The Best Episodes Directed by Jeffrey Walker


#1 - Minefield

Dance Academy Season 1 - Episode 4

The first years are given trust exercises to help build a connection with their pas de deux partners. Tara is frustrated when Christian refuses to participate, Kat feels betrayed by Tara's secret crush on her brother, and Sammy finds himself tied to Abigail for 24 hours.

star 9.13
89 votes
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Real Men Don’t Dance

#2 - Real Men Don’t Dance

Dance Academy Season 1 - Episode 5

Sammy is forced to choose between dance and his father when compulsory Saturday ballet classes clash with his Synagogue services; and Christian struggles to accept the rules of the Academy.

star 9.13
93 votes
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Bad Debts

#3 - Bad Debts

Jack Irish Season 1 - Episode 1

Jack Irish (Guy Pearce) is a man getting his life back together again. A former criminal lawyer whose world imploded, he now spends his days as a part-time investigator, debt collector, apprentice cabinet maker, punter and sometime lover - the complete man really. An expert in finding those who don't want to be found - dead or alive, Jack helps out his mates while avoiding the past. That is until the past finds him...

star 9.00
29 votes
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Black Tide

#4 - Black Tide

Jack Irish Season 1 - Episode 2

Life’s gone pear-shaped for Jack Irish. He’s back to takeaway Vietnamese for one after his girlfriend Linda abandoned him for a career in Sydney, a flashy Brisvegas type is muscling in on the racetrack action, and his cabinet-making still leaves a lot to be desired. So when an old teammate of his dad’s turns up looking for help, it’s a welcome distraction for Jack. Des Connors’ son Gary has gone missing, having nicked off with all Des’s money. But sometimes prodigal sons go AWOL for a reason. As Jack begins to dig he discovers Gary was a man with something to hide and a very good reason to disappear – or be disappeared. Finding Gary turns nasty when Jack pushes the wrong buttons at the headquarters of a national transport company owned by one of Australia’s wealthiest men. Suddenly there is a disturbing number of faceless people in ill-fitting suits taking an interest in Jack’s quest including Dave – an obsessive federal agent and head of a clandestine operation called Black Tide. Meantime, Ricky Kirsch, a Brisvegas former horse trainer, is moving in on the turf of Harry Strang, Jack’s friend and sometime employer. Ricky fixes races and hits on a dead man’s wife at the funeral, but when he starts killing jockeys he crosses a line. The body count in Gary’s case is rising at an alarming rate. A missing webcaster, two overripe corpses in a long-term carpark and a dead Fed who has turned to consommé in a water tank all point to one thing – Jack is in way over his head. It turns out Gary is a witness who could bring down a business empire and more. The race to find him becomes a lethal sprint. First prize – staying alive.

star 9.00
29 votes
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Crime & Punishment

#5 - Crime & Punishment

H2O: Just Add Water Season 3 - Episode 12

Rikki receives counterfeit money at the cafe and is held captive by criminals on a boat. Bella and Cleo are forced to reveal the trio's secret to Will so they can rescue Rikki together.

star 8.82
75 votes
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#6 - Kidnapped

H2O: Just Add Water Season 3 - Episode 8

During a full moon, the girls stay at Cleo's and Bella is attacked by the water creature. At the same time, Will decides to return to the moon pool after making the connection between his previous encounter with the moon pool waterfall and the timing of the full moon.

star 8.76
78 votes
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Crush Test Dummies

#7 - Crush Test Dummies

Dance Academy Season 1 - Episode 7

Ethan needs a dancer for his hip-hop choreography showcase and calls Christian on the favour he owes him from when he stole money from his wallet. Christian agrees but refuses to dance Ethan's choreography, deeming it wannabe American gangster. He takes Ethan back to his old neighbourhood, to show him some real Australian street hip-hop. Meanwhile, Tara is the self-proclaimed expert on crushes and is happy to educate Kat in every aspect of the mysterious art form.

star 8.75
64 votes
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#8 - Revealed

H2O: Just Add Water Season 3 - Episode 10

After Bella gives Will a shell-like fossil she found while swimming, Will becomes suspicious as the fossil is of a rare kind. Rikki realises how close Will is to finding out their mermaid secret and warns Bella to stay away from Will.

star 8.67
78 votes
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A Twist in the Tail

#9 - A Twist in the Tail

H2O: Just Add Water Season 1 - Episode 26

Dr. Denman sets up a trap for the girls at Mako Island and Zane is forced to decide who he should be helping.

star 8.61
56 votes
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Learning To Fly, Part 1

#10 - Learning To Fly, Part 1

Dance Academy Season 1 - Episode 1

Country girl Tara Webster travels to Sydney to audition for the prestigious National Academy of Dance. It's a tumultuous week as she realises her dream of becoming a dancer is going to be a lot more difficult than she ever anticipated.

