The Best Episodes Directed by Jeff Myers

It's Not Easy Being Green

#1 - It's Not Easy Being Green

King of the Hill Season 5 - Episode 17

Bobby takes up a new interest in environmental issues, provoked by a new teacher. When the cause rallies to drain the quarry, and rid it of all waste, Hank is dead set against it. Years earlier, while in high school, the gang wrecked Boomhauers car, and pushed it into the quarry, pleading ignorance. Bobby finds out, and lets Boomhauer in on the secret, just before they pull out 'Ol Betsy', to his horror.

star 8.14
266 votes
Sleight of Hank

#2 - Sleight of Hank

King of the Hill Season 3 - Episode 15

Hank and Peggy go to a magic show where Peggy gets to be the volunteer in the best trick. Hank tries to figure out how the trick was done, and Peggy won't tell him. Meanwhile, Bobby is looking for a way to liven up his Sunday School report on Jesus, and when he sees the magician, he incorporates some of the tricks and patter into the report, calling it "The Amazing Jesus."

star 8.12
266 votes
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M. Night Shaym-Aliens!

#3 - M. Night Shaym-Aliens!

Rick and Morty Season 1 - Episode 4

Rick and Morty try to get to the bottom of a mystery in this M. Night Shyamalan style twistaroony of an episode!

star 8.04
8128 votes
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Bills are Made to Be Broken

#4 - Bills are Made to Be Broken

King of the Hill Season 4 - Episode 3

Bill's Arlen High School record for touchdowns is about to be broken, by Arlen's current football hero, Ricky Suggs. When Ricky breaks his leg, the other team allows him to score so he can get the record. Outraged by this bad sportsmanship, Hank convinces the Arlen High coach to let Bill (who never officially graduated from high school) play a game so he can get his record back.

star 7.92
241 votes
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Raising Gazorpazorp

#5 - Raising Gazorpazorp

Rick and Morty Season 1 - Episode 7

Morty convinces Rick to buy him a sexy robot. Later Rick and Summer spend some quality time together.

star 7.88
7062 votes
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Hanky Panky

#6 - Hanky Panky

King of the Hill Season 4 - Episode 13

Buck Strickland's wife Miz Liz catches him at a company dinner with his mistress Debbie, and files for divorce. She takes over Strickland Propane, and promotes Hank to Manager. Hank finds himself fending off her advances, when she decides that an affair is the answer. Debbie, who is attracted to men with power, also starts to try and seduce Hank. Meanwhile, Peggy takes over Buck's barbecue joint, Sugarfoot's, and turns it into a standardized restaurant.

star 7.83
205 votes
The Boy Can't Help It

#7 - The Boy Can't Help It

King of the Hill Season 13 - Episode 19

Bobby becomes quite the ladies' man when several girls in his class consider him a potential date for the Homecoming dance, but Hank is worried that Bobby is being used.

star 7.67
212 votes
Texas City Twister

#8 - Texas City Twister

King of the Hill Season 2 - Episode 2

When Hank discovers that the trailer Luanne grew up in is still available, he wants Luanne to move out of the house and back into the trailer. Hank and Peggy have a fight where Peggy accuses Hank of being cold and repressed, and Hank sort of tells Peggy to go to hell. After Peggy goes with Luanne to help her move, Hank learns that a tornado is heading for the trailer park. It's up to him to save his wife and niece, and to prove that he's not so repressed after all.

star 7.62
367 votes
'Twas the Nut Before Christmas

#9 - 'Twas the Nut Before Christmas

King of the Hill Season 5 - Episode 8

Bill decides to create his own Santa's workshop at home and spread the Christmas cheer to all of Arlen's underprivileged youth. He enjoys it so much that he tries to keep the Santa act going even after Christmas is over. When that doesn't work, he takes in a local juvenile delinquent, Wally, who takes advantage of Bill's good nature.

star 7.61
219 votes
Peggy's Turtle Song

#10 - Peggy's Turtle Song

King of the Hill Season 2 - Episode 22

After Bobby eats too much sugar one morning, he is mistakenly diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. Feeling guilty about not spending enough time with her son, Peggy decides to give up teaching and be a stay-at-home mother, a decision Hank fully approves of. But Peggy is so bored at home that she starts taking guitar lessons, and composes a symbolic song about a turtle trapped in her shell. Meanwhile, Bobby takes pills for his ADD, and Luanne becomes convinced that she caught ADD from Bobby.

star 7.39
228 votes
Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater

#11 - Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater

Family Guy Season 2 - Episode 1

Lois' Aunt dies and leaves her the Cherrywood Mansion. The family moves in to the new mansion in Newport only to lose their fortune after Peter makes an extravagant purchase at a charity auction.

star 7.34
2241 votes
Next of Shin

#12 - Next of Shin

King of the Hill Season 3 - Episode 5

Hank tries several different methods to improve his sperm count so he can get Peggy pregnant. The frustration of not being able to have another child becomes worse when Cotton shows up and announces that he got his wife pregnant. But Cotton becomes so nervous at the prospect of having a baby at his age that he flees to Las Vegas, and Hank, Bill and Dale go after him.

star 7.32
285 votes
Plastic White Female

#13 - Plastic White Female

King of the Hill Season 1 - Episode 12

Bobby is worried because he's been invited to his first boy-girl party, where the kids will play Spin the Bottle. Luanne is worried because she has a big hairstyling test coming up. When Luanne brings home a plastic "practice head," Bobby secretly starts using it to practice interacting with the opposite sex. To Peggy's horror, she walks into Bobby's room and finds him kissing the plastic head.

star 7.29
381 votes
Meet the Manger Babies

#14 - Meet the Manger Babies

King of the Hill Season 2 - Episode 12

After seeing that Luanne is depressed, Hank volunteers to buy her some hand puppets at a rummage sale. Luanne starts doing a Christian puppet show, The Manger Babies. Hank agrees to play God in the televised version of the puppet show. When it turns out that the show will be on at the same time as the Super Bowl, Hank has to choose between helping Luanne or watching the game.

star 7.28
224 votes
Peggy's Fan Fair

#15 - Peggy's Fan Fair

King of the Hill Season 4 - Episode 24

When the Hills go to the Country Music Fan Fair in Nashville, Peggy hears Randy Travis singing a new song, "Just the Way God Made Me," and accuses him of having stolen it from her.

star 7.18
248 votes
Truth or Consequently

#16 - Truth or Consequently

Jumanji Season 1 - Episode 13

When the kids and Alan finally escape from Jumanji, Peter brings a harmless-looking animal back with him which proceeds to grow bigger (and hungrier) every time he tells a lie and soon threatens all of Brantford.

star 6.00
3 votes
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El Pollo Jumanji

#17 - El Pollo Jumanji

Jumanji Season 1 - Episode 10

When Peter takes the game to school to impress a girl he likes, both she and the school bully are transported to Jumanji along with him, but the game makes it appear that the bully is daring and brave, whereas it transforms Peter into a wild boar.

star 5.75
4 votes
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