The Best Episodes Directed by Jennifer Lynch


#1 - Silverfinger

Teen Wolf Season 3 - Episode 17

Scott's friends pledge to protect him against him against an increasingly hostile enemy while Argent, Isaac and Allison search for answers through an old adversary from the Japanese Yakuza.

star 8.09
1487 votes
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#2 - Revelations

Marvel's Daredevil Season 3 - Episode 9

Matt's already shaky world tilts when he learns a shocking truth. Karen runs for her life. Nadeem discovers how deep Fisk's influence runs.

star 8.05
1797 votes
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What's Next?

#3 - What's Next?

9-1-1 Season 3 - Episode 18

The 118 rush to save lives in the aftermath of a massive train derailment.

star 8.02
709 votes
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Cirque du Soul

#4 - Cirque du Soul

Psych Season 7 - Episode 6

After Gus is tasked with taking care of his girlfriend's son Maximus for the day, he jeopardizes their relationship when an innocent trip to the circus turns deadly.

star 8.01
1004 votes
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JSS - Just Survive Somehow

#5 - JSS - Just Survive Somehow

The Walking Dead Season 6 - Episode 2

When it appears that things are starting to normalize in the settlement, a new problem arises for the Alexandrians.

star 8.00
8462 votes
Juliet Wears the Pantsuit

#6 - Juliet Wears the Pantsuit

Psych Season 7 - Episode 9

Shawn bonds with Woody, and Juliet befriends a girl who Shawn believes to be a killer.

star 7.97
912 votes
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#7 - I.E.D.

Teen Wolf Season 4 - Episode 5

Scott, Stiles and Kira have their first Lacrosse game. Lydia seeks help with her powers.

star 7.94
1444 votes
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#8 - Instinct

Warehouse 13 Season 4 - Episode 15

H.G. has created a new life for herself in Wisconsin, but calls in the agents when she comes up against an unidentified artifact. Meanwhile, Abigail joins the others on the floor of the Warehouse to track down the source of mysterious tremors that threaten to destroy the building.

star 7.94
2243 votes
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#9 - Perishable

Teen Wolf Season 4 - Episode 9

An assassin targets Scott and Liam at the lacrosse team’s annual bonfire. Lydia uncovers a family secret.

star 7.93
1283 votes
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#10 - Codominance

Teen Wolf Season 5 - Episode 13

Kira and her mother travel take extreme measures to help Kira deal with her dark side while Lydia is surprised at Eichen House.

star 7.91
1164 votes
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Kids Today

#11 - Kids Today

9-1-1 Season 3 - Episode 1

Athena enlists the 118’s help when a teenager speeds out of control on the freeway. Meanwhile, a routine traffic stop uncovers a shocking kidnapping and Buck struggles with his recovery.

star 7.91
1113 votes
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#12 - Spend

The Walking Dead Season 5 - Episode 14

While trying to secure a new home, Rick and his group face challenges, and question the utopia they find themselves in.

star 7.90
7793 votes
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Chimney Begins

#13 - Chimney Begins

9-1-1 Season 2 - Episode 12

A look back at how Chimney joined Station 118 and became the firefighter and paramedic he is today.

star 7.90
1091 votes
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The Devil You Know

#14 - The Devil You Know

Damien Season 1 - Episode 9

Damien seeks Greta's help; Simone uses Veronica to get to Rutledge.

star 7.86
777 votes
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Bobby Begins Again

#15 - Bobby Begins Again

9-1-1 Season 2 - Episode 16

After his devastating family tragedy in Minnesota, Bobby Nash moves to Los Angeles to start over, where he becomes Captain of the 118, and meets Athena Grant for the first time.

star 7.85
1033 votes
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#16 - Traitor

American Horror Story Season 8 - Episode 7

The witches recruit a clairvoyant friend to expose deceivers in their midst. Cordelia looks to make a deal with another sort of devil. A test of Mallory's powers reveal more about the Supreme-elect. Covens unite to send Michael a fiery message.

star 7.84
1605 votes
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Love Story

#17 - Love Story

Finding Carter Season 1 - Episode 10

Carter and Crash try to get off the grid and leave everything behind, while Elizabeth tries frantically to find her. A gunshot destroys all of Carter's plans when it hits someone she cares about.

star 7.83
366 votes
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Autopsy Turvy

#18 - Autopsy Turvy

Psych Season 6 - Episode 14

The race is on to clear Woody's name and reputation when a mere mortician finds a mistake in the coroner's autopsy.

star 7.82
1126 votes
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Caught White-Handed

#19 - Caught White-Handed

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 - Episode 12

When Kevin encounters a mysterious do-gooder and attempts to help her raise money for a dog sanctuary, his plan backfires bringing her secret past to light. Meanwhile, Tyler believes he has finally made contact with Yvette, the mysterious lady from Laos. Nate invites Amy to a friend’s wedding only to discover his ex-wife will also be attending.

