The Best Episodes Directed by Ira Sherak

Cops and Bottoms

#1 - Cops and Bottoms

Brickleberry Season 3 - Episode 11

Steve becomes a cop and upsets a biker gang; Woody's hemorrhoid becomes a religious icon.

star 7.74
382 votes
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Scared Straight

#2 - Scared Straight

Brickleberry Season 2 - Episode 10

Denzel calls asks his old Detroit gang to help him scare Malloy straight.

star 7.66
483 votes
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Woody's Girl

#3 - Woody's Girl

Brickleberry Season 2 - Episode 3

After having a stroke, Woody decides to do yoga and joins a cult led by Astral; Woody is lead to the edge of Brickleberry cliff with the rest of Astral's cult followers.

star 7.61
542 votes
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Old Wounds

#4 - Old Wounds

Brickleberry Season 3 - Episode 6

The Secretary of the Interior visits Brickleberry and demotes Woody; Denzel becomes a new man after he gives up smoking weed.

star 7.59
395 votes
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#5 - Obamascare

Brickleberry Season 3 - Episode 1

President Obama visits Brickleberry; Woody gets shot and realizes that a clause hidden deep within Obamacare results in him and Steve being sewn together.

star 7.33
550 votes
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