The BEST episodes directed by Johei Matsuura

OH NO! Lina's Wedding Rhapsody?
44 votes

#1 - OH NO! Lina's Wedding Rhapsody?

Slayers - Season 1 - Episode 15

On their way to Sairaag, Lina and her friends meet a young boy named Harris. He asks Lina to be his bride in a fake marriage because he's been forced by a witch, named Callie, to marry her daughter. Lina reluctantly accepts his request and attends a fake wedding ceremony with Harris, but then Zangulus and Vrumugan jump in. The ceremony is in a chaos and Lina has to fight in her wedding dress. While Callie and Vrumugan fight against each other, Lina recites an incantation and wins the battle. By accident Lina blows up Harris' house in the battle and as a result doesn't receive her fee from Harris.

The Alchemy Exam
421 votes

#2 - The Alchemy Exam

Fullmetal Alchemist - Season 1 - Episode 6

Ed and Al finally arrive in Central City. Needing a place to stay, Mustang places the boys under the supervision of 'Sewing-Life Alchemist' Shou Tucker. Awed by Tucker's mansion and vast library of Alchemy books, the brothers spend some happy days of study and good fun. All their work leads up to one event -- the Alchemy Exam.

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In a Conquered Town
32 votes

#3 - In a Conquered Town

Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor - Season 1 - Episode 24

One year has passed since the events at mount Minakami, Sho and Agito have disappeared, and Cronos has taken complete control over the world, affecting life in many aspects. Tetsuro, Mizuki, Shizu and Yohei hide in a small apartment, waiting for the heroes' return. Aptom spies on them, and even keeps their existence away from Cronos when authorities may discover them. At Cronos, dr. Balcus is carrying on a mysterious experiment on a new creature, and receives the visit of Shin, one of the Zoalord Divinities, who asks him to intervene on the Dead Sea, where a strange phenomenon is happening.

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Ladd Russo Enjoys Talking a Lot and Slaughtering a Lot
226 votes

#4 - Ladd Russo Enjoys Talking a Lot and Slaughtering a Lot

Baccano! - Season 1 - Episode 4

10 hours before the Flying Pussyfoot departs, in California, Russo learns that his cash was stolen by a couple and one of his underlings was killed. Then Ladd barges in and shows Russo just how much of a homicidal maniac his before heading how to the Flying Pussyfoot, with his subordinates. Back to the Flying Pussyfoot, Vicky has been killed by the "Lemurs" and yet again Ladd shows how much of a maniac he is. In New York Isaac and Miria happily enter the hat shop and after there purchase they are hit by the car Ennis is driving. She happens to be chauffeuring Szilard to the secret society of old geezers.