star 7.82
259 votes
I'll Be Your Mirror

#20 - I'll Be Your Mirror

Once Upon a Time (2011) Season 6 - Episode 8

Emma and Regina formulate a plan to trap the Evil Queen in a prison of their own making, while Snow and David adjust to life without each other. As Henry nervously prepares to take Violet to the school dance, the Evil Queen impersonates Regina to give him some advice that could lead him down a dark path. Meanwhile, Zelena agrees to help Belle, and together they enlist Aladdin to steal a magical object from Mr. Gold that could protect Belle and her unborn child from him forever.

star 7.81
2076 votes
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Saturday Mourning

#21 - Saturday Mourning

Salem Season 3 - Episode 9

Hearts are destroyed when everyone's true colors are revealed and one bleeds darker than the rest.

star 7.80
723 votes
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Hen Begins

#22 - Hen Begins

9-1-1 Season 2 - Episode 9

Hen relives her evolution into the firefighter she is today as she recalls the first times she met Chimney and Athena.

star 7.79
1131 votes
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Ka'ili aku

#23 - Ka'ili aku

Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 - Episode 11

(Snatchback) Five-0 races to Mexico where Chin puts his life on the line after his niece Sara is kidnapped.

star 7.78
1718 votes
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All Roads Lead…

#24 - All Roads Lead…

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 - Episode 18

The team must find a way to stop Ruby before the prophesied chain reaction that can destroy the Earth is put into motion.

star 7.77
2946 votes
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Wrong Side of the Road (1)

#25 - Wrong Side of the Road (1)

Elementary Season 5 - Episode 15

Holmes' former protégé, Kitty Winter, returns to New York after a three-year absence to warn him that a killer is eliminating everybody involved with a case they worked on together in London. Watson discovers that Kitty has a life-changing secret.

star 7.76
3500 votes
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May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

#26 - May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

Second Chance Season 1 - Episode 8

Pritchard's past comes back to haunt him. 20 years ago, Pritchard covered up a murder committed by a drug lord's girlfriend, who happened to be his confidential informant at the time. Instead of staying on the right side of the law after Pritchard helped her elude the crime, 20 years later she has turned into a major drug dealer (guest star Madchen Amick). So now, Pritchard is determined to set things straight. Meanwhile, Mary's cancer is in remission but she and Otto are at odds over Pritchard, and Otto wants to find a new blood donor for her. Also, Gracie starts dating an older guy.

star 7.74
1196 votes
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The Bucket List

#27 - The Bucket List

Ratched Season 1 - Episode 7

Rivals put a plan into action as secrets from the past surface, and Hanover takes a risk that pays off for Ratched.

star 7.71
577 votes
Aohe mea make i ka hewa; make no i ka mihi ole

#28 - Aohe mea make i ka hewa; make no i ka mihi ole

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 - Episode 19

(No One Has Ever Died For the Mistakes He Has Made; Only Because He Didn’t Repent) A hitman, Leroy Davis, McGarrett’s father failed to arrest comes to McGarrett to finally confess his crimes and admit where he buried his victims. Also, Jessie makes a dangerous decision that could ruin Adam’s life.

star 7.70
962 votes
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The Traitor

#29 - The Traitor

The Strain Season 4 - Episode 9

An unexpected guest brings old conflicts to the surface, dividing our heroes, threatening the group’s trust. With questionable new intel in hand, they launch a make‐or‐break final assault on the Master.

star 7.69
2659 votes
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Sand Trap

#30 - Sand Trap

Elementary Season 6 - Episode 8

Holmes and Watson’s search for the killer of a woman found encased in cement takes them inside the clean technology industry. Watson takes a giant leap forward regarding her interest in adoption.

star 7.69
1904 votes
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A Good Day to Die

#31 - A Good Day to Die

Big Sky (2020) Season 1 - Episode 5

Jenny and Cassie feel as if they’re closing in on Legarski, but they are racing against the clock as he and Ronald are preparing to move the girls. Jerrie makes one last attempt to convince Ronald to let them go. Elsewhere, Cassie visits Merilee to question her about her husband and Ronald aggressively confronts his mother.

star 7.68
516 votes
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#32 - Cover

Quantico Season 1 - Episode 3

At Quantico, Alex finally receives information about her father and his FBI past, but in the future it’s her mother, Sita, who plays a key role when Liam convinces her to participate in a press conference on national television begging Alex to turn herself in. Also at “Quantico,” the NATS learn the art of profiling and focus on their classmates’ strengths and weaknesses, ultimately challenging their confidence and comradery.

star 7.68
3506 votes
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Quantico Season 2 - Episode 3

The new CIA recruits continue training at The Farm; in the future, Alex infiltrates the terrorist group holding everyone hostage, and is shocked to learn not everyone is a stranger.

star 7.68
2711 votes
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Quantico Season 2 - Episode 19

With all the collaborators unveiled, the team uses Clay and Maxine’s engagement party to entice them into one place. The mission: turn one against the others. But everyone’s lives are put at risk when one member of the team makes a surprising decision.

star 7.66
1689 votes
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AKA Three Lives and Counting

#35 - AKA Three Lives and Counting

Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2 - Episode 11

Shocked by her own actions and haunted by visions of Kilgrave, Jessica worries she's turning into a monster. Trish's plans for Karl become clear.

star 7.66
1937 votes
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Quantico Season 2 - Episode 5

