The BEST episodes directed by Jay Scherick

Klumageddon (2)
372 votes

#1 - Klumageddon (2)

Spin City - Season 3 - Episode 26

Mike tries to convince Nikki that nothing is going on between himself and Heidi Klum. The mayor doesn't understand that Janelle wants to break up with him. Janelle gets Mike to do it for her, but Nikki overhears Mike talking to Carter about it and thinks that Mike is going to break up with her. After Rags poops in his shoe, Stuart gives him to Heidi. Nikki breaks up with Mike. The next day, there is tension in the office. Carter tells Nikki the truth. She goes to Mike's apartment where Mike is hung over. As he goes back into his room to put on his pants, Heidi sits up in his bed...

The Marrying Men (1)
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#2 - The Marrying Men (1)

Spin City - Season 2 - Episode 17

Faced with the prospect of spending Valentine's Day alone for the first time in eighteen years, Mike is thrilled when old flame Laurie steps back into his life. But he doesn't know what to do when she discovers a ring Mike was holding for Paul, and assumes it's for her. Meanwhile, Paul plans to propose to Claudia.