star 8.54
114 votes
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Stormy Weather

#11 - Stormy Weather

H2O: Just Add Water Season 2 - Episode 1

With Cleo's parents now divorced, Cleo is ordered by her dad to take more care of Kim, starting with taking her to a concert. But on the night, Cleo, Rikki and Emma all accidentally see the full moon, and take off to Mako Island, with Lewis in hot pursuit. Once there, the girls undergo another magical transformation in the Moon Pool, as a rare planetary alignment intensifies the power of the full moon – Emma's power is enhanced so that she can produce snow and frost, Rikki can conjure lightning, and Cleo can now control wind as well as water. After the moonstruck girls nearly harm Lewis, they realise that they must work to control their new powers, before anyone else gets hurt.

star 8.41
100 votes
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Dr. Danger

#12 - Dr. Danger

H2O: Just Add Water Season 1 - Episode 25

It's time for Emma's family's annual vacation trip, but she can't go as the risks are too high. But all her excuses don't go very well with her family. Meanwhile, with the return of Dr. Denman, Zane is closer than ever to cracking the girl's secret.

star 8.34
54 votes
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Cut And Dried

#13 - Cut And Dried

City Homicide Season 1 - Episode 12

How do you catch a killer if he is already in prison? And how hard should you try to find him when the victim appears just as evil? Homicide takes a personal toll on one of the squad. Meanwhile, Jennifer is cornered by a past acquaintance who threatens her reputation.

star 8.33
67 votes
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Secrets & Lies

#14 - Secrets & Lies

H2O: Just Add Water Season 3 - Episode 6

Bella tries to get close to Will but when Bella goes to his place she sees him with another girl. Meanwhile Lewis tries to test the water from the moon pool but gets caught by his teacher.

star 8.31
78 votes
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#15 - Family

Dance Academy Season 1 - Episode 13

It's Open Week at the Academy, when parents watch their children in a series of demonstration classes. Tara is thrilled to see her mum and dad again but when they arrive she is embarrassed that they're not as sophisticated as everyone else's parents. Later, Tara is shocked when her mum tells her the farm is in serious financial trouble. Tara realises that family is the most important thing and makes a very difficult decision about her future. Meanwhile, Kat feels betrayed that Natasha has reneged on a family holiday she'd promised in order to dance in yet another international ballet. Sammy also suffers disappointment when his father fails to attend any classes, and he is left wondering if his father will ever accept that he wants to be a dancer.

star 8.14
86 votes
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Week Zero

#16 - Week Zero

Dance Academy Season 1 - Episode 2

Tara arrives at the Academy excited about the year ahead. As she struggles to fit in, she learns the hard way to respect her teachers and find true friends.

star 8.09
110 votes
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Love Potion #9

#17 - Love Potion #9

H2O: Just Add Water Season 1 - Episode 24

With the school dance coming up, Emma and Cleo hope Byron and Lewis will ask them out. Meanwhile, Miss Chatham and Lewis are arguing about which is more important, magic and science.

star 8.08
50 votes
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Just a Girl at Heart

#18 - Just a Girl at Heart

H2O: Just Add Water Season 3 - Episode 11

Bella helps Will with his free-diving training but when she realises he's more interested in her as a mermaid than a girl, she's hurt. Rikki and Cleo have to improvise when the cafe's first corporate function is actually a children‟s party.

star 8.08
104 votes
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Behind Barres

#19 - Behind Barres

Dance Academy Season 1 - Episode 3

When Tara's crush on Ethan threatens to derail her friendship with Kat, Sammy gets her to write a pros and cons list to clear her head. As the roommate war escalates, Abigail wins a decisive victory — emailing Tara's list to the whole school. Christian finds himself in police custody and, with nowhere else to go, has to accept his place at the Academy.

star 8.02
41 votes
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Fire and Ice

#20 - Fire and Ice

H2O: Just Add Water Season 2 - Episode 4

Trouble arises when Emma throws a party to prove she is as fun as Rikki. Meanwhile, Lewis is trying to prove his manhood and Cleo is recieving cards from a secret admirer

star 8.02
58 votes
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Fish Out Of Water

#21 - Fish Out Of Water

H2O: Just Add Water Season 1 - Episode 22

Emma and Cleo are concerned about Rikki going out with Zane. They force Rikki to decide to either be with Zane or with them.

star 8.00
53 votes
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The Sorcerer's Apprentice

#22 - The Sorcerer's Apprentice

H2O: Just Add Water Season 3 - Episode 9

Cleo starts to experiment on the moon pool water without Lewis' knowledge, but things start going wrong when Cleo's fish Hector gets trapped in the bubble of floating water. Meanwhile, Lewis has to play golf with Cleo's father.

star 8.00
134 votes
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Dead Point