At the Farm, Harry is still suspicious of Alex and Ryan, and he’s determined to learn more about their plan, while Leon is recruited for a special assignment by Owen. Meanwhile, in the future, Alex continues to run from the terrorists but faces her toughest challenge yet when the terrorists corner her.

star 7.65
2553 votes
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True Killers

#37 - True Killers

American Horror Story Season 9 - Episode 4

Mr. Jingles closes in on the one who got away as the counselors rally to escape Camp Redwood.

star 7.61
1155 votes
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Keeping the Faith

#38 - Keeping the Faith

Salvation Season 1 - Episode 5

While Darius works to discover who killed his friend Lazlo, he is forced to reckon with his past, and Liam discovers who’s been selling secrets to the Russians.

star 7.61
2877 votes
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I Fall to Pieces

#39 - I Fall to Pieces

Big Sky (2020) Season 1 - Episode 7

Cassie and Jenny work against the clock to find Ronald and prove Legarski’s guilt, calling on Grace to join their efforts and bravely help them in the process. Just when all the pieces start falling into place, Ronald’s emotions get the best of him as he makes an unthinkable decision, even for him. Merilee plays an unwilling and life-changing role in turning the case on its head.

star 7.60
455 votes
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Texas Proud

#40 - Texas Proud

9-1-1: Lone Star Season 1 - Episode 3

Emergencies include an accident at a grain silo and a steak eating contest, plus an unusual home intruder. Meanwhile, Judd calls out Owen's' preferential treatment of TK. Also, Marjan feels ostracized at her new mosque after another rescue video goes viral. Then, Owen helps Michelle uncover new information about her sister's disappearance.

star 7.60
732 votes
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Cradles and Graves

#41 - Cradles and Graves

Zoo Season 3 - Episode 11

As the team is trapped inside the plane by toxic spores surrounding them, complications arise during the delivery of Clementine’s baby.

star 7.59
1067 votes
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Chapter 3

#42 - Chapter 3

American Horror Story Season 6 - Episode 3

Nightmares become an inescapable reality as unique stories of people's lives in America reveal the astonishing power of the supernatural.

star 7.58
4088 votes
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#43 - Answer

Quantico Season 1 - Episode 14

At Quantico, the NATS team up for defensive driving lessons while tensions between Liam and Drew explode, resulting in shocking admissions and consequences. In the future, Simon grapples with his new reality in the aftermath of what’s transpired. Even though his friends try and help him, it’s uncertain he will ever be the same again.

star 7.57
2800 votes
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Sea Change

#44 - Sea Change

The Last Ship Season 3 - Episode 8

America copes with tragedy while Chandler further investigates the possible virus mutation.

star 7.57
4105 votes
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Love the Way You Lie

#45 - Love the Way You Lie

Finding Carter Season 2 - Episode 1

Lori kidnaps Carter for a second time and the Wilson family learns the truth.

star 7.57
265 votes
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Pass Judgment

#46 - Pass Judgment

Wayward Pines Season 2 - Episode 8

Jason and his soldiers organize a quest to capture Margaret and Wayward Pines begins to rid himself of the cracks created by pressures from both within and without.

star 7.55
2599 votes
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Lies Wide Shut

#47 - Lies Wide Shut

Gossip Girl (2021) Season 1 - Episode 3

While the school takes drastic measures to smoke out Gossip Girl’s identity, a blind item threatens to put an end to a Constance couple. Julien and Max uncover shocking family secrets. Zoya turns to an unlikely ally for help.

star 7.51
116 votes
The Morning After

#48 - The Morning After

American Horror Story Season 8 - Episode 2

A new occupant arrives at the Outpost with alarming news, causing a domino effect of lust, betrayal, and self-destruction. Langdon meets the survivors for an inquisition. Strange signs herald something coming. Lovers unite, and loved ones turn on one another. Blood reveals mysterious truths.

star 7.50
1886 votes
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Great Again

#49 - Great Again

American Horror Story Season 7 - Episode 11

The FBI arrest Kai, but he continues to amass power in prison. Ally tries to move on with her life but decides to go into politics.

star 7.48
2013 votes
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Do the Right Thing

#50 - Do the Right Thing

Finding Carter Season 1 - Episode 9

David has to face up to his lies, while Taylor decides she's ready to take the next step in her relationship with Max. Ofe deals with money troubles, and Carter is blamed for something she didn't do.

star 7.14
317 votes
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Fire Walks With Z

#51 - Fire Walks With Z

Gossip Girl (2021) Season 1 - Episode 4

Tensions run high as Zoya reluctantly celebrates her birthday. Audrey levels with Aki. Kate gets an exciting opportunity.

star 7.06
115 votes

#52 - Riptide

Finding Carter Season 2 - Episode 8

Carter is grounded just as an old friend arrives with alarming information about Lori; and Taylor sees Max in a different light after learning about his past.

star 6.64
214 votes
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Something to Talk About

#53 - Something to Talk About

Finding Carter Season 2 - Episode 7

Carter struggles to make sense of Taylor's behavior as Taylor throws herself into planning a big school event. Grant questions whether he can continue living at home.

star 6.57
215 votes
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