The Best Episodes Directed by John Enbom

Let Pythons Be Pythons

#1 - Let Pythons Be Pythons

Sirens (2014) Season 2 - Episode 7

The guys confront chaos when a car crash releases an unusual passenger. Meanwhile, Billy deals with a different sort of chaos when he accompanies Theresa and Maeve to a sample sale.

star 7.95
169 votes
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#2 - Charbroiled

Sirens (2014) Season 2 - Episode 9

A drunken brawl between Cubs and Sox fans reverberates at a family barbecue where petty disputes play out over a new gas grill and a big punch bowl full of Hurricanes.

star 7.50
194 votes
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Curry Favor

#3 - Curry Favor

Benched Season 1 - Episode 7

Nina makes friends with a spunky forensics analyst who takes the concept of loyalty a bit too seriously; Carlos gets worrisome glimpse into Phil's life.

star 7.18
227 votes
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