#23 - Dead Point

Jack Irish Season 2 - Episode 1

After a high profile judge commissions Jack Irish to try and find a mysterious red book, he finds himself involved in a world of sexy club owners, drug dealers and deranged killers.

star 8.00
58 votes
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Missed the Boat

#24 - Missed the Boat

H2O: Just Add Water Season 2 - Episode 10

Cleo starts to struggle at school and gets help from the new tutor. But there are bigger problems when Charlotte starts to get closer to Mako Island with the help of Lewis.

star 7.98
50 votes
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Life After Death

#25 - Life After Death

City Homicide Season 2 - Episode 8

The Homicide team are forced to question their beliefs when a psychic accurately foresees, down to the smallest detail, the murder of a young dancer. But was this a mere vision, or was she involved in the capture and murder of the young woman? And events take an unexpected twist as the psychic herself is kidnapped.

star 7.97
36 votes
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#26 - Control

H2O: Just Add Water Season 2 - Episode 2

The girls have problems with their new powers and Cleo finds that Lewis isn't helping. A new girl called Charlotte arrives and develops a crush on a certain charecter

star 7.95
58 votes
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Red Herring

#27 - Red Herring

H2O: Just Add Water Season 1 - Episode 21

Emma decides to change her look by colouring her hair red. Though nothing is that simple when you're half-mermaid. Zane asks Rikki out on a date.

star 7.92
59 votes
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Episode 6

#28 - Episode 6

Banished Season 1 - Episode 6

Rebellion is in the air and Tommy's headstrong behaviour risks Elizabeth's future plans.

star 7.91
176 votes
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Under the Weather

#29 - Under the Weather

H2O: Just Add Water Season 1 - Episode 17

The girls have to fake sick as a result of a thunderstorm, so their secret won't be discovered at school. But their 'sickness' attracts the attention of doctors.

star 7.90
91 votes
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Election Day

#30 - Election Day

Young Rock Season 1 - Episode 11

As Election Day 2032 approaches, Dwayne reflects on the ups and downs his family endured during his childhood in Hawaii, Pennsylvania and Miami, and how the unpredictability of his family's story prepared him for this moment.

star 7.90
111 votes
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Serious Men

#31 - Serious Men

City Homicide Season 1 - Episode 11

The detectives are on the trail of a gang of armed robbers guilty of murder and a missing truckload of gold. The Armed Robbery Squad’s Detective Calabrese returns with Simon squarely in his sights, and Stanley and Jarvis face the ultimate betrayal.

star 7.89
66 votes
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In Too Deep

#32 - In Too Deep

H2O: Just Add Water Season 1 - Episode 23

Rikki finds a locket that looks the same as Miss Chatham's in a Jewellery shop and she is determined to get it.

star 7.89
54 votes
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The Friend in Need

#33 - The Friend in Need

Bones Season 8 - Episode 16

The Jeffersonian team investigates the remains of a 15-year-old boy. Although his mother and few close friends saw him as intelligent with poor social skills, the team discovers that this seemingly innocent boy was actually involved in illegal activity and had attended a high school party two weeks prior where drugs were present. The investigation takes an ugly turn when an underage girl confesses to being raped and the deceased boy’s reputation is compromised. Meanwhile, with the case’s spotlight on deception, intern Finn Abernathy contemplates telling Cam that her daughter Michelle is in town visiting for the weekend.

star 7.88
2299 votes
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Message Received

#34 - Message Received

Modern Family Season 5 - Episode 22

Jay, Gloria and Manny challenge one another to try something new; Mitch and Cam sell a couple of their prized possessions to fund the wedding; the kids play a joke on Phil and Claire.

star 7.88
4053 votes
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Happy Families

#35 - Happy Families

H2O: Just Add Water Season 3 - Episode 7

Cleo's family and Sam go on a picnic to the beach, which leads to tension when Cleo refuses to go near the water. Kim abuses the fact that her father is happy in order to get lots of gifts. Will's sister Sophie competes with Bella to get the job Bella wanted at Rikki's Cafe.

star 7.85
140 votes
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The Repo Man in the Septic Tank

#36 - The Repo Man in the Septic Tank

Bones Season 9 - Episode 17

A repo man's remains are found in a septic tank, and the Jeffersonian team must work together to figure out who the killer is. When the team discovers that the victim had a troubled past, some key witnesses from his earlier days become potential suspects. Meanwhile, handsome and charming Rodolfo Fuentes has defected from Cuba, where he was a forensic anthropologist, but now needs an internship to complete his degree. Brennan agrees to try him out as an intern on a case, and Brennan and Booth discuss whether or not Christine should have a religious upbringing.

star 7.83
1991 votes
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#37 - Golden

City Homicide Season 2 - Episode 7

Some footballers get involved in a fight at a pub leaving one in a coma. When his life support is turned off it becomes a murder case as the squad try to find who landed the fatal blow.

