. He explains neither one can ever really find happiness in monogamy. Meanwhile, Ali wonders if she has chosen the right career path when she sees Leo is constantly firing on all cylinders. After a closer look, Ali is certain that something is not quite right about Leo and it’s not his superior memory. Dr. Morely admits a patient that he suspects is having a manic episode, and Dr. Lolita Mahmoud arrives as The Cube’s medicating psychiatrist

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Once Upon a Time in Wayward Pines
2628 votes

#10 - Once Upon a Time in Wayward Pines

Wayward Pines - Season 2 - Episode 3

Nurse Pam reappears as a lethal threat to the city; Jason's past is revealed.

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Pay for Their Presumptions
0 votes

#11 - Pay for Their Presumptions

Empire (2015) - Season 5 - Episode 2

Cookie and Lucious learn the difficulties of launching an artist without Empire Entertainment’s resources, and their future with new artist Treasure is jeopardized. So when they receive two interesting offers that will launch them back into power in the music industry, they make a surprising decision. Meanwhile, Jamal decides to put his family first and move back to New York, leaving Kai with some tough decisions.

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