The BEST episodes directed by Jason Moore

We Hold These Truths
186 votes

#1 - We Hold These Truths

Everwood - Season 1 - Episode 7

The former Big Apple neurosurgeon, Dr.Andrew Brown, puts on his scrubs for the first time since he relocated his family to Colorado to operate on Amy's comatose boyfriend, Colin (Mike Erwin), with the help of his friend and surgery partner from New York, Dr. Brian Holderman (guest star Lamont Thompson). Adding to his performance anxiety is the identity of the patient---Colin Hart, the boy who was dating Amy before she stole Ephram's heart. It also doesn't help that the tricky procedure he plans to perform has never been attempted before. Amy leans on Ephram for support as she awaits the outcome. Meanwhile, an emotional Bright breaks down and admits what actually happened the day of the car accident as Colin's former life in Everwood is also revisited as flashbacks reveal some startling secrets about the teen's last days before the accident that put him in the hospital.

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Unhappy Holidays
175 votes

#2 - Unhappy Holidays

Everwood - Season 2 - Episode 10

Horrified to discover that Ephram and Madison are involved, Dr. Brown stops short of firing her, but Madison decides to quit leaving the Browns to a very unhappy holiday, especially when Delia discovers another troubling relationship - between her father and Linda Abbott. Stressed by Thanksgiving with his cantankerous mother-in-law (guest star Betty White), Dr. Abbott reacts badly when Amy brings Tommy (Paul Wasilewski) to Thanksgiving dinner. Finally pushed to the breaking point, Amy runs away from home.

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Every Night Is Another Story
734 votes

#3 - Every Night Is Another Story

One Tree Hill - Season 1 - Episode 6

When Whitey throws Lucas and Nathan off the bus due to their misconduct on the basketball court, not only does it leave the two brothers stranded 30 miles from home, but they encounter a carload of punks who threaten them with a gun. Injured during the game, Brooke needs Peyton to drive her home and in, an unlikely turn of events, Peyton asks Haley for help. Meanwhile, Karen and Keith attend a business function and tempers flare when Dan and Deb are seated at their table.

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The Wedding - Part One
524 votes

#4 - The Wedding - Part One

Trophy Wife - Season 1 - Episode 16

When Kate finds Pete’s old wedding videos with Diane and Jackie, she realizes she robbed herself of that special memory by eloping and is now determined to have a redo and plans her dream wedding. Meanwhile, Diane decides to take her relationship with Russ Bradley Morrison public and Jackie struggles to tell Bert she’s dating Sad Steve.

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Favorite Son
226 votes

#5 - Favorite Son

Brothers & Sisters - Season 1 - Episode 22

Kevin acts as McCallister's attorney when a radio host makes accusations against his war heroism. Also, Tommy and Julia must face a tough decision regarding their newborn babies.

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878 votes

#6 - Pilot

Trophy Wife - Season 1 - Episode 1

Kate is in uncharted territory and finds support from her best friend Meg a party-hearty singleton and the only woman Kate knows who has less experience with kids than she has.

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The Social Network
618 votes

#7 - The Social Network

Trophy Wife - Season 1 - Episode 3

When Hillary is grounded after being caught lying in order to hang out with a boy, Diane and Pete decide they must snoop in her room and on her Facebook page to find out more about the young man, while Kate tries a different tactic – to be Hillary’s friend. Meanwhile, Albert gets a little too invested in Jackie’s latest career venture.

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Bad News
222 votes

#8 - Bad News

Brothers & Sisters - Season 1 - Episode 20

Rebecca tells Justin that Joe kissed her. Joe tries to confess to Sarah about the kiss, but before he can get enough courage, she receives the news from the most unexpected person. When Nora fails her writing class, her teacher allows her to pass on one condition - she must go on a date with him. And, Kitty has to calm the Senator down after a disastrous helicopter crash.

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94 votes

#9 - Promicide

Dawson's Creek - Season 4 - Episode 20

While fueling a couple of potential romances, Capeside's prom threatens the future of two more.

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High Anxiety
88 votes

#10 - High Anxiety

Dawson's Creek - Season 5 - Episode 6

Dawson is having trouble with anxiety attacks since his father's death, so he tries to escape reality on a night of debauchery with Jack and his fraternity brothers, which ends with Dawson's accusing Joey of causing his father's death. Meanwhile, Jen seeks revenge on Charlie; Audrey's mom visits; and Pacey makes a discovery about Danny.

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Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell
74 votes

#11 - Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell

Dawson's Creek - Season 6 - Episode 7

Audrey gets drunk before her band performs and worries her friends, especially CJ who suspects a deeper problem. Meanwhile, Eddie and Joey agree to go on a real date; Pacey hits it off with a beautiful woman while on a business trip to New Orleans, and is shocked to discover that she's a call girl; and when Professor Freeman announces that he's leaving he and Jack have a heart-to-heart talk about their future.

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