star 7.81
37 votes
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Mo Purses Mo Money Mo Problems

#38 - Mo Purses Mo Money Mo Problems

The Neighbors Season 1 - Episode 21

Debbie is ecstatic when a businesswoman (Bethenny Frankel) offers to help revitalize her purse business; Jackie jumps in to help, but soon she and Debbie realize they are in way over their heads.

star 7.80
441 votes
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Hook, Line and Sinker

#39 - Hook, Line and Sinker

H2O: Just Add Water Season 1 - Episode 20

Lewis enters the annual fishing derby. When Cleo sees him struggling, she decides to help him out with disastorous consequnces. Meanwhile, Rikki and Zane are trapped on a hotel balcony.

star 7.79
61 votes
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Bad Moon Rising

#40 - Bad Moon Rising

H2O: Just Add Water Season 1 - Episode 18

Zane's quest to find the 'sea monster' has led him to Mako Island. Rikki loses control of her powers as a result of the full moon and Zane finds her.

star 7.79
56 votes
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A Lady Named Star Search

#41 - A Lady Named Star Search

Young Rock Season 1 - Episode 9

Hawaii, 1982: While Ata prepares for her Star Search audition, Rocky takes an unorthodox approach to helping Dewey deal with some bullies. Lia's conflict with rival wrestling promoter Greg Yao has her on edge.

star 7.74
119 votes
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Larry's Wife

#42 - Larry's Wife

Modern Family Season 5 - Episode 3

Phil’s job takes up a lot of his time; Luke has his friends over for a poker game; Gloria worries the baby is cursed; Cam hosts a funeral for the cat’s imaginary wife.

star 7.73
4626 votes
To Have & To Hold Back

#43 - To Have & To Hold Back

H2O: Just Add Water Season 3 - Episode 13

Kim attempts to derail Don and Samantha's wedding. Lewis receives an opportunity to study in America. Cleo realises she's got to let Lewis live his own life and let him go overseas.

star 7.72
136 votes
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My Day with Andre

#44 - My Day with Andre

Young Rock Season 1 - Episode 6

Hawaii, 1982: Dewey spends a day with Andre the Giant that neither will ever forget. Lia and Rocky prepare for the huge Island Battle Royale, where more than the title is at stake. In 2032, candidate Johnson reveals his running mate.

star 7.71
139 votes
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Good vs Great

#45 - Good vs Great

Young Rock Season 1 - Episode 10

Miami, 1990s: After a devastating injury his freshman year, Dwayne strives to get his college football career back on track. As he fights for playing time, he wonders if big dreams and hard work are enough to get him to the NFL.

star 7.70
115 votes
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Johnson & Hopkins

#46 - Johnson & Hopkins

Young Rock Season 1 - Episode 7

Miami, 1991: When Dwayne gets an on-campus job at the University of Miami, he goes on an epic adventure with his new work partner, Hopkins. Lia returns to the United States after being deported to Samoa, where she was homeless.

star 7.69
135 votes
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The One That Got Away

#47 - The One That Got Away

H2O: Just Add Water Season 2 - Episode 3

Rikki tries to avoid Zane when he comes back, but needs his help after an incident with a speedboat. Meanwhile, Charlotte continues to flirt with Lewis and Cleo worries for their secret.

star 7.68
85 votes
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#48 - Pressure

Dance Academy Season 1 - Episode 12

Pressure is building at the Academy as the students prepare for exam week. Tara tries to ignore her recent 'almost-pash' with Ethan so she can focus on her exams; however it's not as easy as she'd hoped. When Ethan attempts to kiss her again, Tara makes a quick exit. Remembering how awkward their first kiss was, she doesn't want to ruin her chances with a terrible second kiss as well and so Tara recruits Kat and Sammy for help.

star 7.68
62 votes
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Devil's Three-Way

#49 - Devil's Three-Way

Difficult People Season 1 - Episode 2

Julie seeks out an old high school crush and brings him to bed with her and Arthur; Billy finds a father figure in Denise's husband, Nate.

star 7.68
316 votes
The Big Chill

#50 - The Big Chill

H2O: Just Add Water Season 1 - Episode 15

Emma is doing well at her new job at the JuiceNet cafe, but when she is left in charge, she has trouble managing her new employee, Rikki.

star 7.63
57 votes
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Episode 2

#51 - Episode 2

Wild Boys Season 1 - Episode 2

Jack awakes after being shot, to find a shocking discovery at the Ryan farm. Cared for by Mary, he's almost caught when Fuller raids her pub. But when Jack learns that Joey Butler was behind the shooting at the farm, he sets off for revenge, ruining Mary's plan for a new life.

star 7.61
75 votes
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Living While Eddie

