The BEST episodes directed by John Inwood

Show Me on Montana
152 votes

#1 - Show Me on Montana

Childrens Hospital - Season 2 - Episode 10

"Take Your Daughter to Work" day at the hospital ignites a series of conflicts involving a leering child molester (Steve Agee), Chief's sexy daughter (Lizzy Caplan), and an 11 year-old patient whose gender is yet to be determined.

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Joke Overload
165 votes

#2 - Joke Overload

Childrens Hospital - Season 2 - Episode 5

The staff must choose between saving an old black man and a young white kid. Insult comic Jeffrey Ross brings his child into the O.R., but the staff is more concerned with enjoying his humor than treating his child. Two Star Trek nerds dressed in uniforms (one as a Klingon) visit the hospital.

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My Boss' Free Haircut
1776 votes

#3 - My Boss' Free Haircut

Scrubs - Season 4 - Episode 20

Dr. Kelso dons scrubs to prove a point to Dr. Cox, only to watch it backfire, when an obnoxious patient refuses to listen to him. J.D. and Turk party, while Carla struggles to find solace in Elliot.

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My Mirror Image
1842 votes

#4 - My Mirror Image

Scrubs - Season 6 - Episode 1

J.D. addresses the news that he is going to be a father and Dr. Cox is worried about how his anger is going to impact his offspring. Meanwhile, Carla and Turk prepare for the impending arrival of their new baby. Elliot feels left out because she is childless, while the Janitor wonders if he has wasted his life.

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His Story III
1596 votes

#5 - His Story III

Scrubs - Season 5 - Episode 19

Turk and Carla turn J.D.'s old bedroom into a nursery for the baby. The Janitor seizes an opportunity to shove J.D. out of the picture for a day. Elsewhere, Elliot uses her mother to learn information about Keith's peers and Turk & Dr. Cox accuse each other of not being hip.

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My Cold Shower
1634 votes

#6 - My Cold Shower

Scrubs - Season 6 - Episode 19

J.D. tries to get together with Elliot's sorority sister Melody, but she just wants to make out with him without going further. Meanwhile, Keith re-proposes to Elliot after she gets to make everything perfect, while everyone has fantasies about being married to Elliot. Elliot and Carla are having problems figuring out what is wrong with two elderly patients, who show the same symptoms but have no obvious connection.

Her Story
1855 votes

#7 - Her Story

Scrubs - Season 4 - Episode 5

Elliot becomes unsure, if she wants Molly as her mentor, when she finds out that Molly doesn't have a perfect home life. J.D. is tested in leadership skills when Dr. Cox yells at him in front of his interns. Carla and Turk try to come to an agreement when Turk continuously wakes Carla up every night.

My Lucky Night
1799 votes

#8 - My Lucky Night

Scrubs - Season 3 - Episode 4

Sean is a bit surprised and disturbed to learn about Elliot and J.D.'s history together, but it turns out his anger is really a cover up for his upcoming six month long trip and he doesn't want Elliot to explode. Dr. Cox. is forced to swallow his pride and actually ask for help when he decides to throw his hat in the ring for the Residency Director position at the hospital. Carla picks up an extra shift as a surgical nurse, which allows her to spend the day working alongside with Turk, to his great annoyance.

My Buddy's Booty
1873 votes

#9 - My Buddy's Booty

Scrubs - Season 5 - Episode 11

J.D. is still dealing with his recent breakup and trying not to kill intern Keith, who has become annoyingly perfect. To make matters worse, a favorite patient is in a serious coma and each of the staff finds their own way to deal with it. Dr. Cox and the Janitor bond over drinks at the bar and Carla makes it her mission to make the hospital's gym female friendly. Meanwhile Turk suggests, that J.D. and Elliot find themselves 'booty calls'.