#52 - Living While Eddie

Fresh Off the Boat Season 3 - Episode 15

After her precious morning papaya goes missing and the dishwasher was used for its actual purpose rather than just a drying rack, Jessica automatically accuses Eddie as the culprit. Yet when a record store manager accuses him of stealing a CD, she realizes he has other motives for his actions. Meanwhile, Louis and Emery are bursting with excitement when a TV crew comes to shoot an infomercial at Cattleman’s Ranch.

star 7.60
999 votes
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We Jumped the Shark (Tank)

#53 - We Jumped the Shark (Tank)

The Neighbors Season 2 - Episode 7

When Debbie creates a unique purse, Jackie gets them booked on "Shark Tank"; Amber choreographs Abby's dance for a big recital.

star 7.59
347 votes
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Check Your Head

#54 - Check Your Head

Young Rock Season 1 - Episode 4

Miami, 1990: Dwayne looks to crack the starting line up as a freshman for the famed Miami Hurricanes football team attracting the attention of players, coaches and celebrities. However, an unexpected incident sends his season and life into turmoil.

star 7.59
158 votes
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A Man's Best Friend

#55 - A Man's Best Friend

Rake (US) Season 1 - Episode 12

A respected doctor -- and a friend of Keegan's -- is accused of animal cruelty; David and Scarlet's campaigns take a nasty turn; Maddy reunites with an ex-girlfriend.

star 7.55
146 votes
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Hurricane Angela

#56 - Hurricane Angela

H2O: Just Add Water Season 1 - Episode 19

Cleo and Kim are stuck with their cousin Angela who wants to go body boarding and causes a bird brained distraction when Cleo refuses.

star 7.55
59 votes
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The Day Alex Left for College

#57 - The Day Alex Left for College

Modern Family Season 7 - Episode 2

Phil and Claire are hurt when Alex lies about her college move-in date and Luke doesn’t want to spend the day at Phil’s open house. Meanwhile becoming landlords stresses out Mitch and Cam and everybody else is looking for an excuse to get out of Lily's soccer game.

star 7.53
3824 votes
The Last Christmas

#58 - The Last Christmas

Modern Family Season 11 - Episode 9

Cam is hoping to keep everyone happy for their annual Christmas dinner as he hides and prepares for his big interview for a head coaching position out-of-state. Haley is excited to finally be reunited with wine. Mitchell is suspicious of Cam’s holiday trip to visit his family in Missouri.

star 7.52
1183 votes
The Devil into Paradise

#59 - The Devil into Paradise

Lambs of God Season 1 - Episode 1

The peaceful existence of three eccentric, secluded nuns living in a remote island monastery is shattered when a priest unwittingly happens upon them.

star 7.50
103 votes
The Big Guns

#60 - The Big Guns

Modern Family Season 6 - Episode 12

Claire is furious about neighbors Ronnie and Amber’s eye-sore of a boat on their front lawn and it soon becomes an all-out war when Phil calls in the “big guns” as back up – his dad Frank and all his retired friends to give them a taste of their own medicine. Elsewhere, Jay is trying to potty train Joe but Gloria does not think he’s ready yet, and Cam secretly takes Lily to clown school behind Mitchell’s back.

star 7.50
2857 votes
Brushes with Celebrity

#61 - Brushes with Celebrity

Modern Family Season 9 - Episode 8

The family recount all their biggest celebrity encounters; Phil shows a house to his musical hero; Jay’s day at jury duty takes an unexpected turn; Manny’s encounter with his favorite playwright doesn’t go as expected.

star 7.45
2885 votes
Man, Actually

#62 - Man, Actually

The Neighbors Season 2 - Episode 14

Debbie faces a flirtatious professor at school; Amber mourns her relationship with Reggie; Larry and Reggie's Zabvronian cycles leave them emotional wrecks.

star 7.44
278 votes
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The Awakening

#63 - The Awakening

H2O: Just Add Water Season 3 - Episode 1

Cleo and Rikki enter their final year of high school. They make friends with a new girl, Bella, and a new boy, Will. However, they encounter a new force on Mako Island that has the power to turn water against the girls.

star 7.43
127 votes
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A Sketchy Area

#64 - A Sketchy Area

Modern Family Season 10 - Episode 3

Phil stumbles into an exciting new career after dropping by Luke’s college. Claire deals with her dad, Jay, and the merger of Pritchett’s Closets with a tech-savvy, hipper company. Mitch’s new high-profile case as an assistant district attorney is marred by an unflattering courtroom sketch by the resident artist.

star 7.42
1836 votes
Three Men and a Boubier

#65 - Three Men and a Boubier

Super Fun Night Season 1 - Episode 2

Kimmie takes it upon herself to embellish her profile and those of her roommates after they fail to get any interest on an internet dating site. It does the trick, as the ladies find themselves on a group date at a trendy club with three cute guys who are expecting a Russian super model (Kimmie), a tattoo artist (Helen-Alice) and a world-famous botanist (Marika). Can they make it through the date without revealing the truth?

star 7.41
478 votes

#66 - Lovesick

H2O: Just Add Water Season 1 - Episode 16

Rumour has it that Cleo has a boyfriend and her friends and family are trying to find out who he is. Meanwhile, Zane continues his search for the 'sea monster' he saw.

star 7.41
59 votes
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Keep Your Enemies Close

#67 - Keep Your Enemies Close

H2O: Just Add Water Season 3 - Episode 3

At the marine park, Cleo seeks a job as a dolphin trainer. Meanwhile, until she and Bella reach an understanding, Rikki fires Nate's band, preventing them from playing in the cafe.

star 7.38
72 votes
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The D ...

#68 - The D ...

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 Season 2 - Episode 15

June receives her 1 year roommate evaluation from Chloe, in which she is shocked to find that she has been given a D. She eventually realizes that the only aspect in her life that she could possibly be slacking off in is her love life. Luther sets her up with James’ agent’s assistant, Will. Meanwhile, James is struggling to land an audition for a new Woody Allen film “Monte Carlo, Monte Carla.”

star 7.37
540 votes
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Forward, Together

#69 - Forward, Together

Young Rock Season 1 - Episode 3

Hawaii, 1982: When wrestlers start dropping out of Lia's Battle Royale, she suspects a rival promoter may be to blame. As Rocky's wrestling career skyrockets, Ata takes a leap of faith to pursue a musical dream.

star 7.37
171 votes
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Captain Dave's on a Roll

#70 - Captain Dave's on a Roll

LA to Vegas Season 1 - Episode 14

After his breakup with Patricia, a depressed Dave goes gambling with Artem and Colin, while the others must cover for him when he's not back in time to pilot the plane. Ronnie also struggles over whether she should move in with Bryan.

star 7.34
344 votes
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Paris ...

#71 - Paris ...

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 Season 2 - Episode 8

June is excited to meet a nice co-worker at her new job, but Chloe warns that the new person probably isn't being as friendly as she seems; Mark goes to James for help expressing his feelings to June.

star 7.32
990 votes
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#72 - Surprise!

H2O: Just Add Water Season 1 - Episode 14

Cleo's 16th birthday is approaching and she thinks that her father is going to throw another embarrasing birthday party. Meanwhile, Zane tries to find the 'sea monster' that he saw when he almost drowned.

star 7.26
96 votes
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Things to Do in Vegas When You're Grounded

#73 - Things to Do in Vegas When You're Grounded

LA to Vegas Season 1 - Episode 7

When Colin gets served with divorce papers, Captain Dave tries to cheer him up with a guys' night out that includes Alan, Artem and Bernard. Meanwhile, Nichole brings Ronnie on an interesting double date.

star 7.26
398 votes
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Big Ideas

#74 - Big Ideas

H2O: Just Add Water Season 3 - Episode 5

To get more interest in the cafe, Zane develops a dirt bike race. However, Rikki finds out that it is a scam. She and Bella decide to team up to teach him a lesson. Meanwhile, Lewis and Cleo find out something interesting about mixing the waters in the Moon Pool

star 7.19
72 votes
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Episode 1

#75 - Episode 1

Wild Boys Season 1 - Episode 1

Follow the lives of four men on the outside of the law in 1860's outback Australia, as they come up against authority, the rich and greedy, and the weaknesses of their own hearts. After a month away from Hopetoun, Jack and Dan return home to find new Superintendent of Police, Fuller, arriving, causing their existence as bushrangers to come under threat. Jack rekindles his romance with pub owner, Mary, but any hope for a future with her is snuffed out when Fuller captures the Wild Boys.

star 7.15
60 votes
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Jungle Hunt

#76 - Jungle Hunt

H2O: Just Add Water Season 3 - Episode 2

With Will finding out about Mako Island, Bella tries to misdirect his search so that he will not discover the Moon Pool. However, Lewis and the girls find out that the Moon Pool is different.

star 7.11
83 votes
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#77 - Pilot

Difficult People Season 1 - Episode 1

Billy and Julie come up with an entrepreneurial scheme to sell bottled library water fountain water; Julie gets in trouble for a controversial tweet.

star 6.91
401 votes
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Valentine's Day

#78 - Valentine's Day

H2O: Just Add Water Season 3 - Episode 4

Cleo has to put off Lewis' romance plans in order to help Kim with her crazy love life. Meanwhile, Don meets up with a National Parks Manager, Samantha, and the two decide to date.

star 6.01
76 votes
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Episode 4204

#79 - Episode 4204

Neighbours Season 19 - Episode 49

Max reacts badly to Steph's imminent departure. Valda storms the Scully household. Summer is harassed on her paper round.

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode 4244

#80 - Episode 4244

Neighbours Season 19 - Episode 89

Harold becomes aware of Lou's suspicions about Ruby. Connor attempts to make some money. Ruby convinces Harold she is on the way to recovery.

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode 4266

#81 - Episode 4266

Neighbours Season 19 - Episode 111

Lou and Steph find Valda alone and unwell. Lyn stands firm over her attitude towards Susan. Susan comes face to face with Darcy. Jack has doubts over Nina's new manager.

star 0.00
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Episode 4267

#82 - Episode 4267

Neighbours Season 19 - Episode 112

Darcy tells Dee and Toadie about his part in their break-up. Valda resists the urge to tell Lyn the truth. Ruby finds the flaw in her relationship with Harold.

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Episode 4268

#83 - Episode 4268

Neighbours Season 19 - Episode 113

Toadie proposes to Dee. Ruby leaves Harold. Libby picks up on Cameron's attitude to kids. Taj's hopes for Libby are dashed when he realizes she is attracted to another.

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0 votes
Episode 4269

#84 - Episode 4269

Neighbours Season 19 - Episode 114

Boyd steals from Max. Libby realises that Taj has a crush on her. Connor and Lori agree to remain friends. Harold grieves for Ruby. Nina agrees to Melody's publicity stunt.

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Episode 4291

#85 - Episode 4291

Neighbours Season 19 - Episode 136

Lyn reveals to Henry she knows the truth, and rejects him from her life. Stonnie struggles with inadequacy issues triggered by Toadie's perceived perfect life.

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Episode 4292

#86 - Episode 4292

Neighbours Season 19 - Episode 137

Toadie and Dee's wedding day ends in horror. Lyn lets Henry leave Erinsborough with their relationship unresolved.

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Episode 4293

#87 - Episode 4293

Neighbours Season 19 - Episode 138

Toadie survives the accident but Dee is dead. Toadie can not accept that Dee is dead. Ramsay Street and the Rebecchi family rally around Toadie. Libby seeks comfort in Taj's arms, and with a kiss.

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Episode 4326

#88 - Episode 4326

Neighbours Season 19 - Episode 171

Lyn Is caught shoplifting. Taj finds out about Jack and Edwina's affair. Karl and Susan are at odds over Darcy's trial.

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0 votes
Episode 4328

#89 - Episode 4328

Neighbours Season 19 - Episode 173

Steph's breast cancer operation is a success, but she may be left infertile. Jack shows maturity supporting his family. Izzy works her charm with Lou and Summer.

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Episode 4329

#90 - Episode 4329

Neighbours Season 19 - Episode 174

Sky challenges Boyd to choose between him and his peer group. Susan is suspicious of Izzy.

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Episode 4346

#91 - Episode 4346

Neighbours Season 19 - Episode 191

Steph begins to lose her hair. Stuart makes a financial contribution to Life Mechanics. Izzy feels unloved when Rosie forgets her birthday.

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Episode 4347

#92 - Episode 4347

Neighbours Season 19 - Episode 192

Lyn's two fathers arrive in Erinsborough. Stuart's praise for Life Mechanics grows, but Taj is asking questions. Steph and Max reconcile, but should she move back in?

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Episode 4348

#93 - Episode 4348

Neighbours Season 19 - Episode 193

The differences between Harold and David come to a head. Lyn gets the closure she needs from Henry and Charlie. Serena's carefree attitude to money puts her offside with Sky.

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Episode 4349

#94 - Episode 4349

Neighbours Season 19 - Episode 194

David's fighting with Harold gets so bad he and his family move out. Susan uncovers the mystery contents of Jamie Clarke's letter. Nina plants an unsuspecting kiss on Connor while Jack watches on. Izzy seduces Jack.

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Episode 4350

#95 - Episode 4350

Neighbours Season 19 - Episode 195

Connor and Nina consolidate their friendshp. Jack and Izzy get a lot steamier. Lou confesses his fears to Connor. Toadie wins the day. Karl is almost caught out.

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Episode 4421

#96 - Episode 4421

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 26

Susan's friends rally around in her hour of need. Izzy enters into a dangerous liaison with Gus. Boyd cannot escape the burden of expectation.

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Episode 4422

#97 - Episode 4422

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 27

Gus sabotages the auction, stretching Max financially. Susan strives to survive despite obstacles. Boyd feels under pressure to perform.

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Episode 4424

#98 - Episode 4424

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 29

Liljana recovers from her mother's betrayal. Jack and Joe find ways of working together. Toadie struggles to come to terms with Sindi. The Scully renovations start in earnest.

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Episode 4425

#99 - Episode 4425

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 30

Toadie's unable to ignore his growing feelings for Sindi. The Hoylands and the Scully's try to relieve the Izzy/Lyn tension. Connor finds a way to stay in the Country. Jack starts to understand the politics of the building site.

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0 votes
Episode 4444

#100 - Episode 4444

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 49

A wretched Lou reaches his lowest point and kisses Susan. Serena gradually softens towards Scott. Lil fumes over Karl's prank to test her professionalism.

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0 votes
Episode 4445

#101 - Episode 4445

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 50

Connor makes his choice between Michelle and Carmella. Lou tries to redeem himself. Susan, Lil and Lyn let their hair down.

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0 votes
Episode 4462

#102 - Episode 4462

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 67

Stuart's suspicions mount over Toadie's disappearance. Michelle learns the truth about Connor's previous willingness to make things work with Lori. Scott's first day back at school ends on a bad note.

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0 votes
Episode 4464

#103 - Episode 4464

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 69

Trapped in a lift, Karl and Izzy finally succumb to their mutual attraction. Max encourages Steph to leave. Boyd discovers Sky's real reason for changing her image.

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0 votes
Episode 4465

#104 - Episode 4465

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 70

Max is left entirely at Gus's mercy. Sky feels a new affinity with Kerry. Karl and Susan cannot be friends. Lou remains focused on Valda. Harold embraces vegetarianism.

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Share Wear

#105 - Share Wear

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 136

David's good intentions place Lou in peril. Meanwhile, Toadie and Connor have a falling out over baby Maddie, and Lil and Sindi decide to share an expensive new dress.

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0 votes
I Owe You One

#106 - I Owe You One

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 137

Darcy manages to win Lou's trust. Meanwhile, Stuart's hopes of romance with Olivia are dashed, and Jack steals from the family business.

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0 votes
Getting Away With It

#107 - Getting Away With It

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 138

Izzy's concerns about her financial future come to a head. Olivia's double life is almost exposed. Darren's past comes back to haunt him. The Hoyland Honeymoon is swamped by beefcake.

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0 votes
A Stingray's Got My Baby

#108 - A Stingray's Got My Baby

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 140

Stingray's decision to baby-sit Maddy for the afternoon ends in disaster when she goes missing. Meanwhile, Susan and Tom fallout when he confronts Karl on Susan's behalf, and Susan is in a dilemma when Lou pleads with her to visit Darcy in jail.

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A Secret Safely Buried

#109 - A Secret Safely Buried

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 157

Darcy slips into a coma, taking Izzy's secret with him. Meanwhile, Izzy manufactures a burglary at Karl's flat so that Darcy looks like the culprit, Olivia's decision to turn over a new leaf brings her closer to Stuart, and Connor is challenged to a robot battle.

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0 votes
Lost His Sting

#110 - Lost His Sting

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 158

Svetlanka returns to manipulate Serena. Meanwhile, Stuart and Olivia succumb to their mutual attraction, and Sky pushes Stingray to drop his medication.

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0 votes
The Wrong Prescription

#111 - The Wrong Prescription

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 159

Jack pleads for Steph's help to fight his addiction. Meanwhile, Serena feels the pressure of Svetlanka's request, Stingray decides to stop taking his medication, and Max is bought off by Caleb's father.

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0 votes
Return of the Cake-Taker

#112 - Return of the Cake-Taker

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 160

Steph flees to the country with Jack in an attempt to beat his addiction. Meanwhile, with Karl and Susan's support, Stingray makes the decision to stop taking his medication. Then, Karl finds himself reminded of the deep admiration he still has for Susan, and Sindi finds herself playing second fiddle to a robot annihilation challenge.

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0 votes
As You Like It

#113 - As You Like It

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 176

Izzy's faked near-miscarriage threatens to blow up in her face. Meanwhile, Max and Steph face the possible end of their marriage, and Lana struggles to contain her feelings for Sky.

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0 votes
Fully Functional

#114 - Fully Functional

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 177

Steph and Max agree to try IVF. Meanwhile, Serena and Luka play a dangerous game, Izzy exorcises her demons on the psychiatrist's couch, and Harold suffers from performance anxiety as his romance with Svetlanka intensifies.

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0 votes
Risking the Secret

#115 - Risking the Secret

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 178

Lana steals a kiss from Sky. Meanwhile, Serena sees Luka in secret, Libby is challenged to return to Erinsborough High, and Harold enlists Lou's help when he loses his miracle pills.

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0 votes
Fight For Your Right

#116 - Fight For Your Right

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 180

Boyd lies about the source of his injuries. Meanwhile, Sindi's feud with Stuart resumes with gusto, Summer has her heart broken by Jack, and Connor discovers his internet boyfriend is Lou!

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Episode 3899

#117 - Episode 3899

Home and Away Season 18 - Episode 29

Marc makes a discovery that will change Josie's life forever. Matilda and Dalby continue to grow closer. Sally finds Flynn's pills.

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